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2D/3D Characters

Any animation created using complicated animation tools is a 3D character. Conversely, any hand-drawn animation you see is a 2D character.


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Draw full-fledged animated figures in 2D and 3D to attract attention. The 2D character’s height and breadth and the depth of the 3D figure should be accurate. To generate seamless character motions inside your animated film, you should preferably have 24 frames per second for smooth animation and good quality.


If you correctly develop your ideas and clearly understand what we want, how to accomplish it, and why it is vital, you may quickly find out how to add context to your characters.

Design Texturing

Mapping is the process of overlaying 2D images with designs, colors, and textures. Writing, painting, and shading texture are the responsibilities of the people in charge of this procedure.


This stage converts all of the data into a file so that all of the photos may be combined into a single frame. It’s simple to compute each pixel from any angle using models, effects, lighting, and materials.

Character Modeling

It’s time to start designing characters, and modeling is the process of doing so. This stage allows you to create or model the assets in various dimensions.


The most crucial steps to do while creating a 3D character. You may also utilize 3D programs to ensure that the items are changed to meet your requirements.

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How do we do 2D/3D Characters?

Reallusion – Cartoon Animator 4, Adobe Character Animator, Adobe Animate, Autodesk Sketchbook, Harmony ToonBoom, Autodesk 2D Drawing and Drafting, Powtoon, Synfig Studio, Opentoonz, Maefloresta, and Pencil 2D

Cartoon Animator 4

Adobe Character Animator

Autodesk Sketchbook

Autodesk 2D Drawing and Drafting

Synfig Studio

Why are 2D/3D Characters important?

Videos help brand recall and are more likely to enhance user engagement, interaction, and conversions. Compared to 3D animation videos, 2D animation movies are far less expensive, and we know how to create films that will get your business noticed.


Not only can 3D modeling help designers and end-users see space requirements, but it also improves drawing efficiency and accuracy. When designing in 2D, 3D modeling aids the designer in seeing details that might otherwise go unnoticed if they were working in 3D.

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