Ways To Get Cheap Responsive Web Design

ways to get cheap responsive web design

If your site’s user switches from desktop to mobile device and might face a problem, then it means your responsive web design is not working well.

Your website is working great on the desktop. However, I don’t think it will work the same on the other devices as different devices have different resolutions. So, it is impossible to create a website for different devices. Neither can you check the elements manually.

That’s why it is crucial to make a website adapting all the resolutions. And without compromising the user experience, needs an optimized website. That’s where responsive web design works.

Optimizing the website for desktop and mobile devices looks difficult, but you do not need to do it independently. For this, you need a responsive web design that sets content to different devices. You should also check or test the web design before launching it.

It does not matter that a responsive web design works that costs too much, but it’s not always true. Firstly, it is the quality that impacts the audience. Secondly, an affordable web design also works great for UI & UX.

Why Choose A Responsive Web Design

A responsive web design aims to provide the user with a better experience across the different platforms. So, whenever a person browses your website from a desktop, laptop, or smartphone, it should be accessible. It is a fact that people access the content from multiple devices. Therefore, it should adjust the content to the screen size.

For a business website, a responsive web design is also crucial for making a good user experience. The more ease you provide the customers, the greater will be the user experience. This is the same as the physical presence of the customers. The same goes for the online presence. When your customers will have a better experience and enjoy your website, the chances are more that they would love to stay on your website and do what they need.

That’s why you need to have a design that works on all devices, and responsive web design is the key. Moreover, that also leads you to a better SEO ranking.

Let’s find out the ways that can make the web design responsive and affordable.

Think First For The Small Screen

While designing a layout, keep the usability of the website that how people interact with it. For example, why they came to your website? What brings them to visits the site? Such queries give you the idea of how to make a design that adjusts the screen resolutions.

And the best is to choose a small screen first.

Focusing on adjusting the screen resolution for different devices

Work On The Flexible Layout

The flexible design itself resize the content to the screen size. The reason is that people access the website from different devices how your content will appear on the screen matters. The elements will work on the desktop, and the same layout and features will look on the small screen.

Therefore, it is better to work smartly in such a direction.

This shows the layout of web design that how it looks on different devices

Make The Images Responsive

Images without defined dimensions cause problems not loading correctly, stretched, or not adjusting within the content. Fixing these problems before they happened saves time and design issues.

You can set the image resolution between maximum width and minimum width. This will allow the images to keep in these dimensions, not stretch and resize themselves to the screen view.

Responsive Web Design With Breakpoints

In responsive web design, breakpoints are used at different positions depending on the browser’s width. So, instead of optimizing these to the device’s size, make sure to optimize according to the content itself.

The simple way to do this by designing the content for the small devices and then expand it according to the screen resolutions.

breakpoints in the web design is important for user experience

Reduce the Loading time

When the website’s speed slows down, it might be possible that the users leave the page or come again to view the page, which is not what you want.  We cannot neglect the loading time. This is where the responsive web design is needed due to slow loading time.

The website’s speed is increased by loading those page elements, which the users use the most, instead of loading those which are not essential or decrease the loading time.

Use WordPress Responsive Web Design

Being not a professional designer, you can take the help of professionals and experienced people. But if you know about WordPress, many paid and unpaid themes are responsive. You can optimize the website using any theme that you want for your agency.

These themes are pre-designed that can work for you. You only need to change the colour, content, brands that match your company needs. That helps you make a responsive and affordable responsive web design.

Focus On Adjusting The Content Size

There is also a need to work on the content size for a better user experience. Because the users expect to view the elements in vertical format than the horizontal format. The text optimizing relative terms using pixels, points etc., keeps the users scrolling in a horizontal position.

This action will avoid the poor user experience as they will not need to navigate wrongly. In addition, you can select the text size between minimum width to the maximum width for the viewport.

content adjusting is important for making a responsive web design

Limit The Navigation Menu

The navigation menus tell the user about the website’s content providing a direction for a better user experience. That’s why an essential element of responsive web design. However, designing many menus for the different devices cause problems leading to a bad user experience and is not a good practice.

The better option is to make such a navigation menu that is easy to understand and descriptive. You can do it in two ways either link in the drop-down menu or hiding; it can be accessed by clicking or swipping.

Final Thoughts

Responsive web design is a strategy that needs efforts and investment. As the technology emerges, the latest screens evolve, but your design needs to be responsive no matter what the device is.

Even having a heap responsive web design will keep the users happy and turn them to visit again.


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