Why Link Building is Important for SEO

Why Link Building is Important For SEO


In SEO, link building influences drive the traffic from the search engine in a competitive market. However, with powerful technical SEO, excellent on-page SEO, creative content, and a user experience, link building firmly drag the internet traffic.

Today, good linking techniques are not more crucial than spammy methods. But that method is not beneficial for the firms aiming to make long-term relationships.

These days, building links is taken as a marketing strategy, and companies with understanding can make long-term relations. However, link strategy limits the product and other areas where it is functional.

This post will help you to understand the building links easily. I have split the information for ease of learning.

1. Link Building

Link Building is a way to get the links from the other websites to ease users’ access to crawl on your web pages.

The search engine not only crawls at the pages separately but also at the entire website using links. So, to keep engaging the user on the web page. Creating links tells the search index about trusted websites.

Links are not only for SEO or marketers but also for areas where link building is essential.

For example, in journalism, retailers, blogging, etc., so a relevant can link to it.

2. Why Links Are Important For Search Engine

The search engine uses links for two primary purposes:

  • First, to find new pages to use in the search results.
  • Ranking a page in the search results.

How do search engines do this with links? First, it crawls those pages and drags the content to be indexed. And decide whether a page has the quality to bring it to the top with relevant keywords. The search engine looks for quality content and checks the number and quality of the external links from the external websites. Generally, quality links increase the chances of ranking in the search results.

In the late 1990s, link building allowed Google to start dominating the search engine market. First, one of Google’s pioneers, Larry Page, invented PageRank to check the quality of pages having several links in it by Google. Then it was used as a feature of the ranking algorithm because it was an excellent approach to deciding the quality of a page. As a result, links as a part of the algorithm, Google turn out to be more effective in showing relevant and helpful results than the competitors.

Linking to a website shows approval about a page that tells about an authentic source.

Google began effectively attempting to follow ways of finding sites that have wrong links and started to give regular updates to separate the websites that didn’t have the right to rank because of low-quality links.

Therefore, Google begins to limit various external link methods that once function well. For example, you submit your website in web directories and get a link back. Google suggested using such methods at a certain point, but when SEOs overuse them, Google prevented such linking from giving worth to it.

In the past, Google also penalized those websites that overuse such techniques because bad linking is a waste of time and affects the website’s ranking badly.

3. How Link Building Benefits Your Business

Besides, link building betters your ranking and traffic from search results and benefits your business.

Sometimes, links to the site come automatically, where the actual aim is not to get the link. For example, if you introduce a newly made product with innovative features that is progressive. As a result, you’ll get lots of links. And, if you create good content, others will want to link with you.

Therefore we want to ponder third party referencing not as an independent action but rather as something which associates with different pieces of your association and where the advantage goes past the actual connections.

3.1 Build Relations

Link building helps outsource to other websites or blogs relevant to your industry. Outsourcing promotes your brand or the product. Commonly. It is done for getting a link but more for building long-term relations with others that can benefit your industry. And, these relations provide you with a trusted and regards position.

3.2 Sending Reference Traffic

No doubt, links influence the rankings. However, it has a substantial impact on the traffic coming from other websites. A good and relevant link increases the traffic. Also, that traffic from referral sites can lead to an increase in sales or leads.

Here, the link is not working for SEOs, but it’s for the customers interested in the services or products you offer. With relevancy of interest, customers may click your link because now, it tells them about you.

3.3 Building a Brand

Great link building can assist with building your image and guarantees you as an expert in your industry. There are some link-building methods. For example, content creation can reveal your company’s expertise, leading to building a brand.

For example,  make a piece of content about your industry and publish it. You get an opportunity of turning out to be recognized for it in your industry. When you make an effort and attempt to get links to the content, you’re showing your skill and asking others in your industry to assist with getting the message out and reveal to others the same.

Final Thoughts

Good links always pay off. It improves the chances of visibility in web searches. It is not a one-day effort but requires time to gain quality links from others. After which Google uplifts your business.


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