Google Has Updated Review Snippet Structured Data

Google Has Updated Review Snippet Structured Data


To standardize how numbers are represented within the structured data code for reviews, Google modified the review snippet.

The alteration helps write decimal numbers in one method rather than different, which is pretty favored in other nations.

Snippet Structured Data Review

The websites which have product pages essentially include this, resulting in rich excerpt outcomes or an info panel that contains ratings and a synopsis of the review.

The changes in the manual can affect the following content type:

    • ebooks
    • Film
    • Product
    • Software Applications
    • Recipe
    • Occasions
    • Local firms
    • How-to
    • Course

What Google documented about a review snippet is click here.

If you want rich outcomes by indexing a review then, staying updated on any modification to the organized data is important.

Commas Still Work But Dot Version is Recommended

Google has upgraded its review structured data snip for using the dot separator in decimal numbers. To define the value for decimal numbers, use a dot rather than a comma (for example 4.4 instead of 4,4).

You can utilize the content features in Microdata and RDFa to replace the displayed content.

In this manner, you may meet the dot criteria for data structure and still show the user any style convention you choose.

For example:

<span itemprop=”ratingValue” content=”4.4″>4,4</span> stars”

The revised Review Snippet Structured Data makes it very clear that dots should be used in place of commas to denote decimals.

However, the manual makes no mention of the fact that employing commas will produce structured data that is incorrect. It merely instructs to substitute dots for commas.

Using the dot version is highly recommendable by Google, but adding commas is still okay even for excerpt review eligibility. However, it is good practice to up-to-date your markup for search engines. Because it’s a Google suggestion to replace commas with dots so that it can understand the details in the structure.


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