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Your page speed insights must be an issue if you have a slow website. Page speed is crucial when we come across to build a conversion rate and SEO. If you don't fix the problem, Google will ding your site.


Decreasing the loading time from 8 to 2 seconds boosts the conversion rate by

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Page Speed Insights Services that Improve the website Performance

Increase your conversion rate and achieve a high rank in the SERPs with the page speed insight services. It’s crucial to analyze and fix the website issues that hinder its performance—using the page speed insights supports your website performance and needs to solve the problem.

Optimize Your Image

Larger images are the leading cause of slow pages and low scores. Therefore, compressed images are the top optimization technique to increase page speed. Optimizing the images is very easy as you can replace the PNG file with a JPEG image.

Minify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Minification removes unused code or fixes the duplicated data without impacting the browser. It is another crucial element in getting a high-ranking score from Google. Use:

  1. CSS Nano to minify CSS.
  2. HTML minified to minify HTML
  3. UglifyJS2 to minify JavaScript

Optimize Main-Thread Work

Main-thread is the element that is responsible for user interactions. Too long main-thread work will slow down the page speed.

Time to First Byte

TTFB is an excellent source for the optimization of the page. It measures how long it takes to receive its first byte for the browser. So, having a low TTFB, suitable for your site.

Implement Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is a Google project that helps to load faster of mobile pages. Fixing the AMP is essential to speed the website more quickly. It works in an open-source format that removes unnecessary content.

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How do we do page speed insights?


Google Search Console

Google Pagespeed Insights

Yoast SEO


Google Analytics



Why is Page Speed Insight Needed?

It is crucial to get a high rank in Google’s search engine. Page Speed Insights tells your site’s performance on mobile and desktop pages. It also suggests how to improve page speed. So, keep focusing on the page speed to have success.

Google said that page speed matter a lot. As the page load time increases, the chances of bouncing increase from your site. It means if your page takes 10 seconds to load, the possibility of living also increases to some extent.

To get a high rank in Google’s search engine, use smaller images and minify the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Page Speed can also increase conversion rates.

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