SEO Ranking Reporting Software: 9 Best Rank Tracking Tools

Ranking Reporting Software


Tracking your website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs) is essential for comprehending the success of your SEO measures. With the help of ranking reporting software, you can easily monitor your website’s position, identify trends, and track progress over time. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the best rank-tracking software for your needs?

Whether you’re a business owner looking to track your website’s performance, an SEO professional managing multiple clients, or a marketer looking to gain insights into your competitors’ strategies, rating reporting software can deliver the data you need to make informed decisions and achieve your goals.

So let’s start and explore the world of ranking reporting software!

Key Takeaways:

    • Tracking your website’s SERP rankings is crucial for gauging SEO effectiveness.
    • Ranking reporting software offers insights into your and competitors’ online presence.
    • Choose software based on accuracy, customization, ease of use, and comprehensive data analysis.
    • Legitimacy of ranking reports varies due to search engine algorithm complexities.
    • Consider popular tools like Ahrefs, SE Ranking, SEMRush, and others based on your needs and budget.

What is Reporting Software?

It is a type of software that allows users to generate and convey reports based on data. This kind of software is used in various industries and for a wide range of purposes, including:

    • Business Intelligence
    • Financial Analysis
    • Project Management

In the context of SEO, Ranking reporting software is a tool that helps track the search engine rankings of a website’s keywords over time. It gathers data from search engines and uses it to generate information on the website’s visibility, ranking positions, keyword performance, and other metrics. It aslo provides insights into the competition’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Legitimacy of Ranking Reports

One common question when using ranking reporting software is the legitimacy of the data provided. It’s important to note that while ranking reports can help comprehend trends and track progress over time, they should not be taken as absolute truth.

Search engine algorithms are complicated and always changing, meaning rankings can fluctuate from day to day or even hour to hour. Additionally, rank-tracking software can sometimes provide inaccurate data, especially if it is not updated regularly or relies on outdated data.

That being said, ranking reports can still be a valuable tool for understanding trends and tracking progress over time.

Rank Tracking on Search Engines

Rank tracking on search engines is the practice of monitoring and tracking a website’s position, for certain keywords in search engine results. The goal is to monitor modifications in a website’s rankings over time and determine areas where gains can be made to increase visibility and drive more organic traffic.

This reporting is typically done using specialized software, such as rank tracking tools and analytics platforms, which nourish detailed keyword rankings reports over time.

Key Features Of SEO Ranking Reporting Software

When evaluating rank-tracking software for SEO, there are several key features to consider. These include:

Accuracy: Look for software that provides accurate and up-to-date data on your website’s ranking in search engine results pages. Some software may use outdated data or provide inaccurate results, so it’s important to choose a reliable and trustworthy tool.

Customization: Different users have different needs when it comes to ranking reporting software. Look for a tool that allows you to customize reports and data visualizations to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Ease of Use: The best-ranking reporting software is intuitive and easy to use, even for those without extensive technical knowledge. Look for software with a user-friendly interface and clear instructions for getting started.

Data Analysis: In addition to tracking your website’s ranking, ranking reporting software should also provide insights into your website’s overall SEO performance. Look for software that provides detailed data analysis, including keyword performance, backlink analysis, and competitor analysis.

List of Reporting Software Tools

1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the best reporting tools used today. Digital Logic is one of many companies to recognize this, using it as its preferred software due to its ability to generate high-quality and authoritative backlink rankings. It has rapidly become the behemoth of a sector for analytical reporting tools, and few online SEO tools can compare with it.

Such is Ahrefs’ popularity that the top SEO companies use this program as part of their service process. This means, that should you decide to outsource your SEO services, you’ll likely receive advice delivered by an Ahrefs report, which will provide comprehensive insights into your website’s performance and areas needing improvement. The only comparable tool that comes close would be Google’s website crawler, adding more credibility to Ahrefs’s usefulness.

Ahrefs is a powerful and comprehensive tool for webmasters and businesses seeking to track and analyze their online presence. It allows users to gain insights into their online competition, explore backlinks and key phrases, research keywords, conduct content marketing analysis, and more.



One of the benefits of Ahrefs is its price: they offer an affordable 7-day trial option for just $7 so that new users can test out the system before committing to a longer-term plan.

These four paid plans are available with Ahrefs:

    1. Lite Plan ($99/month)
    2. Standard Plan ($199/month)
    3. Advanced Plan ($399/month)
    4. Enterprise Plan ($999/month).

2. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a professional SEO rank tracker software created to make the monitoring of keyword rankings quicker and easier. This complete platform utilizes 100% accurate real-time metrics and boasts comprehensive coverage of all major search engines across all locations. With support for multiple language versions and options to switch between data from desktop or mobile views, SE Ranking allows users to stay in control and up-to-date on their progress.

This platform gives you complete visibility into your keyword ranking positions quickly, enabling you to take action as soon as you spot any changes in results. SE Ranking also offers flexible reports and customizable dashboards for easy data sharing with members of your team or clients.

Alongside this are features like automated weekly updates and email alerts when targets are missed, so everyone can stay informed on performance every step of the way. Whether tracking organic traffic or seeking insights into competitors’ ranking strategies, SE Ranking is here to put users in control of their SEO strategies and pave the way toward higher returns on investment.


SE Ranking is a keyword rank tracking software that enables its users to check their website’s keyword rankings on search engine results pages. Users of this service can take advantage of the free trial before committing to a paid plan. After that, they can choose how often they wish to monitor rankings: daily, every 3 days, or weekly. With the various plans available, performance levels and features vary with increasing price tags.

    1. The essential plan costs $39 per month and generally covers small business owners and marketers who want to keep abreast of their keywords’ ranking progress.
    2. The Pro Plan comes in at $89/month, making it perfect for individuals managing websites with large web traffic and long-term SEO campaigns.
    3. Last but not least is the Business Plan, which costs $189/month and includes more detailed data and advanced tools and toolsets for more effective tracking, allowing marketing professionals to manage multiple projects without any hassle and flexibly.

3. SEMRush – Best Ranking Reporting Software

SEMRush is a must-have tool for any digital marketer looking to track their website’s rank and performance. With its powerful features and analytics, SEMRush provides precise insight into how your website is performing compared to the competition.

By tracking keywords, organic traffic, SERP features, backlinks, and more, marketers are able to tailor their optimization strategy to maximize effectiveness and results.

SEMRush goes beyond keyword rankings by providing additional insights into other aspects of digital marketing, such as:

    • Content Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Competitor Research
    • PPC Campaigns.

On top of this, it only costs $119.95 per month, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses on a budget.

Moreover, the Competitor Research Toolkit within SEMRush is particularly valuable for its in-depth insights into what other websites are doing better than yours. Not only will it provide details about your rivals’ keyword selection to identify gaps in your strategy, but it can also reveal which other web pages link to them so you can try and acquire those links.

Plus, you’ll be able to use their reports to discover what kinds of content they are creating so you can make better versions yourself—a great way to stay one step ahead.

4. SEO PowerSuite

If you’re looking for comprehensive keyword rank-tracking software that won’t break the bank, SEO PowerSuite is what you need. Unlike other cloud-based tools, SEO PowerSuite is software that can be downloaded and installed on your computer, allowing you to view reports offline.

Affordability is one of SEO PowerSuite’s standout features, making it an ideal choice for organizations with multiple clients.

With its forever-free version, you can track unlimited websites and keywords and use all the SEO features. These include rank reporting, backlinks, and on-page and social SEO analysis to gain insights into your website’s performance. Its intuitive interface allows newbies to use it efficiently, while experienced SEO professionals can benefit from its powerful features like accurate rank monitoring, comprehensive link analysis, and comprehensive keyword research.

The software includes four tools:

    1. SEO Spyglass
    2. Website Auditor
    3. LinkAssistant
    4. Rank Tracker.

Let’s focus on the last one, Rank Tracker!

Rank Tracker is user-friendly and allows you to integrate with Google Analytics and Search Console to analyze your current positions for target keywords. Once you’ve set it up, click a button, and it will check Google to see if your pages have moved up or down in the search results.

The software checks the results of 327 search engines, allowing you to analyze up to 10 competitors and show your rankings in other verticals like images, videos, and news. You can even check your rankings in different parts of the world.

SEO PowerSuite


SEO PowerSuite offers three pricing tiers: free, professional ($299 per year), and enterprise ($499 per year).

5. Accuranker

Accuranker gives users instant access to their keyword rankings, allowing them to identify any changes in their positions quickly. With this tool, users can monitor the effectiveness of their search engine optimization campaigns with relative ease.

The reports generated by Accuranker provide detailed insights into keyword performance; they include ranking details, growth trends, keyword trends over time, team performance metrics, and more.

In addition to the core features of keyword ranking tracking and analysis, Accuranker provides advanced features such as competitor comparison tools, bulk export capabilities, and SERP monitoring. It allows you to review snippets, image packs, and much more, giving you an even deeper insight into your keywords’ performance.

Accessing data through an API also allows users to get advanced metrics across multiple landing pages, taking the guesswork out of evaluating website performance. The platform integrates with tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, so users can easily amalgamate their keyword data like search volume, and keyword difficulty into one dashboard hassle-free.


The 14-day trial is excellent for first-time customers, so you can check out the features before making any long-term commitments. After that, the premium plan offers access to 1,000 keywords across five major search engines: Google, Bing, YouTube, Yandex, and Baidu.

6. Wincher

The platform offers some cutting-edge features such as competitor tracking, reports, and automatic alerts when there are any changes in rankings, so you don’t miss out on opportunities. With its intuitive design, Wincher simplifies the process of monitoring your keyword performance without much technical know-how or fuss.

Altogether, this makes it a great all-purpose rank tracker that can help improve your website’s visibility and traffic over time.

Wincher’s tracking system also offers fantastic opportunities for those seeking new ones. Analyzing the data provided by this platform enables us to quickly identify high-search volume keywords that can be used to achieve higher rankings and generate more traffic. Its tracking system is so user-friendly that even newbie SEOs can benefit from its ingenuity and make real changes that will help their website get found in search engine results faster.

Wincher- Rank Tracking Software


Wincher is an interesting and affordable option for those looking to track their organic search rankings without breaking the bank. It’s a great choice for those with smaller teams or budget constraints; the basic plan starts at just $29/month, with scaling options available further up the tiers. In addition to being cost-effective, it also provides powerful analytics that can be used to monitor keyword performance and get better insights into your overall SEO efforts.

The basic plans enable businesses to track up to 500-1,000 keywords. For companies looking for more, premium plans like Professional and Enterprise allow organizations to upgrade their accounts as their business grows.

7. SERPWatcher – Data Reporting Tools

SERPWatcher is fast, easy-to-use rank-tracking software tailored to the needs of SEO professionals. It enables users to track their website’s ranking performance in SERPs without spending too much time and effort analyzing data. The primary benefit of using this tool is its accuracy.

With SERPWatcher, you can be sure that your website’s position in the SERPs is accurately measured and reported. It also has powerful features that deliver wide insights into how users interact with your website or other SERP results pages. This includes measuring organic traffic potential, setting up daily rank updates, and getting email alerts whenever keyword rank changes occur. All these features combine to give users an easy-to-use platform that offers instant access to critical SEO data. Even if you aren’t an experienced SEO specialist, the intuitive user interface makes it a great choice for anyone looking for detailed SEO analytics and reporting capabilities.

Device and location-based Results are one of the key features offered by this platform, which helps users track their exact location-based ranking in real-time. This is especially beneficial when considering following various local market locations, states, and countries, including regions like DMA and multiple devices.

Furthermore, it collects information from multiple lanes, such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Bing Ads, which provides deep insight into the ranking scenarios of your website. 


Customers can try out all the features with a 10-day free trial before committing to a full money-back guarantee on all premium plans.

Mangools Basic Plan

It costs $49 per month or $29.94 when paid yearly. With this plan, customers get 100 keyword lookups in 24 hours, 200 suggestions per search, and 25 competitor keywords per search. 

8. Nightwatch

Nightwatch is an evolved SEO software tool designed to help users with all-around features that allow them to track their website’s ranking, monitor any changes in backlinks profile, and gain actionable insights into the competitive landscape.

Its rank-tracking feature offers detailed reports on keyword rankings for organic, paid, and mobile searches across multiple search engines, informing users about local and global changes. Additionally, its backlink monitoring capability enables users to easily identify any broken links or 404 errors that could negatively impact their website performance while providing detailed information regarding their most powerful references. This data can then be used to inform future link-building strategies to maximize visibility among leading search engines.

Furthermore, Nightwatch offers tailored reporting capabilities that allow users to generate custom reports highlighting key data points such as URL rankings, SERP features, and overall search visibility. This allows them to effortlessly extract powerful insights from all the data collected in one place and accordingly make strategic decisions based on these insights. 


When it comes to asking ‘how much is it?’, the answer can vary greatly depending on what you are looking for. In this case, the answer is simple: $24/month. This cost covers many features and amenities that make it worth the price.

9. Google Search Console

Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) is priceless for web developers and digital marketers. These services provide abundant data needed to evaluate a website’s performance in terms of visibility, rankings, and traffic sources. On top of that, these tools ensure that search engine optimization (SEO) efforts are effective and efficient.

It allows you to monitor and control the optimization and indexing of your website, so you can understand how Google sees it and make adjustments accordingly. You can use it to improve the visibility of your web pages in search result rankings and diagnose errors that prevent visitors from accessing them.

Search Console lets users add their website URL to their dashboard, verifies it, and creates valuable insights about the websites they manage in a consolidated view. It shows when Google last crawled sites and identifies any errors about URLs or links so that users can take the necessary action quickly.

You can track your site’s performance in terms of clicks, impressions, CTRs, and other analytics data that will provide a comprehensive overview of how people access its content or services. You’ll be able to see which keywords are bringing people to your page, giving you even greater insight into what kind of changes need to be made for better search engine results.

Also, the search console features valuable tools such as the URL inspection tool, which allows you to analyze if pages have been indexed correctly or not. This is essential for any online business since the use of the AdWords reporting tool keeps.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ranking reporting software and why is it important?

Ranking reporting software is a tool designed to monitor a website’s position in search engine results for specific keywords, crucial for assessing the impact of SEO strategies. It provides essential data on visibility, keyword performance, and competitor analysis, aiding in strategic decision-making for improving online presence.

2. What is an SEO ranking tool?

An SEO ranking tool is a software or online service designed to track and analyze the search engine rankings of websites or web pages for specific keywords. These tools collect data from search engines and present it in a user-friendly format, often in the form of ranking reports.

3. Why use reporting tools?

Reporting tools in the context of SEO serve several purposes:

Performance Tracking: They help track the ranking of a website or web page for specific keywords over time, allowing users to assess the impact of their SEO efforts.

Competitor Analysis: Reporting tools can provide insights into how well a website is performing compared to its competitors in search engine results.

Keyword Optimization: By analyzing ranking reports, users can identify which keywords are performing well and which ones may need optimization to improve search engine visibility.

Strategy Adjustment: Reporting tools offer data that can guide adjustments to SEO strategies based on the observed performance and changing search engine algorithms.

4. What are the three types of reporting systems?

In a broader sense, reporting systems can be categorized into three types:

Operational Reporting: This type of reporting provides detailed, day-to-day information about the operational aspects of an organization. It often involves real-time or near-real-time data and helps in monitoring and managing ongoing processes.

Tactical Reporting: Tactical reports focus on short to medium-term goals and performance. They provide insights into how well a particular strategy or initiative is performing and assist in making informed decisions to achieve organizational objectives.

Strategic Reporting: This type of reporting is more long-term and focuses on the overall strategic goals of an organization. It provides high-level insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) and helps in making strategic decisions for the future.

How To Use ChatGPT To Write Code

How To Use ChatGPT To Generate Code


Are you fatigued by stumbling with coding problems and spending hours exploring the internet for solutions? What if we told you that how to use ChatGPT to generate code? That’s where Chatgpt comes in – a state-of-the-art AI language model that can help you in writing code and solve problematic issues.

In this article, we’ll explore how to use chat gpt to write code and answer some of the most common questions people have about this extreme technology. So, sit back and get ready to learn more about the unimaginable capabilities of ChatGPT.

What Is ChatGPT

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence language model developed by OpenAI, taught on a huge corpus of text data using an in-depth learning strategy. Chat gpt (generative pre-trained transformer) viral AI generator Dall-E, was founded by Elon Musk and CEO Sam Altman in 2015. It is founded on the GPT-3.5 architecture, which allows it to develop highly readable and genuine-sounding text in response to prompts.


Can ChatGPT Write Code?

One of the most typical questions people have about ChatGPT is whether it can write code or not. The short answer is yes, but with some rules. 

can gpt write code


While ChatGPT can generate code snippets and suggest solutions to coding problems, it’s not a replacement for human coders.

    • The primary limitation of ChatGPT-generated code is that it may not always be optimized or efficient.
    • Additionally, it may not account for all possible edge cases and may require manual adjustments from a human coder to work correctly.
    • However, ChatGPT can still be incredibly useful for generating ideas and offering solutions to complex coding problems.
    • Potential use cases for ChatGPT-generated code include prototyping and brainstorming, where quick and rough code solutions can be generated to test out different ideas.
    • ChatGPT can also be helpful for beginners who are just starting with coding and need some guidance and direction.

Benefits Of Using ChatGPT For Coding

    • Quick and easy access to potential solutions and code snippets
    • Helpful for brainstorming and prototyping
    • Can be useful for beginners who need guidance and direction

Drawbacks Of Using ChatGPT For Coding

    • Generated code may not be optimized or efficient
    • May require manual adjustments from a human coder to work correctly
    • Lack of personalization and customization to fit specific requirements

chat gpt code

Learn how to use ChatGPT to write code easily and efficiently. Our step-by-step guide makes coding a breeze.

How To Use ChatGPT To Write Code

Using chat gpt for coding alternatives is relatively straightforward, but there are some things to keep in mind. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use ChatGPT to write code:

    1. Identify the coding problem you want to solve:  You must first choose the code issue you wish to fix with ChatGPT. Debugging an existing piece of code or coming up with ideas for a new project are both examples of this.
    2. Open a chat window with ChatGPT:  Hugging Face and OpenAI are two examples of platforms that employ ChatGPT for chatbots. By selecting the appropriate platform and starting a conversation, you may use ChatGPT to open a chat window.
    3. Describe the problem with ChatGPT:  Once you’re in a ChatGPT chat window, simply state the code issue you’re trying to fix. The more information you provide, the better ChatGPT will be able to comprehend the issue and provide solutions.
    4. Review the suggestions and solutions offered by ChatGPT:  Based on the issue you stated, ChatGPT will produce code snippets and provide recommendations for fixes. Check out these ideas and options to see if any of them work for you.
    5. Adjust the code as needed:  If you identify a solution to your coding issue, you can modify the resulting code as necessary to meet your unique needs. Instead, you might draw ideas from the code and come up with your own original solution.

how to use chatgpt to write a code

If you like to try ChatGPT and let it compose a code for you, you will need to do the following:

    • Move to OpenAI’s ChatGPT
    • Make an account by ordering in your email address and password
    • Confirm your email and your mobile number
    • Once that’s done, tap for ‘personal use
    • Determine the feature you want – for a chat and tap Q&A
    • Choose ‘open in the playground’
    • Type in your questions, submit and wait for an answer

Maximizing Efficiency With ChatGPT In Coding

For programmers, Chat gpt offers a variety of possible uses, including shortcode generation, code completion, code explanation, code translation, and code debugging. ChatGPT may be a helpful tool for coding chores by breaking down coding concepts into tiny, usable pieces. It gives as much context as possible to assist Chatgpt in understanding what is needed.

Maximizing Efficiency With ChatGPT In Coding

Generating Short Codes With ChatGPT

ChatGPT has the capability to break down coding ideas into smaller functional units, which can lead to minimized errors and improved efficiency. This approach involves dividing the code into smaller, more manageable pieces that can be combined to form a functional whole.

The ability of ChatGPT to divide up coding concepts into smaller chunks can assist in streamlining and make manageable difficult coding jobs, leading to more effective and efficient code development.

Chat GPT Code Generation Example

ask chat gpt to write code

Completing Codes With ChatGPT

ChatGPT can assist in completing or adding missing information to codes. We will provide tips on how to give ChatGPT enough context to ensure it understands what needs to be done. Whether you have a code that needs additional information or requires completion, ChatGPT can provide you with the necessary assistance. Simply provide it with as much information as possible about the context, and it will do the rest.

Completing Codes With ChatGPT

Explaining Codes With ChatGPT

ChatGPT is capable of providing a comprehensive explanation of difficult or complex codes, which can be helpful for coders who are struggling to understand them. With its dialogue system, ChatGPT can offer additional information and boost the coder’s comprehension by providing details and clues to aid their understanding.

Explaining Codes by using ChatGPT

Translating Codes With ChatGPT

ChatGPT can help in the conversion of computer code between different programming languages. This can be required because of a project’s particular requirements or personal preferences. Users may quickly and precisely translate their code into the target language using ChatGPT. It speeds up their work and guarantees the program’s maximum performance.

ChatGPT may help with software debugging by locating and fixing faults or defects in the applications. The bug-fixing performance of Chat gpt is comparable to that of deep-learning algorithms like Codex and CoCoNut. The likelihood of it succeeding can be raised by providing more details and hints.

Translating Codes with chatgpt

Key Ways To Use ChatGPT To Write Code

There are many methods to use Chat gpt, depending on your needs and preferences. Some typical applications of ChatGPT include: 

    1. Text completion: Based on a prompt, you may use ChatGPT to finish a sentence, a paragraph, or an entire document. This can help with creative writing, text summaries, and idea generation.
    2. Question answering:  In response to a prompt, you can utilize ChatGPT to respond to a particular question or collection of questions. When creating fact-based material or troubleshooting, might be helpful.
    3. Text translation:  Based on a prompt, you may translate text across languages using ChatGPT. When translating papers or speaking with persons who speak other languages, this might be helpful.
    4. Coding assistance:  You may create code samples, debug code issues, or give instructions on how to add a certain feature to your code using ChatGPT. While ChatGPT cannot completely replace human programmers, it can be a useful tool for accelerating development and offering more information.

Can ChatGPT Solve Coding Problems?

ChatGPT has the capability to generate code snippets based on provided prompts, but can it actually solve coding problems? The answer is not straightforward.

While ChatGPT may be able to generate code that accomplishes a specific task, it may not be able to identify and solve the root cause of a coding problem. In other words, it can be used as a tool for generating potential solutions, but it cannot replace the analytical skills and problem-solving abilities of a human coder.

However, ChatGPT can still be useful for troubleshooting coding problems. By inputting a description of the issue or error message, ChatGPT can generate potential solutions or code snippets that may help address the problem. This can be particularly useful for beginners or those with limited coding experience.

It is important to keep in mind that ChatGPT-generated solutions may not always be the most efficient or optimal solution. It is still important to thoroughly test and analyze any code generated by ChatGPT before implementing it into a project.

Overall, ChatGPT can be a useful tool for coding problem-solving, but it should not be relied upon as the sole solution to complex coding issues.

What Programming Languages does ChatGPT know?

ChatGPT is a powerful language model that has been instructed on a massive dataset of text from the internet. It has the ability to generate human-like language and has been used in a variety of contexts, including natural language processing, chatbots, and even writing news articles.

However, when it comes to writing code, there are limitations to what ChatGPT can do. While it can generate code snippets and examples, it is not designed to write complete programs or applications from scratch.

 Programming Languages by using chatgpt to write code

Can Chat GPT Write A Code In Specific Programming Languages

One question that often arises is whether ChatGPT can write code in distinct programming languages, such as Python, JavaScript, or C++. The answer is that it depends on the complexity of the code and the specific task at hand.

For simple tasks, ChatGPT can generate code in a variety of programming languages. For example, it can write a basic “Hello World” program in Python or develop a simple JavaScript function. However, for more complex tasks, the generated code may not be as efficient or effective as code written by an experienced programmer.

Furthermore, ChatGPT-generated code may not adhere to best practices or industry standards. It is important to note that code written by ChatGPT should be thoroughly reviewed and tested before being used in a production environment.

Why Do Coders Quit?

As the demand for software engineers and developers continues to grow, there has been a surge in the number of people learning to code. However, despite the high demand for coding skills, many programmers and developers eventually quit their jobs or even their careers. 

    1. Burnout: It is a common reason why many coders quit their jobs. The long hours, tight deadlines, and constant pressure to deliver can take a toll on even the most dedicated programmers. ChatGPT can potentially help decrease the workload of coders by automating certain tasks and delivering assistance with coding, allowing developers to focus on more innovative and high-level work.
    2. Lack of work-life balance:  Many coders also quit because they find it difficult to balance their work with their personal lives. This is especially true for those who work in startups or fast-paced companies that require long hours and constant availability. ChatGPT can potentially help coders achieve a better work-life balance by providing assistance with coding tasks, allowing them to take breaks and focus on other important aspects of their lives.
    3. Boredom Coding: This can be repetitive, especially when working on large projects that require comprehensive testing and debugging. This can lead to boredom and a lack of motivation. ChatGPT can potentially help alleviate this by providing creative suggestions and new methods for coding issues, helping to keep developers engaged and motivated.
    4. Lack of growth opportunities: Many coders quit because they feel they have reached a dead end in their careers and see no opportunities for growth or advancement. ChatGPT can potentially help address this by providing assistance with learning new coding languages and technologies. It also helps developers expand their skill sets and pursue new career opportunities.

Will ChatGPT Substitute Coders?

With the rise of AI technology, many have wondered whether ChatGPT and other similar models have the possibility to replace human coders. While ChatGPT certainly has its advantages in terms of generating code quickly and efficiently, it is unlikely that it will completely replace human coders anytime soon.

One of the biggest limitations of ChatGPT is its lack of creativity and ability to think outside the box.

While it can generate code based on patterns and examples it has been trained on, it may struggle to come up with innovative solutions to complex problems. This is where human coders excel, as they can use their creativity and problem-solving skills to come up with unique solutions that may not have been thought of before.

Additionally, ChatGPT-generated code may lack the level of optimization and efficiency that can be achieved by experienced human coders. While it may be able to generate functional code quickly, it may not be the most efficient or scalable solution.

That being said, ChatGPT can still be a valuable tool for human coders. It can be used to generate boilerplate code, automate repetitive tasks, and help with troubleshooting and problem-solving. Ultimately, the best approach is likely a combination of human and AI-generated code, with each complementing the other’s strengths and weaknesses.

How does ChatGPT help to Grow your Coding Skills?

Here’s an example of how ChatGPT can help with code generation:

Suppose you’re learning Python and want to generate a list of prime numbers within a specific range. You can ask ChatGPT for assistance, and it might provide you with a code snippet like this:

how ChatGPT can help with code generation: Suppose you're learning Python and want to generate a list of prime numbers within a specific range. You can ask ChatGPT for assistance, and it might provide you with a code snippet like this:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can code written by ChatGPT be detected?

Yes, code generated by ChatGPT can often be detected, especially when it lacks context, meaningful variable names, or comments. While ChatGPT can produce functional code, it may not adhere to coding standards or best practices. Additionally, automated tools and code reviews can help identify code written by AI models.

2. How do I write Python code in ChatGPT?

To write Python code in ChatGPT, you can simply type or describe your Python code-related question or request, and I’ll provide responses that include Python code examples or explanations. You can use plain text to interact with me, and I’ll understand and respond accordingly.

3. How many lines of code can ChatGPT write?

ChatGPT can generate code snippets that range from a few lines to several pages. The length of the code it produces depends on the complexity of the task and your request. However, it’s important to note that long, complex code generated by ChatGPT may require careful review and testing for correctness and efficiency.

4. Does ChatGPT replace programmers?

ChatGPT and similar AI models are tools to assist programmers, not replacements. They can help automate certain coding tasks, offer suggestions, and provide insights, but they lack creativity, domain expertise, and the ability to understand complex project requirements. Programmers remain essential for designing, managing, and ensuring the quality of software systems.

5. Will ChatGPT reduce coding jobs?

ChatGPT and similar AI tools are more likely to augment coding jobs than reduce them. They can handle routine, repetitive tasks, allowing programmers to focus on more creative and complex aspects of software development. Additionally, the demand for software development continues to grow, so there remains a strong need for skilled programmers.

6. What is the future of coding after ChatGPT?

The future of coding with tools like ChatGPT looks promising. Programmers are likely to see increased productivity, faster development cycles, and more accessible coding assistance. However, it’s important to adapt to this evolving landscape, keep learning, and focus on tasks that require human creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking. The role of programmers may evolve, but they will continue to be vital in shaping the future of technology.

Best 7 Design Feedback Tools for Free to Get Instant Reviews


The design industry has changed. The clients and teams work remotely and ensure good collaboration between the two. Communication is an effective medium to streamline the workflow. But the barrier to communication creates problems in getting feedback. Feedback is a basic element of every design project, ensuring it best meets its purpose.

Now let’s look at the designer feedback tools that would make the project plan more efficient and engaging.


ProofHub is the preferable project management software and designer oriented. The working team makes changes before its approval from the clients. Clients or project managers can review the workflow and remarks on tasks. This means that designers can save time while looking for responses in email threads.

Proofing method and generating outcomes for projects has become easy because of tool versatility. Its markup tools speed up the design and file analysis. Feedback accessibility is simple and offers real-time working.

Interacting with teams and clients is this tool’s most plus point. As a result, checking and approving work is fast and effortless. Communication level will enhance.


    • You will get outcomes instantly and efficiently.
    • Its easy setup allows simple functioning itself.
    • You can find documents fastly without moving to other locations.

The copy link is sharable to persons not available on the account. This means he can see the feedback using your directory link.

Additional Benefits:

Fast File Proofing

With Proofhub, you can preview and proofread documents without switching from one window to another.


It brings the teammates and clients under one roof for exchanging comments, reviewing, sharing, and responding in one place.

Preview Different Versions

Looking the multiple versions of files or designs to remove issues is quite easy with this platform.

Atarim-Best for building websites

It’s a secure cloud app that reflects the client interface to manage tasks on one platform. You should consider it while creating websites. Its WordPress plugin effectively tracks changes. Integrating its WordPress plugin allows developers and design teams to follow the changes while developing a website.

Atarim enables you to make internal comments, gather client input, and then use the results to enhance the UX and UI.

The inbuilt screenshot features allow designers to preview and convert text into tasks and give them to the group members. When the client makes a request, it goes on the Kanban board, where the design department views the project to take a start. That’s why it saves a lot of time.


    • Free interaction may begin in seconds.
    • You can instantly access all of your clients’ websites using auto-login.
    • Don’t require additional project management software.

Filestage-Best for design feedback and approval

A chaotic load puts stress while not meeting deadlines, opinions clash, and missing email threads. Thanks to the Filestage that streamlined the workflow.  The auto-generated technique never lets you miss an update.

Its managing feature allows designers to upload folders and softcopies in one place. The stakeholders can readily check them and share suggestions or remarks. You can integrate with third-party apps to increase productivity.


    • You don’t need to be overstressed about the working capacity.
    • Using tracking options, you can remove issues in the designs.
    • Gather explicit and contextual remarks for your ideas.
    • Customers and partners can post comments without registering.


During the prototype stage, UXPin enables you to detect good and negative feedback before it becomes expensive. Before the prototype is sent to engineers, both fellow designers and those who are not designers can express their blessings or provide their less-than-favorable comments.

Any firm that builds full applications, websites, and features must pay for its complete revamp if customers, stakeholders, or product managers want changes.

Instead, you may make solid prototypes of the various design components using UXPin, get feedback, and make the necessary adjustments until your design is approved. The best cooperation and teamwork may be easily included in your design projects by sharing prototypes with developers who will finish it off into the finished app.

Instead, you may make solid prototypes of the various design components using UXPin, get feedback, and make the necessary adjustments until your design is approved. The best cooperation and teamwork may be easily included in your design projects by sharing prototypes with developers who will finish it off into the finished app.


    • Real-time prototype creation, testing, and modification.
    • With a few clicks, import designs from Sketch or Figma.
    • To ensure that everyone who requires access can see your prototypes, create and distribute preview links.
    • Create one of the most cutting-edge user testing experiences by animating between states.
    • Utilize innovative variable data storage to produce the most realistic prototyping environment possible.
    • Give the engineering team your concepts together with automatically produced specs and ready-made code.

BugHerd-Tracking and visual feedback software

You’ll run across issues and defects that need to be fixed no matter what you’re building. To put it mildly, organizing and keeping track of everything may be difficult. BugHerd’s feedback mechanism, which is heavily visual, addresses this issue.

The software is easy to use. Clients, stakeholders, and team members may add sticky-note-like comments using a visual interface to show code, images, webpages, or whatever graphics you want to offer any form of feedback, identify problems, and more.


    • Cloud hosted
    • You may easily filter and browse through bugs to find precisely what you’re looking for.
    • Create annotations to provide clear feedback.

Nimbus Capture

Sometimes you’ll choose a straightforward, quick, and easy solution over a high-end one, and that’s where Nimbus Capture comes in. It’s an excellent tool for startups since it offers a variety of tools for boosting feedback and teamwork, the most noteworthy of which is Nimbus Note.

It’s vital to be aware that, although being quick and simple, this design review tool may feel a little constrained in comparison to other platforms that provide a more comprehensive service. The user interface (particularly when using the free Chrome extension) is a touch archaic, and the software doesn’t truly include your work.

For more info visit website.


    • A free add-on for the Chrome browser
    • Users may use different techniques to annotate screenshots.
    • Use a table of contents to automatically group notes.


Reviewing feedback takes time; if done improperly, it is time squandered. Userback’s visual feedback tool tries to simplify things. Userback, used by organizations such as Couchbase, Udacity, and others, works with any project type, including web design, app design, and more. It enables users, clients, and designers to annotate instantly.

You may use interactive comments to designate screen sections, name individual engineers, draw attention to faults and other possible problems in the code, and even provide clients with real-time help.

Slack, Trello, Asana, WordPress, ZenDesk, GitHub, and many more popular services may connect with the software, enabling video input.

While Userback is made to allow consumers to offer their feedback after the product has already been published, it is still a solution with plenty of features. If you want to do a design evaluation of wireframes or prototypes, it’s not the greatest option. This implies that problems and malfunctions may already affect your product’s usability, and the entire user experience may already suffer.


    • You can easily design.
    • Video feedback provides an instant response from customers.
    • The dashboard quickly displays the remarks and status of clients.

Wrap Up

Feedback is certainly important in the design cycle. You should simplify this phase immediately to prevent future headaches for you and your clients.

The good news is that you have a lot of choices. Each tool we discussed is designed for particular audiences and use situations. Before beginning your search, defining your needs can help you choose a product that your staff and clients will like.

Visual Search As Emerging Technology

Visual Search As Emerging Technology


Is Visual Search a Game-Changer in SEO?

No, not yet.

However, based on current trends, visual search is prepared to play off in 2022.

Here’s what you should know.

What Is Visual Search?

The visual search employs artificial intelligence technologies to assist individuals in searching using real-world visuals rather than word search.

When a person takes a snapshot of an object, for example, using Google Lens, the software recognizes the thing inside the image and gives the user information and search results.

This technology is very beneficial for eCommerce companies and brands, and with the adoption of helpful content, they may be the returning search result for a user.

A business that shows as a result of a frequent user’s query has the potential to make a lot of money.

Visual Search Is Increasing.

More individuals than ever before are performing visual searches.

Take a look at these statistics:

Google Lens has been used one billion times.

Every month, Pinterest receives 600 million visual searches.

There are 36% visual searches by American consumers.

Visual Search Technology is Incredible.

Still, it is in its early phases. And now it performs wonderfully.

Do you not believe me?

Open Google Lens on your mobile phone and begin to scan stuff in your surroundings.

Google lens visual search


You’ll probably discover that it can detect almost everything.

Google Lens can now recognize 1 billion items. And the number is getting more continuously.

Bing’s visual search also works well.

People Wish to Search Using Images.

You’ll immediately see that this search technology is handy for:

  • Shopping
  • Directions
  • Locating landmarks
  • Reviews of local businesses
  • Translation
  • Recipes
  • Information about nutrition
  • a lot more

That’s why 62% of young customers desire more of this search technology:

How to Improve Your Website for Visual Search

In one of the first visual search ranking determinants studies performed a while back, the results are here:

1. Mobile-Friendly Pages Have a Significant Advantage

Google Lens returned 9 out of 10 results from sites that passed Google’s mobile-friendly test.

Google Lens picture results are pages that have passed Google’s mobile-friendliness test.

Given that mobile devices account for nearly all Google Lens queries, it seems that Google would prioritize mobile-friendly sites.

2. Traditional Image SEO is Still Use

According to our study, traditional picture SEO strategies (such as optimizing image filenames and alt text) appear to help with Google Lens rankings.

3. Content-Rich-Pages Shows Google Lens Results

We discovered that Google prefers to pull Google Lens picture results from pages with a lot of text (1600 words on average).

First, this may appear strange. However, when you consider that Google claims that text content on a website is vital for image SEO, this discovery sounds reasonable.

Wrap Up

These visual search data and trends should cause all e-commerce sellers to sit up and take notice of the changing trend in web search.

Adding it to your online business helps to boost customer connections, customer happiness, money, and traffic.

Because of the simplicity that picture search gives, traffic will increase.

User happiness is one key factor Google considers when placing websites high in search results.

When customers are engaged with this throughout their purchasing experience, Google will take note and start sending you delicious traffic.

Ubersuggest – An SEO Free Tool

Ubersuggest - an SEO free tool

What is Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is a free SEO tool that creates new keyword suggestions. Ubersuggest was made to harvest Google Suggest phrases, but it was recently bought by entrepreneur Neil Patel, who has dramatically extended the feature set.

Key Features

Keyword Overview

This tool offers you essential information about a keyword you enter in the search bar.

Keyword overview offers you essential information about a keyword in the ubersuggest.


Instead of listing many concepts, this is like looking at a single phrase with a magnifying glass.

The information you obtain from the Keyword Overview report is broken down into the following sections.

Overview and Search Volume Trend:

The section contains all the essential information and a graph to show a change in search volume for that term over the previous 12 months.

showing a change in search volume for that term in the ubersuggest.


Average Backlinks and Domain Score:

Neil Patel estimates the number of backlinks required to rank on the first page for a given term.

Ubersuggest helps to estimate the number of backlinks required to rank on the first page for a given term.


He also offers you the Domain Score of the average ranked site (essentially Ubersugget’s version of Moz Domain Authority).

SERP Overview:

Clicking on the “SEO Difficulty” card will show you the top 100 ranking sites for that phrase, along with information on their links, social shares, and expected traffic.

Ubersuggest SERP overview

Keyword Ideas

The feature that placed the first Ubersuggest on the map was “Keyword Ideas.” And it’s still working perfectly.

To use it, put a term into the search box.

Keyword ideas in the ubersuggest


Ubersuggest will then get to work looking for long-tail variations of the phrase you entered.

Long tail keyword ideas


Each term also includes essential information such as monthly search volume, average CPC, PPC competition, and SEO competition.

essential information such as month search volume, average CPC, PPC competition, and SEO competition.


Before you pick a keyword, you should do some research on it, look at the SERPs, and so on.

However, having a high-level summary of statistics that you can rapidly examine is useful.

The multiple keyword kinds are a fascinating feature inside Keyword Ideas that I don’t see many people use.

The multiple keyword kinds are a fascinating feature inside Keyword Ideas in the ubersuggest

Ubersuggest presents you with a selection of keyword ideas by default:


These ideas are perfect if you already know you want to write on a specific subject. However, it isn’t ideal for creating new keyword and content ideas because the seed term you selected on the Ubersuggest home screen is closely based on these keywords.

Ubersuggest’s keyword tool, on the other hand, is helpful since it can create a variety of keywords, including:


These are keywords connected to your seed keyword but may or may not be on the same topic. When I searched for the “keto diet,” for example, one of the Related options was “top restaurants for the keto diet.”


That’s one of those linked terms you’re unlikely to come across in other keyword research tools.


Keywords in the question form are known as questions. For example, if you type “email marketing” into the tool, one of the query keywords it returns is “does email marketing work.”



Preposition keywords combine two concepts into a single phrase. For example, “SEO tools for excel” is a preposition term for “SEO tools.” I also found several additional intriguing “SEO tools for X” phrases.



This one is probably my favorite feature on Ubersuggest. This feature provides a list of phrases that begin with “versus,” “or,” or “and.” Keywords that are used to compare two items.

Content Ideas

Ubersuggest is the company’s counterpart to BuzzSumo.

Ubersuggest is the company's counterpart to BuzzSumo


Although it lacks the features of a premium BuzzSumo membership, it helps determine what is already functioning in that field.

You may also use filters to include/exclude keywords, limit the content to those with a certain amount of Facebook shares, and more. It would be wonderful to have a few more social media sites included here (like Twitter). However, I’m confident Neil is working on it!

ubersuggest also offers to use filters.


Pro Tip: In the “Est. visits” column, click the “Keywords” tab to list the keywords ranking the page in Google.


This small function is beneficial for keyword research in SEO. That’s because you can see what additional terms a page ranks for, which you would not have considered on your own.

Overview of the Traffic Analyzer

A traffic analyzer is where you may see a competitor’s SEO efforts. You can also use it to assess your domain.

traffic analyser feature of the ubersuggest also shows a variety of features.


Here’s what you’ll find on this page explained:

Organic Keywords:

The organic keywords show the total amount of keywords ranking the site in Google. Remember that ranking for keywords always does not drive more traffic. According to Google CTR statistics analysis, the top 3 Google receives 1/3rd clicks.

It’s better to be able to rank for a variety of terms. And, many times, high organic keywords show increased traffic from search engines. But typing on the first page for a few keywords is essential rather than at the top 10 for different keywords. Thankfully, Ubersuggest provides a rating distribution chart, which I’ll show you.

Organic Monthly Traffic:

It estimates the number of visitors a site receives from Google.

Domain Score:

A domain’s link authority is estimated using this score. This score will be more significant if a site has a lot of high-quality backlinks linking to it. In general, competing with areas with a high Domain Score is more complicated.


Backlinks refer to a website’s total number of backlinks.

The Traffic Trend Chart:

It shows how organic traffic to a site has changed over time.

traffic trend chart


Usually, there’s little you can do with this immediately actionable knowledge. However, it’s fascinating to watch how competition ranks have changed over time.

You can do nothing with this information. However, it’s fascinating to examine how a competitor’s ranks have changed over time.

Ranking of SEO Keywords:

Here’s a summary of how a site often ranks in Google’s search results.

seo keywords ranking


Top SEO Pages

This list of pages drives the most traffic to a website from search engines.
What is the benefit of this?

top seo pages


Assume you needed to develop a slew of new keyword and content ideas for an SEO campaign.

To build a list of keywords, you might use Ubersuggest’s other keyword research services (such as Keyword Ideas). However, there is an issue that you can’t tell if you’ll rank for any of those keywords.

Ubersuggest’s “SEO Difficulty” ranking is handy. However, it’s a very preliminary assessment based only on backlinks. In addition, it ignores content quality, on-page SEO, PageSpeed, and other significant search engine ranking variables.

Instead, look for pages that are currently sending traffic to a rival. You already have a template of what works since you know the specific page that’s ranking.

Here’s something to bear in mind:

The site you’re reverse engineering must have a link profile that’s comparable to yours. If that’s the case, you may be sure that you’ll be able to rank for the exact keywords they do.

Pro tip: Sort the top pages of a website by country.

top seo pages by country


Ubersuggest is now available in the United States, India, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Spain. As a result, if you work in one of these nations, you may check out how a rival is doing.


The keyword is a similar function to “Top Pages.” However, instead of viewing the most effective SEO pages of competition, you see the terms that bring them the most traffic. The most significant advantage of reverse engineering a competitor’s keywords is that you may discover keywords that would be difficult to think of on your own.

Site Audit

One of Ubersuggest’s two “SEO Analyzer” services is Site Audit.

As the name implies, Site Assessment does an SEO audit on your website. And it provides you with advice on what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Site audit

Let’s take a look at all of the information in this report.

Backlinks, Organic Monthly Traffic, and Organic Keywords:

All is the same data that the Traffic Analyzer report provides.

All is the same data that the Traffic Analyzer report provides.

On-Page SEO Score:

This program examines 100 of your website’s pages. And it awards an “On-page SEO score” to each of them. So, based on that sample, this is your website’s total score.

on-page seo score
I’m not sure how the program evaluates your on-page SEO. However, I suppose it looks for keywords in your title and SEO-friendly content.

Health Check:

This section contains a breakdown of how your site’s pages performed throughout the audit.

Critical Errors:

These are issues that can make it difficult for a page to rank. Alternatively, it may harm your site’s overall rankings. Examples are duplicate content, banned pages, multiple meta tags on a single page, and other issues.

I recommend going over each one one by one. You may even discover that the error was not an error at all in some situations.

This analysis, for example, claims that my site contains duplicate title tags (the same title tag across multiple pages).

seo issues


All items that will make or destroy your SEO are considered warnings. However, they are still worth repairing. A handful of my sites, for example, have “poorly structured URLs for SEO.” On-page SEO and organic CTR benefit from URLs. However, they aren’t going to make or break your ranks.

As another example, even if these warnings aren’t life-threatening, addressing them can help your SEO. As a result, they’re well worth your time.

warnings featureRecommendations:

The recommendations are small extra measures that might help you with your SEO. It isn’t ideal, for example, if you’re using temporary (302) redirects instead of 301 redirects. It’s also the tool that will inform you about something. However, Google claims that employing a 302 redirect when a 301 should be used isn’t a big deal in SEO.


Site speed:

Site speed is where you can check how quickly your site’s pages load on both desktop and mobile (based on Ubersuggest’s 100-page example).
What is interesting about you don’t just get a score and then wonder what you can do to better it. Instead, you’ll get an “Advanced Breakdown” that explains why your site isn’t loading as rapidly as it should be.

Top SEO Issues:

This feature gathers all of the data from the Site Audit report and prioritizes what you should focus on based on the issue’s probable SEO effect.

They suggest that I start writing on three pages with a modest word count in my instance.

top seo issues of the site



The other aspect of Ubersuggest’s “SEO Analyzer” is backlinks.
Allow me to explain how to use the information in this report quickly.


You can see The Domain Score, total backlinks, and referring domains of a site here. It also displays an estimate of a site’s Organic Monthly Traffic.

Backlinks overview

Backlink List:

Each link’s Domain Score, Link Type, Anchor Text, and the first and last times Ubersuggest discovered that active links on the page are all broken down.

this shows the list of the backlinks a site has.


The backlink tool from Ubersuggest has several valuable filters.

The backlink tool from Ubersuggest has several valuable filters.


You can, for example, an only view followed or nofollow links if you use the filter.
Alternatively, you may apply advanced filters to focus on a specific link type.

Advanced filters feature


Overall, this is a fantastic way to view your backlinks or competitors’ site links.

This functionality is inferior to a commercial link analysis tool like Moz ProMoz Pro. However, it is still quite valuable.


The dashboard is a new function that allows you to measure organic traffic, set up rank tracking, and monitor your links, among other things.
You may even establish multiple projects for each website if you manage numerous. Use this as a dashboard to keep track of how they’re all doing.

You’ll need to sign up for a free Ubersuggest account to access this feature. Then, allow it to access your Google Search Console information.

The “Tracked Keywords” report, in particular, is excellent. You can view your average ranking position, distribution, and changes in search engine exposure in this report. Again, you may check your ranks on both a desktop and a mobile device.

10 Free Tools To Design Graphics Online

free tools to design graphics online

How it is easy when you have the free online tools access to design graphics without the help of graphic designers. And, you can easily convert your ideas into a realistic image.

Why stick to just one graphics design software and don’t should try online graphic software with new features instead? Using this is an alternative option for paid softwares.

There are plenty of tools that are free to design graphics online. Among them, premium software is also available with additional features. But for the beginners’ free design graphics tools is the best choice. It’s an economical way to learn the basics. However, these tools have limited features enough for new people to get skills.

If you are not or do not need to be a designer, but these free tools are helpful for you to improve your skills. Another thing is that the learning curve of these tools is simple than complicated and expensive softwares. Besides, you can keep trying from one to another to get command on different devices. In this way, it will increase the skills and expertise. You can know which it is feasible for you to work smoothly.

In this article, we will take you to 10 free tools to design graphics and user-friendly options that will work correctly for you. And, you can create stunning visual effects for your content and lead to business success as well.

Let’s dive into various graphics design tools online. And, we divide them into categories for ease.

Social Media And Print Tool- Free Graphics Design 

There are a lot of tools that come under this, but we will explore two of them that not only suitable for other purposes but also social media and print.

1. Design Wizard

Design Wizard is a handy and accessible tool for creating graphic design that offers numerous sensational templates for social media and print, as well as high-quality photos. Its design library has a vast collection of ideas for different events. It also gives premium images for adding more effects in the art. Also, they have pre-made templates, illustrations, graphics, and more.

All are licensed and ready for commercial purposes. The Design Wizard is the best software for beginners and free personalization features. Besides, it has a lot of things to do following different categories.

design wizard graphics design gallery

2. DesignCap

DesignCap is another one great option that you can use for making design style. It offers different creative designs using templates for creating presentations, flyers, resumes, and more. You can create graphic designs for business, social media, and more. A lot of ideas to utilize for the work. It enhances the level of styles with stock photos and icons. Your design is ready within just three steps.

Like Design Wizard, it is also affordable and reasonable. Using the paid version, you can access more features to customize the design. It is easy to use even you have no idea about designing style. Everything is here that suits your needs.

Photo Editing Tool- Free Graphics Design

These tools allow editing the photos in a way as you want. Like Photoshop, it works in the same way.

3. Befunky

If you want to create attractive, professional visual effect graphics, then try this graphic software. Befunky is three creative tools that edit photos, graphic designer and collage maker, and simple for beginners. It does not need a background for producing striking effects. Its library collection gives you amazing features and tools to make realistic creativity.

Videos and tutorials with step by step guide are available for help. It also supports mobile devices. Befunky has provided the free stock images access. The way you get started will help to clear the things—everything you can do with this free tool that you want. Upgrading to the paid version gives more access to the features.

features of befunky templates

4. Pixlr

Pixlr is a powerful and easily understandable photo editor that allows editing photos quickly and professionally. An excellent alternative option for Adobe Photoshop. Its browser contains a collection of graphics, pre-made graphic templates, stock photos, audio clips, and more. You do not need edits from scratch.

Even more, creating and editing are accessible on mobile devices too with Pixlr. That means you can go in edit mode when you want. You can quickly start smart work with powerful tools and convert ideas into reality. Not only uses PSD format but also PNG, JPEG, PXD, WebP, and SVG. It is the best option for beginners who do not want to spend money and excess time.

The basic plan is free to learn the tools and enough as a beginner. Upgrading to advanced will add more features.

Pixlr-graphic photos

Vector Graphics-Free Design Tool

It is only for creating vector graphics and totally free. It does not have premium plans.

5. Vectr

Vectr is a simple online software for creating vector graphics such as logos, presentations, brochures, 2D graphics, and more. It is available for web and desktop platform and automatically saves and synchronize the work. What design you create can have real-time sharing with other people. It is free and provides user guides and tutorials for easy learning. It is an alternative to Adobe illustrator.

online tool for graphics

Free Multipurpose Graphics Design Tool

If you have ideas related to different events then this software is enough for you. Besides, it has a lot of quality templates from scratch.

6. Canva

Nothing can be more simple, have variations, and affordable than Canva. While using Canva, you have an excellent experience because it provides numerous variety, simplicity, and affordability. You can create design styles for social media, logos, marketing, documents, use it for educational purposes also and more. The thing is anyone can make professional images with quality.

Canva has amazing templates available that smoothen the work. If you want infographics of any kind, then you can produce the great one. The Canva is mobile friendly and available for iOS and Android. It not only has tutorials but also facilitates different courses. And have more to explore. Its basics are free of cost for those who have a small business or individual group. With the premium bundle, you have more features for the business needs.

canva design templates

Animation And Ads Graphics Design Tool

Today, animated graphics are very trendy because it imparts a different effect to your work. So, let’s try Crello and Snappa.

7. Crello

Crello is a stunning image creator that makes the designing enjoyable. Its well-created templates are simple to customize. You can create different designs for social media, web, and print that suits your marketing needs. Even more, if you are interested in making a display, Facebook, or Instagram ads, then Crello is perfect for this. This design software is also best for animation graphics.

Crello features and tools help in creating awesome styles that stand out. Its library comprises of thousands of animated, photos and other templates. This graphic design software also provides tutorials for guiding. It is the right choice to start with a free plan.

8. Snappa

Snappa is another graphics design tool that makes designing feel like a snap. You can use it like a pro, even if you are not a graphic designer. It contains thousands of pre-made templates for social media, blogs, ads, and more that look not only professional but also attention-grabbing. Its collections have 3,000,000+ free stock photos or images with high resolution for commercial use. You can add effects to graphics using different features.

Snappa works just like Adobe Photoshop, and you can do everything with it. You can take advantage of Buffer’s account for pre-scheduled posts and share your graphics across social media platforms. You have a lot of things to do using Snappa features. Do not wait and start to create stunning ideas free.

free design templates of Snappa

Visualization Graphics- Free Design Tool

As Infogram itself has meaning Information from “Info”. Using this, you can add information in creative art to describe and making your content professional for the web.

9. Infogram

Besides other tools that give a professional look to your creativity, Infogram is also an easy creative tool for making content attractive. You can not only choose from scratch, but it’s ready to use templates that are also helpful for you to convert the data into infographics, dashboards, videos, animation, and more. This change gives the work an artistic look.

Infogram is also helpful for educational, government, marketing, and other purposes to develop your brand theme. As a beginner, it is not a bad option to create innovative ideas. It has all that you need to have an audience. Its basic plan is always free to explore the tools and features enough for non-designers. Moreover, it also offers five premium plans for business needs.

infogram landing page

3D And Coding-Free Graphics Design Tool

3D and Coding are very beneficial for teachers, kids, graphic designers, and hobbyists.

10. Tinkercad

Firstly, Tinkercad is the ultimate free online tool in our list whose gallery has a collection of excellent graphic design for your inspiration. Secondly, it very simple for creating new 3D and coding designs. And lastly, it is to use by teachers, kids, and designers. Even hobbyists also use it.

Do not waste time and get started without installing it.  It is a tool that introduces Autodesk, the leading 3D, and engineering software.

a 3D and Coding design tool


All of these graphics tools are free to design, allowing you to do something your own for designers as well as non-designers. These are alternatives for those who do not want to consume money and time. You can make real-time images using any of them. Every tool has its features. So, let’s pick the one that is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is graphic design essential for you?

Graphic design is essential because it’s an artistic way of communicating with the people. It helps to create innovative ideas that not only produce beautiful effects but also work well.

2. Which business needs graphic designs?

Various business fields needed graphic design services that are creating and packaging the product to make it attractive. Social media, art, comics, digital marketing, and related companies look for the best graphics that goes perfect with the business and promote it.

3. Can I learn graphic design without designing school?

Your time, effort, and dedication can make you a good designer. Only you need to learn the basics of graphic designing, and for this, a lot of tutorials and tools available on the internet that can help you.

4. Is graphic design hard to learn?

It is not something that feels hard to get the points. If you have ideas to create something that looks different and love creativity, then you can do what you want.

5. What should I do for graphic design as a beginner?

As a beginner, if you want to start this from scratch, then always choose free tools because these are enough that you can learn the basics. Besides, it also saves your time, money, and learning is easy. Moreover, you can take the help of tutorials for guidance and tools by searching sites. Lastly, create a difference.

15 Easy Tools To Create A Web Design

tools to make web design easier

Web designing is a creative art. Today, designing a website is getting comfortable with the help of tools. It not only is helping in saving time but also making the task simple. There is also no need of coding that was once a problem. These web design tools give the right direction to communicate with the people.

With the right tools help to deliver the idea. You can create an amazing and unique website that not only feel attractive but also create a big difference. You can do what you want in web design, either site or web design templates.

There are countless tools for web design. If you are a beginner, then get started with the free tools to explore the things.

In this article, you will find web design tools into three categories. This division will help you to scan the information.

Web design tools for:

    1. Website creation
    2. Interface design and prototyping
    3. Graphic design

1. Web Design Tools For Website Creation

Website building is the second step after web design. It is related to the functionality of the site of how your website works. Therefore, creating a website is also essential. With the help of a coding library, hosting services, and development, the developers, can launch the websites.

Let’s jump to get familiar with the software.



WordPress is the number one choice to build the site but also an excellent platform for bloggers to start a new blog.  It is suitable for everyone to work because no coding knowledge is needed.

35% of the users built site on WordPress because it is easy to use, flexible, and straightforward. Its content management system controls the site’s content in a well mannered. On WordPress, you can run the blog post, eCommerce, business sites, or more.

You can effortlessly customize your website.

Its installation process won’t take more than 5 minutes, and you can set your blog after that. Here are two options:

    1. You can download it from the WordPress site.
    2. You can self-host a WordPress website.

The self-hosted site on WordPress is better for big projects, while if you want to run a small project, then go with

It also provides the best hosting services for easiness.


It is available free of cost. But if you need more features like themes, then you have to pay for it to take advantage of premium features.



Bootstrap is the creative project of the team on Twitter. It is also great software to built responsive websites. Its HTML, Javascript, and CSS free library have simplified the coding of the sites.

Bootstrap is a front-end, open-source system. The website coding is getting more comfortable with its features like the grid system and other components. It has an SVG icon library to work.

You will experience good things while working with its proper documentation and examples feature. You can use Bootstrap CDN to compile the CSS or JS file and can easily install Bootstrap through the installation document guide.


It is free to get started and build sites with Bootstrap.



Wix is another option to build a website that is also simple to use, just like WordPress. Likewise, WordPress can make a unique website of what kind of you wish, such as a blog, online store.

Through its Wix editor, Wix makes the site easy to set up and launch. Using drop and drag options, you can design a beautiful website. It has 500 stunning web design templates that you can choose from them.

The Wix much manages and promotes your business. There you will find a lot of powerful features to make a website that looks different. And all about customizing. It provides a free hosting to grow your business.

It fully ensures the security of the website that is critical to avoid spam. In short, a better option for starting a website.


It is free of cost, but it also offers premium plans in which comes two different pricing for website and business and eCommerce.



Dreamweaver is not only a web design tool but also a web development application. It’s code editor features like code completion, syntax highlighting, real-time syntax checking, and code introspection help the user so that they can quickly generate a code.

You can do coding, editing, and maintain a website. Even more, you can have a live view for editing to see the changes made on the websites and use it with Bootstrap.

Using Dreamweaver, create attractive, and responsive web design because how your user interfaces with your designing sense is a thing to consider. Being a part of the Creative Cloud, it is a fantastic option to enhance the site. It supports HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.


Dreamweaver offers a monthly plan and a special discount for educational activities. You can enjoy a 7-day free trial to get familiar with the features.



Squarespace also serves as a website builder to create any kind of site that suits your business needs. If you want to make a blog, online store, and more, then it is not a bad option.

Likewise, Wix and WordPress, it also offers a variety of feature for customizing the site. You can grow your business with it. If you are a new and start website building, then premade website templates are helpfully available on the Squarespace.


Squarespace is a paid website builder, and before starting work, it gives a free trial.

2. Web Design Tools For Interface Design And Prototyping

Interface design and prototyping allows the designers to view the layout of the elements of how they look before starting a website. These designs must be eye-catching and be with the user’s mind.


Image showing prototyping


Figma is a new and powerful tool for web designing. Using this tool, you can design a stunning website that will give you a beautiful look. Its interface design and prototyping features is a perfect choice for you.

The things that you can do with Adobe applications are also fit to do with Figma. You can enhance more creativity with plugins and even can create and publish your plugins. Its teamwork helps to turn your design into real-time. At Figma, you can take advantage of the features.

Image showing prototype in figma web design tool



It offers a free plan for three projects while it’s paid plans include advanced options starting from $12 per month.


Sketch- showing document settings page


With Sketch application, a better option if you are looking for creating an interface design and prototype for the user experience. Its plugins, extensions, and cloud tools give an uplift to design.

What can be fantastic more than this if the design making becomes comfortable and hassle-free?

It is available for macOS, Mojave, or newer.


The Sketch is giving a 30-day trial. The pricing plan includes $99 for one-type payment and a subscription for the team at $9.

Adobe XD

Adobe XD-vector based tool


If you love to enjoy designing with Adobe’s products such as Photoshop, illustrator, and others, you will have fun using it too. It is a vector-based tool for web and app designing. Nothing can be a better option for interface designing and prototypes.

Not only can you take benefit of the powerful features but also add more functions through plugins.


Its pricing plan falls into two options for Individuals and Businesses. You can buy it free with limited font access in both options while has different subscription plans available for XD and Adobe Cloud.

InVision Studio 

Invision studio


Its cloud-based prototypes services show not only integration with Photoshop but also have interface design and prototyping tool named Studio.


It is available in free beta, but to enjoy more features, you can upgrade to the paid plan.

Framer X

This shows the prototyping tool for web design


Framer X is a prototype tool for designing and loaded with various features such as simple interface, prototyping, and more. The designers like its responsive design templates.


Framer X offers a trial of 14 days and is free. You can get what pricing plan you need.

3. Web Design Tools For Graphic Design

These tools allow designers to create a variety of graphic designs.

Here are some softwares that can prove helpful for making graphics.


PS-Rich in web design tools


Adobe Photoshop is to do all the creative art in one tool. Many designers work using this because it shows flexibility in features.

You can not only be limited to photo editing but also use it for digital painting, animation, and graphic design. It is a fantastic option for your photographic ideas.


It is a paid application. You can enjoy a 7-day free trial. You can subscribe to your plan that suits your needs.


Canva-free online tool for web design


If you wish to make social media, flyers or business cards, brochures graphics, then go for the Canva, which is simple to use—using its drag and drop, its easy to customize the design.

It has free templates that you can use for any purpose. Using these templates, marketers, and hobbyists can create images easily.


Canva offers free as well as paid plans, and both have different options that you can choose from it.


Vectr- web tool to design creative elements


If you are looking for a tool straightforward than the Canva or Sketch, then Vectr is an excellent option. It is not only similar to Sketch and Photoshop but also comfortable and simpler to use.

Moreover, it is a free software by which you can create vector graphics and give a realistic look to your designs.

You can easily create illustrations or design a website or app using Vectr. If you do not get the way of how to use it, then it has tutorials and user guides. Hence, it provides an easy way to share designs with others.


Pixelmator Pro to edit image


Pixelmator is the best image editing tool that featured rich such as retouching photos, creating graphic designs, adding effects and a lot of collections. So, you have a variety of options to create web designs.


Let’s start the 15-day free trial. If you want a smooth workflow with it, then you can buy it that suits you best.


an open-source web design tool


GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is a free and open-source image editor. Likewise, other interface design tools, it is not simple to use, but tutorial learning will guide you to get familiar with it.

You can take the graphic design more ahead, making unique elements. It runs on LINUX, OS X, Windows, and other operating systems.


Let’s start with it free of cost.

Wrap Up

These are tools essential to know by designers. It not only helpful for beginners but also designers used these softwares. All of them have different features for web designing. Now! It is you to choose the right. So, why are you waiting?

Five Websites To Download Free Stock Images

free stock images

If you’re a website owner, blogger, designer, photographer, or wish to make a presentation for business or academic purposes. Images are always the best visual elements to help the idea. These make the task easy to learn and fun to do. However, using copyright images will cause a penalty. Therefore, to avoid this, free stock images are the best option that you can use with ease.

You can use free stock images for personal as well as professional needs. If you want to start on a new website, it is fantastic to make it appealing. You can also easily share these images on social media. The bloggers can use stock images or photos in the articles, posts, and guides.

Whatever is your profession, there are websites where you can find free stock images for your need. In this article, you will be able to learn about the best sites that give access to high dimension images for the blog, social media, or others.

Introduction To Free Stock Images

There are many images that you cannot use without the permission of the concerned site. If you did it, you have to face legal issues. It means you cannot use them freely. The sites purchased a license for the images. If you want to get that photo, then you have to do the same. So, there are websites that offer countless images to use freely for private and professional purposes without the copyright claim. And, called Free Stock Images, which falls under Creative Common Zero License, that means you can:

  •  Free to use without permission.
  • You can edit, change, share.
  • Commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Free Stock Images Creates Eye-Catching Appeal 

Visual elements are always helpful in delivering the idea in an imagery way. They make the content more attractive and fun to learn. The user not only spends time on the webpage but would love to come again.

Free Stock Images Websites

1. Unsplash

Unsplash- free stock images


Unsplash is the top quality, high-resolution website which has 300,000 collections of photos from 50,000 contributors and adding more every day. It not only provides free stock photography but also has MadeWith section to display the graphic design work.

Photos available on Unsplash are Common Creative Zero images means you can use them as you wish without permission or attribution.

Unsplash has quality photos that you can use for personal and professional purposes. The fantastic thing is that you can download free the size as per requirement. So, do not wait, and let’s start today!

2. Pexels

pexels-free stock images


One thing unique about Pexel is that it only offers free stock photos, but you can also download free stock videos. It has hundreds of thousands collection of free stock photos. All the images and videos are also of high quality. Moreover, you can find more free photos on the discover page.

All the photos come under the Creative Common Zero license means you can freely use them without any copyright issues.

You can not only download free photos of the required size but also custom size image that you want.

CTA button

 3. Pixabay

pixabay- free stock images


Pixabay is another fantastic site with 1.7 million-plus free stock photos and video collection. Besides, it also offers countless illustrations, vectors, and music, which is a great benefit. It is better for personal and commercial use.

Pixabay camera search feature allows the users to search for the images taken with the camera used.

All the images are Creative Common Zero, that makes the work super straightforward.

4. Flickr

flickr- free image


Flickr is also a reliable site to get copyright-free images. All are high-quality photos. In the free use photo section, images available is for everyone. You can also search for people and groups.

Flickr has seven license categories to use the images. Likewise, you can use these images as you want.  Camera finder allows searching the photos taken by the users.

Whenever you need copyright-free stock images, Flickr is also the best option because of the CC0 license.

5. Freerange

freerange- appear as free image on SERPs


At Freerange, once register for a free membership, you can enjoy thousands of high-resolution photos for free. All the images you can use for various purposes, whether commercial or non-commercial.

It also offers illustrations for commercial use. You can access free stock photos with keywords. Freerange is an excellent site for a photographer because of revenue sharing on the contribution.

You can also select the required category for use. It also allows downloading the image size as per requirement. All the images are CCO, and no attribution is required.

CTA button

Wrap Up-Free Stock Images

The beneficial point using these websites is that all the images are Creative Common Zero images means you can change, edit, share or use as you wish. No attribution is required. All are perfect for private or professional needs without copyright issues. So, Do not wait? Let’s get started now!

Enjoy working with free stock images for an appealing look.