New Graphic Design Trends 2020

New graphic design trends 2020


Have you thought about how fresh colors feel? How the aesthetic essence attracts us? An attractive design catches the eye. As we move forward, graphic design trends take a step ahead. 

We might think about new designs for our multipurpose creation. 

Undoubtedly, a few graphic design trends remain the same, but most come with a combination of new trends. In the past, it used bold and bright colors with the blend. Graphic design is the art of creating uniqueness. Therefore, it always inspires us. It also shows things in different styles like infographics, animation, Illustration, three-dimension(3d), and more.

What are the differences and soft shades in the pattern? Are we waiting for the emerging trends of the graphic? What elements need to avoid? This article will show you some of the fantastic graphic design trends for 2020.

Best Graphic Design Trends For 2020

From nostalgic Y2K references to tactile texture, hand-drawn images, and astounding psychedelic aspects. The year 2020 is all about breaking free, shifting viewpoints, and using art as a creative outlet for liberation.

Y2K – Inspired Graphic Design 

Top trends for 2020 include Y2K-inspired graphic design, which is distinguished by bubblegum pinks, holographic patterns, cyberpunk-inspired graphics, and shiny metallic textures. This fashion encourages expressiveness akin to that of a youngster and gives corporations a chance to get ingrained in the past. The early 2000s’ lighthearted vibe offers a wide range of possibilities for brand definition. 


Astrology and divination symbols like the zodiac, lotus flowers, and sacred geometry are used in mystical design as talismans to give the natural and heavenly worlds more significance. The design has a relaxing and soft aesthetic appeal because of its use of thin lines, organic curves, and muted hues. Regardless of one’s belief in tarot cards, it appeals to a wide range of people since it provides a release from earthly worries and inspires inspiring tranquility.

Experimental Fonts

Designing visual communication that cuts across linguistic barriers will be popular in 2020. Fonts will increasingly depend on shape and color rather than text as boring sans serif fonts go out of style. With a focus on retaining readability, while pushing limits, display and serif typefaces will be prominently used. Graffiti-inspired typefaces and supple organic forms will likewise become more popular. Yet, giving up readability for design may have unfavorable effects.

Risoprint Reimagined

The Risograph printing method was created in Japan in the middle of the 1980s and enabled inexpensive bulk printing with desaturated and gritty colors, producing accidentally styled pictures. Designers are recreating Risograph printing for digital, abstract graphics in 2020, using its gritty textures to give minimalist forms depth and noise. The movement blurs the distinction between fundamental forms and machine operations by fusing risograph textures and colors with exaggerated caricatures and reduced features to convert familiar figures into the unexpected.

Airbrush Surrealism

In 2020, surrealism and airbrushing methods are blended to create an unusual and bizarre design aesthetic. The chimeric artwork is given a gauzy look by the application of soft vintage filters, which makes it more enticing and less unsettling. As a result, it feels approachable and sublime, as though the weird has become commonplace. In general, airbrush surrealism delivers originality, creativity, and a hint of nostalgia.

Why Are Graphic Design Trends Important?

Prepare to step up your visual communication skills! It’s crucial to stay current with graphic design trends since visual design and narrative are becoming more and more important in organizations. Learn how to include the main industry trends in your presentations, reports, infographics, invites, and social media material as we approach 2020. This manual will help you stay current and successfully convey your message. It includes colorful color schemes and experimental font.

Most Running Graphic Design Trends For 2023

Graphic designers are moving away from simple, monochromatic designs in favor of vibrant, varied designs in 2020.

Motion Graphics

Motion and animation appear as new trends that we can see in all graphic designs, from logos to everything. It not only attracts user attention but also hits the mind when written content fails to do. So, it clicks the audience’s mind faster in conveying a message.

Therefore, we can use this concept by making it in different combinations, including 3D videos, mixed media, 2D, and animation logos. It not only catches the eye of the users but also explains the central idea in no time.

UI Illustrations

Illustrations are visual elements of the concept that gives an understanding of the idea behind the product. It conveys an accurate message faster than other media to get the idea. It is human nature that he understands things instantly through visual description—illustrations designed in a way giving originality to the concept.

graphic design with illustration


Now, briefly look at the different ideas of illustrations.

  • Character Design

The whole concept of the subject is described by introducing a solid personality to the character, which means that an audience will enjoy and feel less effort in learning the central point is character design.

  • Textures

We can make more creative ideas in illustrations by adding touches. Both work amazingly in creating a unique feature. You can do it manually or with pre-made tools to use in drawings. Hence, a better option to use.

  • Flat Illustrations

Flat illustrations or minimalistic designs are not new in trend but use everywhere. Their purpose is to keep simplicity in design by focusing on the idea. A new pattern used in flat Illustration is a thin layer line in the elements that can be black as the choice of most artists, but the color layer can also use against the object.

  • Isometric Illustration

A creative illustration to craft a three-dimensional art on two dimensions. Isometric gives a realistic look to the image. They beautify the designs differently and help the user’s mind understand the idea. We can find isometrics in UI design.

  • 3D Illustration

3D is tremendously gaining popularity in graphic design. It becomes more accessible with the improvement of software and tools. Also, defining the hidden thought of the concept. It also describes a realistic style.

  • Illustrate Through Ultra Bold Colors

The ultra-bold colors are helpful to catch the reader’s mind if used in a defined way to stand out the characters. It displays the story hidden in the image.

Passionate Typography

We can create variations and decorative features with the help of typography. Designers’ skills come to use while creating appealing art to draw the audience’s attention. It gives the object an artistic look. With the emerging trend, maxi typography, large fonts, semi-transparency, kinetic typography, and drawing shapes are becoming popular.

typography graphic design trends

Graphic Designs Trends

The graphic also makes new directions with the combinations for grasping the audience by visual interpretation. It improves the taste of the designs. We can create a lot of variations in art by using graphic designs. Also, the use of this trend in technology makes it innovative. Hence, you can deliver what you wish.

3D graphic design


The areas where we can apply:

    • 3D
    • Bicolor
    • Optical perception art
    • Animations
    • Retro synth-wave
    • Ultraminimalism
    • AI, ML, and virtual assistants
    • VR AND VUI
    • Latest technology like Apps

Product Design

In digital marketing, how we present the product to the user keeps value. It is not easy to create something that differs and surpasses other products. Also, it demands a timely effort to generate an idea. Only creative designers’ skills stand out here in creating different patterns for the product to mark images in users’ minds. We can use combinations of typography, animated objects, detailing, infographics, and more.

UI and UX

The User Interface is how the user interacts with visual elements of technology. The primary purpose is user accessibility, understanding, and comfortability. Besides, User Experience is how the user learns about the product.



The designs applied include:

    • Dark mode
    • Neumorphism
    • Illustrations
    • Storytelling
    • Animated graphics and micro-interactions
    • Detailing
    • Functions
    • Gradients
    • video

Popular Graphic Design Trends

I will tell you which graphic design trends are the most popular.

3D Elements

The trends have been changing tremendously, and visual description of the concept is becoming popular. It delivers the idea behind the image very quickly. As a result, people understand things by motion effects than readable content.

Graphic Design Illustration Trends

Not only before, but now Illustration is also used differently in designing. A simple idea with deep thought can make it into a painting, and 2D is the most popular one.


Uninterrupted Color Space

Product design, graphic design, and user interface use mostly continuous or uninterrupted color space.

Wrap Up

Finally, these realistic designs stand out from the rest and take creativity to the next level with proper design sense. We can create any art we want or make an innovative thought through colorful games. It is how they feel new and grabs the attraction.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. What are graphic design trends unnecessary?

Every year the trends change. Even more popular, one transforms into a new version after some time. Therefore, no style is long-lasting; the same goes for graphic design trends.

Use bright and bold colors- No doubt, they are powerful to catch the user’s attention, but besides, this can look pinching to the eyes and uncomfortable. If you still want them, then use them correctly.

Bold typography- The more prominent and thicker elements can drag the attention, but they do not impact for a longer time and might look promotional. Always try to use them in different ways.

Asymmetry layouts- It decreases the chances of the user understanding the main idea you want to convey.

Colorful minimalism- The primary purpose of minimalism is to keep simplicity in the design. You have to think about what you want to deliver. As for colors, describe the concept, then the selection of colors should be accordingly; otherwise will deviate from the main focus.

 2. How can we hit the user’s mind?

The prime thing is UI and UX, which we should keep in mind. What we use in graphic designs needs the proper sense of the designing tools, software, terms, etc.


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