How To Submit A Guest Post for Effective Link Building

How To Submit A Guest Post


Are you looking for ways to submit a guest post? A guest blog is writing an article and publishing it on others’ websites, keeping content relevancy in mind.

But, again, it’s an Off-Page SEO practice of sharing backlinks and signaling the site’s trustworthiness to Google. Not only does it build a solid connection to the readers through quality content, but it also generates traffic to your website.

How to create?

How to boost?

This way, you get a chance to submit a blog post at the top authority sites.

How To Submit Guest Posts: Step By Step

Here, I am going to share the steps of how to submit a guest blog that makes you a successful blogger.

Step 1: Search For The Guest Post

Are you Looking for a site that can accept your article? The first step is to find out the target where you can submit the guest post.

Search for the guest post

We will discuss the seven ways to get approval for a post.

# 1: Google Searches

It includes searching for more targeted keywords other than the typical ones. Using the following search strings will help you get more opportunities.

It shows the way to search the keywords for guest post

# 2: Search via Google Reverse Image

Do search for someone in your niche who does a guest post. Finding something using Google images is INTERESTING.

What does it mean? Copy and paste the image URL into the Google tag to reach your target. But how?

Step # 1

Reach someone who writes guest posts.

Step # 2

Grab the image URL written in the author bio.

Step # 3

Go to the Google image reverse search and paste it. Hurrah! You have done it, and a list of blogs will appear in front of you. Is it Cool?

how to submit a guest post

# 3: Search via Twitter

Twitter results are also AWESOME. You will find many guest posting opportunities that you did not find on Google.

How to do it?

Pop up the Twitter Search and write a search string keywords for a guest post. Twitter will show a lot of results with guest post opportunities. Within seconds, most guest posting sites will appear where you can send the blog post.

How Amazing!

Search via Twitter

# 4: Reverse The Competitor’s Backlinks

That means knowing the competitor’s backlinks they are getting. It shows the guest post opportunity and uncovers the sites that act like they don’t accept guest posts or do not have a “write for us” page.

That’s Great about this.

Identify the competitor’s site in your niche ranking for keywords. Then, grab the URL and place it on the Ahrefs tools. High-quality backlinks result open to you. If you want to learn how you can build backlinks with blog posts, click here.


# 5:  Find On

Well, you were thinking about a site that lists the best blogs. Yes, Here, write your topic and find the best blogs within your niche.

website to find topic on guest post

# 6: View Lists Of Websites That Do Guest Post

Instead of wasting PRECIOUS time searching the sites for guest postings. Why not take ADVANTAGE of others’ efforts?

Look at the list of websites that accept guest articles.

# 7: Blog Comment

Well, it’s an advanced guest post strategy. If you never do a guest post, skip it for the time being.

It works AMAZINGLY. You have observed that people leave comments on your posts or blogs.

When responding to their comments by throwing an email script, it does wonders for you to open ways for guest posting. If not, have a “write for us” page. The reason for the comment is that they liked your content. No one leaves a comment because people don’t have time.

If you have quality content, everyone accepts the guest post. You got the websites; let’s move next.

Step 2. Get The Guest Post Ready

Now, you have lists of websites that accept guest posts. It’s time for the next step.

Before you get your guest blog ready, you need to be very clear in mind and put effort into getting positive results. At the moment, you have to decide between bad or good things.

It will help to find a good site for a guest post worthy of this. Before starting, please focus on the small blogs because of the many chances that they will accept your blog post. After that, you can level up.

In this way, you can do a blog post on the sites that are:

    • Trustworthy
    • Generate more traffic for you
    • Relates to your niche
    • Have quality content

Warm-Up Your Targets

If you want your blog posts featured on authority sites, take those sites on the radar. Then, they will favor you. Here are the ways to do it.

Social media sharing

To be a blogger, you must share your posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Email them before pitching how the previous blog post helped you.

Blog comment

Spend a few minutes commenting on the post.

Step 3: Send Your Pitch

Before pitching to the blog owner, test the email template to have a practical impact. What makes the template effective

    • Start with highlighting headlines about the website.
    • Give three topics to choose from them.
    • Be straightforward and short.

Step 4: Write A Guest Post

Hence, your guest post is accepted. Now, you need to send them something valuable. Implement the 2-tier content approach that makes you able to send quality content.

Write a guest post
Guest post author

Two-Tier Content Approach

Please separate your targets into two-tier content.

Tier 1: Those top-quality websites come at the top of the list. And whom you follow. The content of this is valuable and high quality.

Such content not only makes the blogger publish it but also hits the minds of the reader. These sites required a week of writing for content creation. To make the content stand out for Tier 1 sites. Do follow the things.

    • The step-by-step approach to reaching an outcome
    • A lengthy article helps to perceive the idea.
    •  Internal links for better SEO.
    • Visual Elements, screenshots, images, and charts grab the reader’s mind.

All this will help you to make your guest blog stand out from others.

Tier 2: The websites for which the acceptability of guest posts is enough and the level of content is acceptable—no need to write great content. You will need to send them some valuable. But not something like Tier 1.

Step 5: Follow Up

That’s the thing that keeps you and the audience in touch and builds a communication link. Here are the four things:

1. Welcome To Comments

Do not rush. Spend a few hours actively responding to the reader’s comments.

Welcome to comments

2. Promotion On Social Media

Share the guest posts on social platforms. It will get traffic on the sites you guest post.

Promotion on social media

3. Send Them Thank You Note

Hit through an email to let them know that you appreciate the tips or techniques they follow. Again, it helps to stand out and opens the way for a guest blog on their sites.

Send them thank you note

4. Blog Comment Bonanza

As mentioned in Practice # 7, please respond to the people’s comments and ask them to publish a guest post the next time on their site.

Benefits of Guest Post

The benefits of guest blogging are endless. Guest posting is a two-way street that helps the writer and publisher. It’s because you are providing valuable content.

Build Brand Awareness

Posting an article on other websites is helpful in creating brand awareness, which introduces the brand to a new audience. When the reader lands on your site or landing page, it gets more subscribers and improves the leads.

Guest Posting SEO

SEO is one of the critical advantages of a guest blog. It increases the visibility of your business to a broad audience. As a result, more traffic will turn toward you from the host website. It’s a signal that shows Google that your content is exciting and fresh for the users. It ultimately increases the ranking on the front pages.

Produce Guest Post Backlinks

The backlink is among the crucial SEO ranking factors that build up authority. This strengthens the position on the results pages and wins Google’s and its users’ trust.

Make Trust

It develops trust, which forms long-term relationships. The authoritative sites will like to publish your content if it is trustworthy. In turn, it raises your company’s reputation, which ensures your expertise in your niche.

Grow Social Media Followers

Whenever you add a social media link to the company in your bio, people will tag you while sharing the article, which directly expands your following on social platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a guest post?

Guest posting involves writing and publishing an article or piece of content on someone else’s website or blog. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement where the author gets exposure to a new audience while the hosting site gets fresh content.

2. How do you guest post for SEO in 2023?

Research Target Sites: Find websites relevant to your niche with good domain authority and audience engagement.

Craft Quality Content: Write high-quality, valuable content that aligns with the host site’s audience and guidelines.

Focus on Relevance: Ensure your content naturally incorporates relevant keywords and provides genuine value.

Natural Linking: Include a couple of natural links back to your website or content where it fits contextually.

Follow Guidelines: Adhere to the guest posting guidelines provided by the hosting site for better chances of acceptance.

3. How do I promote my guest blog post?

    1. Share on Social Media: Communicate the post across your social media platforms.
      Email Outreach: Notify your email subscribers about your guest post.
    2. Engage in Discussions: Engage with readers’ comments on the guest post and respond thoughtfully.
    3. Collaborate: Cooperate with the hosting site or other bloggers to cross-promote content.
    4. Repurpose Content: Recycle parts of the guest post into visuals, infographics, or videos for broader reach.

4. Why write guest posts?

Increased Visibility: Reach a broader audience beyond your followers or readers.

Build Authority: Establish yourself as an expert in your field by sharing valuable insights.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with influencers and other bloggers in your industry.

SEO Benefits: Earn backlinks to your website, improving your site’s authority and search engine ranking.

Brand Exposure: Increase brand awareness and credibility by associating with reputable sites.

 Wrap Up

Of course, what you want to choose depends on you. However, these steps will help you target the right people and open the way for future opportunities.

Let’s start Now!


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