How to Rank On Google With Quality Content

rank on Google

How Google ranks your content in the search engine result pages? See does it serve the users? Does Google neglect the quality content to rank at the top?

No one can deny the importance of quality content on the website and how the quality content looks.

Not every reader have the same interest. Some people like specific content while others find the same long enough, irrelevant or not enticing.

So, Google is here to extend the searches. Everyone wants to rank their content in the top searches. Every time the availability of the content is increasing, how you will know that your content is getting a higher rank on Google.?

Therefore, Google has provided guidelines on how you can boost your ranking. Google Search Algorithms sees many factors of relevancy, usability, clarity, and usefulness to provide helpful information.

Length Of The Content

Well said, that Length is the Strength. Why is it so?

Let me explain in few minutes.

Obviously, good and quality content need time and effort. And writing better content is a researched work, and that takes time.  To provide useful information to the reader, you need time to deal with a researched article. And that phase consumes times. To have great deep content, we need to have mastered that topic.

And a good lengthy content may have 2000 words.

Besides, one thing to consider what the goal of the article is?

  • Either to make money.
  • Do you want to get high traffic?
  • You need to high ranking for the relevant keywords.

Without focusing on the goal, you are wasting your time. So, make sure to set a goal for the article.

Meta Description Rank Content On Google 

The meta tag describes the content in a summary that causes the visitors to click on the link. It gives the idea to the readers before landing on your web page about your content, making the search easier for the users and search engine.

It doesn’t become important for SEO but greatly impacts the SEO ranking as it enhances the click-through rate. When people click, the traffic will land on the page. That means more traffic; more CTR will result in a good ranking.

It’s a good practice to use relevant keywords in the meta description. Do keywords optimization.


A keyword-rich meta description summarises the website content increasing the clicking rate. Moreover, it is beneficial for Search Engine Optimization.

Keywords enrich meta description

Optimize Alt Tags

Alt tags or alternative description used in HTML code for the image description and function. It appears in place of the images when the images fail to load. It helps the search engine and crawlers to crawl web page easily.

Why it matters to use Alt Tags?

Without using any image, description causes its accessibility difficult. And the readers can’t understand the purpose of the images or photos used on the web page. Properly use alt tags makes the visual elements accessible. The search engine can index the images properly.

Moreover, it’s beneficial for SEO ranking. It’s better to optimize the Alt Tags with keywords. This, in turn, increases the content’s relevancy and lets the readers know about the images. Keep the alt tags simple, easy and accessible.

Alt tags shows the image description


Keywords Rank Content On Google

The need is to pinpoint the audiences’ keywords or browse your website to have effective content. Without focusing on keywords, you won’t get the right audience.

These keywords work as a key of the lock. The right key always opens the right lock, similar to that targeted keywords bring the right traffic to your webpage. As a result, it gives a signal to the search engine about content relevancy showing a high ranking in SERPs.

The keywords research is important to create effective content and how to place it in the content. It’s a good practice to use the keywords at different places, beginning of the article, mid, and end.

This attracts the audiences, make the content shareable on media and improve the SEO ranking. Always do keywords research to create the content.

There are many tools like the ahref tool that provides you with a complete analysis of the target keywords.

optimize keywords search improve Google rank

Message Conveying Call-To-Action

In marketing, CTA works greatly to generate potential leads into customers and clients. The CTA entices the users to take some action. They tell the users what they need to do next.

It directs the users to the next page without scrolling down the page. People browse your sites if they know or come via link while searching other sites. So, in that case, make attractive CTA buttons that cause the people to click.

This is in turn, increases the site’s traffic and boosts sales.

The question is where to place the CTA?

Placing the CTA at the top right side of the page is better where the user can’t overlook it. Without moving down the page, the visitor will click the button if interested in the product or services. But it doesn’t mean that you neglect those that do scrolling down the page. So, it’s better to place the CTA at regular intervals. This will save from the loss of potential customers.

Different CTA buttons that causes the people to take action

Fresh And Updated Content

Content creation is how you perceive people’s ideas. The visitor comes to your page with a purpose in mind. And browse if something is updated or not because the user would love to stay on your page with a piece of fresh and new information.

Never neglect to use the keywords in the content.

Google pushes those content that keeps updating it regularly not only for ranking but also for the users. This signals to the search engine that your content comes from a trusted site and ultimately pushes from the bottom to the top position.

The visitors do not bother the sites that overlook updating the information, and as a result, search engine drops down these sites.

Publishing the content is amazing.

But it’s not enough to get links your content need to see by the people.  For this, you have to promote your content actively so you can get the site’s links. This is much important than what people think about your content than what you do to improve the ranking. That’s what Google consider to rank.

For Google, backlinks are important to get a high ranking. This ensures that the site is worthy and have valuable links.

Building links with the people signals the trusted site to be rank to be rank on Google

Keywords Rich URL

URL tells the visitors whether your website exists or not. It should be such that anyone can access you easily. While creating the URL, ensure that they are easy to remember, simple and understandable or should define the page’s purpose.

The URLs that include the keywords increases the page’s visibility. It helps to improve the rank on Google, better user experience and serve as anchor links.

Wrap Up

Getting a high rank on Google without facing penalties is a key to providing useful benefits.

Please focus on the targeted audience what they want.

Timely research on keywords that they used to find your site gives the desired outcomes.

With defined goals, you can create killer content fulfilling the user’s demands.

Keep improving the ways Google will push it on the search engines.


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