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Custom Graphics is a feature that enables the user to customize the appearance of custom graphics on the phone's display. The images may be downloaded from a computer through a cable, downloaded over the Internet, or transmitted to the phone via SMS.


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Designers use color to portray mood, light, depth, and point of view. To construct color schemes, designers employ the color wheel and the concepts of color theory—a set of rules for mixing, combining, and manipulating colors.


Lines may be used to a particular spot in your composition. For example, two points in space are linked in a bar. Different lines, such as curved or patterned lines, may also produce texture instead of simple straight lines.


A gradient visual representation of a color’s values shows a sequence of variations on one hue, organized from lightest to darkest. Artists may use color values to create the appearance of bulk and volume in their work.


One of the design components utilized to depict how an item looks or feels is texture. On the other hand, visual texture relates to the imagined feel of the represented texture, which may provide visual appeal and sensory stimulation.


Making effective use of space might assist people in seeing your design in the way you intended. The area in your composition that your subject matter occupies is positive space. Your design space is critical since a congested layout may overwhelm the viewer’s sight.


A shape is a two-dimensional region with an outline around it. In addition, graphic designers may use other aspects such as line, color, value, and shadow to give the illusion of three-dimensionality.


The way a shape or physical structure fills space is called form. Light, shadow, the appearance of an object’s contours, negative space, and the surrounding items around the subject matter are used to create a flat surface.

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What is the significance of Custom Graphics?

Custom graphics are more than simply lovely photos; they can communicate a brand message, educate people about your business, and establish a long-term connection with prospective clients turned-brand advocates.

You can create an excellent initial impression on people looking at your custom graphic design. In a handful of seconds, humans establish their first views. In addition, professionally developed custom visually beautiful graphics may inspire others to generate favorable impressions about your product, service, or company.

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