How to Build Quality Backlinks (9 Proven Strategies)

How to build Quality Backlinks in 2022 (9 provenStrategies)


Today’s article will teach you how to get backlinks in 2022. There are nine strategies that I am going to share with you. These strategies helped to achieve 452k backlinks:

So let’s start with the process.

1. Offer Your Services to Reporters and Bloggers

Let’s get to it:

You must develop backlinks from reputable blogs and news sites to rank on Google’s first page.

(I’m referring to links built ethically from reputable news websites and blogs.)

Fortunately, it isn’t as challenging as it first appears.

All you have to do is utilize the Help a Reporter Out free program (HARO).


For public relations, HARO is comparable to Tinder.

It connects people who require resources (bloggers and journalists) with those looking for links and visibility (you).

This tactic requires effort. It also doesn’t seem simple.

But I think it’s one of the best strategies for creating more high-quality backlinks.

Let’s get started with the detailed procedure now.

# 1. Register as a source first.


# 2. Select a premium or free plan next.



Next, keep an eye out for requests where you can provide your service.

# 3. Lastly, Send the journalist a VERY concise and insightful pitch.

2. Post Content Titled “Skyscraper.”

Get backlinks from reputable websites like using “Skyscraper” content.

The  question is:

How can you do this?

Here is the procedure in detail:

1. First,  search for a piece of content in your niche that has previously been successful (in terms of backlinks).

The simple way is to do a Google search.

You only need to enter your keyword. Then, check out the findings on the first page.


As you are likely aware, backlinks are a significant Google ranking sign.

As a result, if a page is on the first page, many people have likely linked to it.

Done with step 1.

2. Create a piece of content 5 and 10 times better than the one you saw.

3. Promote your “Skyscraper” stuff, lastly.

This thing is vital.

Yes, having content from Skyscraper already gives you an advantage over your rivals. Next, however, you must energetically market your content to maximize its impact. Now, there are several strategies for promoting your content.

So let me share a quick strategy that performs ably for creating skyscrapers stuff:

Share your post with the persons you mention in it.

Using “The Moving Man Method” from a reliable .edu website is like a resource page for backlinks.

It’s time to go step-by-step.

1. Search for Websites in Your Niche with:

    • Altered names
    • Changed the URL
    • Quit providing a service
    • Stopped a resource’s updates
    • Switch off

Quote an example.

The SEOMoz company just changed its name to Moz and switched its website from to


After learning the news, I understood that now was the ideal time to contact the hundreds of individuals connecting to the obsolete URLs.

2. Finding Websites that are Still Linked to the Outdated URL

It’s time to search all the links to that page once you’ve discovered a website that has just experienced a brand change or a function that is no longer available.

Copy the resource’s URL and paste it into your preferred backlink checking tool.



(In this example, I’m using Semrush, but there are many other link-building tools you may use to achieve the same goal.)

After that, look at every website that contains links to the previous URLs. Depending on the website, you ought to deal with many link chances. In any case, you should concentrate on websites with the most outstanding Domain Authority (DA).

3. Reach Out and Get your Links

The final step is to contact everyone who is still linking to the outdated page. They need to be swiftly informed of their outdated URL, and you should kindly request that they count your link to their website.

BuzzSumo and I researched 912 million blog posts and articles.

What, then, did we discover?

We found that the majority of content is overlooked.

The study discovered that 94% of all internet material gets NONE. That’s not good. The good news is that we learned that some kinds of content invariably outperformed others.

We specifically found that the content styles below tended to produce a lot of backlinks. In other words, concentrate on the following article forms if you want to gain backlinks:

    • Why posts
    • What posts
    • Infographics
    • Videos

Am I supporting publishing numerous “why” articles and infographics?


Your content must be outstanding if you wish to obtain backlinks today. However, these forms provide a good start when creating great content that engages readers.

5. Post Ultimate Guides

You already know that building high-quality backlinks is the only approach to getting your website to rank first on Google (and lots of them).

This much is obvious.

How can you genuinely attract other websites to link to you?

Ultimate Guides, Seriously.

Why are Ultimate Guides so practical?

First, ultimate guides can pack a LOT of information into a single page. 

Numerous SEO ranking factor studies, including ours, have shown that long-form content typically outperforms short articles in Google. Additionally, a page-long ultimate guide might cover a whole subject.

People will link to your guide whenever they write about a particular subject on their blog since it is the “go-to” reference for that subject.

backlinks beginner's guide


Here is a step-by-step explanation of how to make an ultimate guide.

1. Finding a Subject for Your Guide

Choose a well-liked subject that hasn’t already been extensively discussed. You don’t want to release the 18th definitive guide on a topic.

For instance, when I searched guide to link building, I saw some valuable posts on the first page of Google.

But no GUIDES.

So, consider creating a comprehensive guide with a particular subject, not already having a thousand directions.

2. Then, Sketch out Your Ultimate Guide.

List the subtopics that comprise your central theme.

For instance, I listed the following subtopics for the link-building guide:

    • Link building: What is it?
    • White hat SEO
    • Black hat SEO
    • Link text
    • Content
    • Email marketing
    • Advance tips

Many of these subtopics each became a part of my guide, including:

3. Write your Ultimate Guide

And keep in mind:

Never be reluctant to go through every aspect of a subject. In this manner, your guide will be regarded as the only reliable source. (As I indicated, lengthier material attracts more backlinks, shares, and better Google ranks.)

6. Employ Branded Methods and Strategies

Recall tactic #3 from this post.

You may have noticed that I didn’t merely give an overview of the strategy. And I gave it a name. (Some people write lengthy blog articles on it.)

Take another example.

Ramit Sethi developed “The Briefcase Technique,” a method for attending meetings looking like a rock star. Ramit also received a ton of incredible connections due to naming his strategy.

After seeing how effective this can function, it’s time to discuss the specifics.

briefcase technique-backlinks

Step #1: Create a Special Strategy, Tip, or Tactic

It’s not as difficult as it seems.

All you need to do is come up with a method that stands out in some way. (In other words, not every planning aspect must be original.)

Let’s examine The Moving Man Method as an example.

People have used broken link building for years as a component of their link-building initiatives.

And it was distinctive enough.

Step#2: Give a Name to Your Strategy

Because you’re assisting the website owner in “moving” their link, I named my tactic The Moving Man Method.

Although not the most imaginative name, it serves its purpose. So, ensure your strategy’s name accurately explains what it accomplishes.

In addition, attempt to incorporate one of these terms into the name of your strategy:

    • Method
    • Technique
    • Approach
    • System
    • Blueprint

Do you see what I mean?

Step #3: Include the Strategy in a Blog Post.

The final stage is explaining to others how practical your new approach is.


Publish a blog post outlining your plan. I prefer a case study.

(In this manner, people will have something to connect to when they discuss your method.)

7. Resource Pages From Authorities

The dream of link builders is resource pages.

Why? They are pages that serve as links to other websites.

Just as I did with every other technique in this article, I’ll walk you through the processes here:

Firstly, you must first uncover resource pages.

Finding these might be challenging. However, almost anyone refers to their website as a “resource page.”

Instead, individuals frequently use phrases like:

    • Supportive resources
    • Valuable resources
    • Additional reading
    • Additional resources

You only need to search for these phrases to discover these pages. + a vital term.

Let’s imagine, for instance, that you recently wrote an essay about link building.

Search for any phrase on Google.

Then uncovered the extensive list of link-building resources in only 5 seconds.

Secondly, after discovering a resource page, you should contact the owner and (politely) request a link.

You’ll receive more links if you tailor your outreach emails more.

Occasionally, he will mention you in a blog post without having a link to your website.

Check out how they mentioned your website but did not connect with you.

An “Unlinked Brand Mention” is what it is.

It’s not too difficult to obtain backlinks from these mentions.


You were mentioned in the post by the author. So you are inferring that they like you.

Therefore, all you need to do is email them in a kind tone.

Hi [Name],

[Article Title] is the most recent article that I’ve read.

Excellent job!

Thank you for including [Your Brand Name] in your post.

That is very kind of you.

Also, please consider linking to our site if you have a moment. So, the blog article you referenced on ours may be found by your readers. Thank you for mentioning us in your writing.

And have a wonderful day!


[Your Name]

You are now ready.

9. Send “Emotional” Emails

There are two approaches to email outreach. :

Option #1: In your first email, request links from recipients.

Option #2: Use a “feeler” email

I’ve discovered that both strategies can be successful after managing hundreds of link-building initiatives.

However, I’ve also discovered that “Feeler” emails boost conversions by 40% or more.

Why, then, are emails “Feeler”?

Feeler emails are ones you send to potential customers without requesting a link.

(Before making a link pitch, you’re “feeling out” whether or not they’re open to your outreach.)


What Do You Think?

Here are seven tested strategies to increase backlinks in 2022.

I need to talk to you right away.

Which of today’s strategies are you planning to employ first?

Are you planning to release an Ultimate Guide?

You might also try using “Feeler” outreach emails.

Please let me know straight away by writing a comment below.

Please read our article on How to Build HARO Links.


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