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Are you want to boost your site? If there is some issue in your technical SEO, there is a mistake in generating your SEO. Technical SEO is a process of certifying that your site must meet the technical requirements of modern SEO to improve the google ranking.


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How do We Maintain a Better Technical SEO Experience for The Users?

Technical SEO guarantees that your website ranks organically in current search engines. It is upgrading a website’s technical elements to improve the ranking of its pages in search engines. The cornerstones of technical optimization include making a website quicker, easy to crawl, and intelligible for search engines. 

On-page SEO, which focuses on optimizing components on your website to improve rankings, includes technical SEO.

Use Secure Sockets Layers

Your website must start with ‘HTTPS://’ instead of ‘HTTPS://.’ SSL is a security technology that creates an encoded link between the browser and the webserver.

XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap works like a map of your site. It helps search engines to understand your pages while crawling. In addition, an XML includes the published date and last modified. To submit your sitemap, use the Google search console and keep updated.

Fix the Duplicate Content

Duplicate content confuses the search engine and negatively impacts ranking and indexing. The SEO audit tells the same content on your website. To avoid duplicate content, use rel= “canonical” tags that say which version of your page is the original to the search engine.

User Friendliness

Always check for mobile useability. Most users are from mobile traffic with the introduction of the mobile-first index by Google. If you don’t have a friendly website, your SEO will suffer. Your website must have the same mobile content as the desktop site.

Ensure your site speed

Website speed is the crucial element of technical SEO to rank in Google. You can see adopt a few steps to maintain your site speed:

  1. Minimize CSS stylesheet and JS files
  2. Use fast hosting
  3. Use a fast DNS
  4. Maximize the Image size
  5. Customize the use of Plugins

Adjust 404 page

Mainly 404 pages were shown when the URL changed and mistyped the URL. Adjust your 404 pages by using a plugin or editing. The optimize 404 page must have:

  1. Same structure and navigation
  2. Friendly language
  3. Suggest related page

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How do we do Technical SEO?


Google Search Console

Google Pagespeed Insights

Yoast SEO


Why is Technical SEO important?

Technical SEO is an essential tip for success by all the optimization tricks. Your website will not rank if your site is not technically optimized. Technical SEO ensures that your website has modern search engines with organic rankings.

It is essential to your site pages for security, mobile-friendliness, free from duplicate content, and many other optimizations. It is said that technical SEO is perfect for rank.

It refers to the process of optimization from crawling to index phase. With this technical SEO, you may rank your website without any problem.

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