Five Websites To Download Free Stock Images

free stock images

If you’re a website owner, blogger, designer, photographer, or wish to make a presentation for business or academic purposes. Images are always the best visual elements to help the idea. These make the task easy to learn and fun to do. However, using copyright images will cause a penalty. Therefore, to avoid this, free stock images are the best option that you can use with ease.

You can use free stock images for personal as well as professional needs. If you want to start on a new website, it is fantastic to make it appealing. You can also easily share these images on social media. The bloggers can use stock images or photos in the articles, posts, and guides.

Whatever is your profession, there are websites where you can find free stock images for your need. In this article, you will be able to learn about the best sites that give access to high dimension images for the blog, social media, or others.

Introduction To Free Stock Images

There are many images that you cannot use without the permission of the concerned site. If you did it, you have to face legal issues. It means you cannot use them freely. The sites purchased a license for the images. If you want to get that photo, then you have to do the same. So, there are websites that offer countless images to use freely for private and professional purposes without the copyright claim. And, called Free Stock Images, which falls under Creative Common Zero License, that means you can:

  •  Free to use without permission.
  • You can edit, change, share.
  • Commercial and non-commercial purposes.

Free Stock Images Creates Eye-Catching Appeal 

Visual elements are always helpful in delivering the idea in an imagery way. They make the content more attractive and fun to learn. The user not only spends time on the webpage but would love to come again.

Free Stock Images Websites

1. Unsplash

Unsplash- free stock images


Unsplash is the top quality, high-resolution website which has 300,000 collections of photos from 50,000 contributors and adding more every day. It not only provides free stock photography but also has MadeWith section to display the graphic design work.

Photos available on Unsplash are Common Creative Zero images means you can use them as you wish without permission or attribution.

Unsplash has quality photos that you can use for personal and professional purposes. The fantastic thing is that you can download free the size as per requirement. So, do not wait, and let’s start today!

2. Pexels

pexels-free stock images


One thing unique about Pexel is that it only offers free stock photos, but you can also download free stock videos. It has hundreds of thousands collection of free stock photos. All the images and videos are also of high quality. Moreover, you can find more free photos on the discover page.

All the photos come under the Creative Common Zero license means you can freely use them without any copyright issues.

You can not only download free photos of the required size but also custom size image that you want.

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 3. Pixabay

pixabay- free stock images


Pixabay is another fantastic site with 1.7 million-plus free stock photos and video collection. Besides, it also offers countless illustrations, vectors, and music, which is a great benefit. It is better for personal and commercial use.

Pixabay camera search feature allows the users to search for the images taken with the camera used.

All the images are Creative Common Zero, that makes the work super straightforward.

4. Flickr

flickr- free image


Flickr is also a reliable site to get copyright-free images. All are high-quality photos. In the free use photo section, images available is for everyone. You can also search for people and groups.

Flickr has seven license categories to use the images. Likewise, you can use these images as you want.  Camera finder allows searching the photos taken by the users.

Whenever you need copyright-free stock images, Flickr is also the best option because of the CC0 license.

5. Freerange

freerange- appear as free image on SERPs


At Freerange, once register for a free membership, you can enjoy thousands of high-resolution photos for free. All the images you can use for various purposes, whether commercial or non-commercial.

It also offers illustrations for commercial use. You can access free stock photos with keywords. Freerange is an excellent site for a photographer because of revenue sharing on the contribution.

You can also select the required category for use. It also allows downloading the image size as per requirement. All the images are CCO, and no attribution is required.

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Wrap Up-Free Stock Images

The beneficial point using these websites is that all the images are Creative Common Zero images means you can change, edit, share or use as you wish. No attribution is required. All are perfect for private or professional needs without copyright issues. So, Do not wait? Let’s get started now!

Enjoy working with free stock images for an appealing look.


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