Build An Online Presence With 10 Best Proven Ways

Build an online presence


Have You ever thought about how businesses become successful in a while even if in pre-stages? The fact behind this is in-build a strong online presence strategy. The businesses having weak or non-existent web visibility disappear from the scenario.

Research reports that 80-90% of people do not bother clicking 2nd-page results. That’s quite alarming. And you can realize if neglecting it for small business what could you lose.

Now, it’s very critical to build an online presence for brand discovery, growth, earning leads, and sales. Even if you run a small business an effective presence online allows reaching your audience. The more people will explore you before you outreach them.

Creating an online presence is not simple as it seems. It’s not that could happen overnight but takes time from months to years.

Investing money and time without the right techniques is simply a waste of time. In the post, you’ll learn the proven tactics to build your online presence.

The ultimate goal:

The main purpose of digital presence is:

    1. Develop brand awareness and corporate identity
    2. Corporate information
    3. Providing product or customer service

In the end, you will be able to:

    • Know about online presence
    • Shape your strategy

What is Online Presence?

An online presence is how an organization or person is represented online. It can be anywhere on a scale from nonexistent to robust. More exposure and interaction are yours to dominate across digital channels like websites, social media, and email the more robust your company’s online presence is.

An example of an online presence

10 Proven Ways to Build an Online Presence

Let’s learn the ways to boost your business presence online, build relations, and reach potential targets.

1. Personify Your Brand

Online presence creation is equal to brand identity. It’s a tactic that many companies utilize in their brand building. In simple terms, Personify means to give human-like attributes or qualities to anything.

Today, a lot of brands coexist which makes it harder for customers to choose one. Uniquely representing your trademark helps to separate it from the rest. Moreover, it creates a strong impact that people always remember whether it’s a character, logo, or else one.

For example, Stephanie Courtney personifies the Progressive Insurance company by creating the persona Flo. She put efforts to create a robust reputation for Progressive Brand. Flo’s energy, giant smile, and instant wit established their brand image in true words.

The personification of the brand will help to appeal to the audience. The consumer will connect with your company. Once a connection builds, they will trust you and follow you on social media or come to a website.

2. Perform SEO to Optimize Your Website

Improving the website for the consumers is essential so they can discover you. SEO helps a lot to increase brand cognition and website presence. This makes it easier for customers to find you when they search for a query related to your business. This can be great to attract traffic and more chances to appear in SERPs.

You can also combine SEO efforts with Google ads that will raise online visibility. Establishing SEO-optimized sites builds credibility and trust. When someone finds a query as your business does, it means they believe in the information you provide them.

3. Map the Customer Journey

Review the steps your future customers take coming upon across your brand for the first time, considering alternatives, purchasing from the trademark, and remaining loyal. Then, define those for an individual customer segment.

Having loyal customers encourage you to strive more for the best to increase brand value. It allows you to understand customer engagement and how future consumers will pass through the sales funnel.

Data source: Forbes

4. Use Social Media to Show Your Audience

Today, social media has penetrated greatly people’s life. It’s a power pack marketing tool to promote and advertise your company or what you offer. It permits you in making strong relations with whom you know and trusts.

It’s a great thing to show presence on all big platforms but focuses on those which is essential for your customers and business. You will need to identify the channel where your audience can see you and can’t neglect you. Then it will grow the business presence online.

For example, if your target market is on Facebook, it doesn’t make sense to be on Instagram. Constantly work on a forum where your users stay for a long time.

Facts on the Usage of Social Media

2022 stats show that 75% of internet users research products on social media.

Source: Forbes

5. Highly Valued and Quality Content to Engage People

Everything you have but not content that gives value to the audience all efforts are useless. What can you provide them depends on how you plan the stuff.

Let’s say your target market is on Youtube then you will come up with video ideas and so on.

The users come to your website for a reason, they rely and trust on you what you are telling them.

What content can do for you?

    • It attracts customers and engages them with your trademark.
    • Expertise in your niche develops customer loyalty and trust.
    • Give a boost to SEO ranking driving more traffic and leading to better sales.
    • Positive buyer experience

The most important thing is to understand the pain points of your consumers. Only then you can generate value for people who search for the specific query. In this way, your digital presence will rise and people will want to follow you.

For example, if you sell various kinds of wireless AirPods, you can create quizzes to answer their questions.

It will make them curious and fun to learn helping them to decide the right option.

Data collection from ahref’s

6. Target Paid Search Marketing

A paid marketing search is a great step to reach new consumers but it’s a bit challenging. It’s a fast way to increase brand awareness and internet presence. Running ads on different media and search engines shows you at first pages and drags traffic to a website.

You need to do research before initiating an advertising campaign which platform suits your business. You have to think about what you want to promote whether it’s service, product, or email marketing. After that, it will be easier to find a target market.

Advertising may give you long-term results when you keep executing ads constantly. Otherwise, all success will vanish when you stop it. Paid advertising is very expensive so always choose one that doesn’t go out of the marketing budget. It requires tracking outcomes carefully.

For instance, some ads cost money that’s known as PPC marketing. Similarly, know about the display and social media ads and then see what performs well for you.

Paid ads show up in search engines fast.

7. Make a Website to Tell About Your Company

The website is the first thing that your consumers want to know about you. In addition to social media, it’s the place to show up your visibility. It will help people to know what services or products you offer, your business details, and your social activity.

Your website is the place where you present the solution to buyers’ pain points. You can raise your web visibility by creating a website that is super easy in every aspect.

8. Listing on Online Directories

Google My Business is among the top 5 web directories where you claim your listing. Adding your business to these guides helps to attract traffic organically.

These listings are very important for local SEO so that you can come in local searches. If someone types a query about your corporate, they can easily find you. Moreover, gaining reviews help other people to reach you.

Other web listings involve:

    • Yelp
    • Bing
    • Foursquare

9. Ask Customers to Submit Online Reviews

One of the solid marketing strategies to interact with your customers is online reviews. Most visitors will trust other buyers who review your services or goods. And, that’s will bring them to your website. This assists to build the online presence because consumers keep on referring you.


On 93% of buyers recommend Cooleasy which is proof that your services or products are satisfactory. 

If you take an example from daily life when you received a product from your desired shop. They always through a message to share your reviews. The company does so not only to gain loyalty but also to reach out to new customers.

Therefore, I recommend engaging your customers to post reviews. You can request a review by offering them a percentage on their next order if they do so. In return, respond to feedback whether good or bad. This behavior will increase the confidence of the consumer in your customer support.

    • In the 2020 BrightLocal study, 97% read reviews online to search for local businesses, and 12% daily.
    •  91% of customer trust online reviews from referring family, friends, or personal understandings. (BrightLocal, 2020)
    • 93% of customers read online reviews before buying. (2017 survey)
    • Review Trackers shows 63.6% of users check Google online reviews before visiting a business’ website.

10. Do Guest Posts on Relevant Sites to Connect

Why do you want to write content for someone else? Many reasons are there. When you get mentioned on someone else blog, you will not only gain a link that is beneficial to both of you. You will get your name out there and come in front of new audiences also.

Guest blogging is a mutual benefit. It helps to make connections to bloggers, and show the value you create, social repute, and brand identity. It will pay off all your SEO efforts and ROI.

Online Presence Examples

A wiki page, a profile page, a personal blog, a website, a company, and a social media presence are all examples.

Wrap Up

Web presence is the basic element of digital marketing efforts that you can’t ignore. Thus, concentrate on what your audience wants to learn about you. You should come up with that idea before your audience search query.  

By using these ways, you can create a strong presence online for small businesses.


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