Why WordPress Theme Development is Important

Why Wordpress Theme development is Important 2022

How WordPress themes work and how they can make designing your website easy.

You’re not alone if you ever wonder what a WordPress theme is. So put, a WordPress theme modifies the design of your WordPress-powered website, including adjustments to your display and appearance and, most of the time, some functionality aspects. In addition, a theme adds beauty and style to your website in the form of colors, fonts, and formatting.

It allows you to have special navigational menus, headers, and overall niche designs.

WP is an open-source platform that is simple to set up and operate and has a large community behind it. It also features many themes to pick from, and hundreds of ready-made plugins serve practically every company’s function.

1. WordPress Theme Standsout from Others

Even if you change the colors and content, if you utilize the same theme as the other man, your potential clients will forget about you and will be less inclined to return to your website in the future. By comparison, a custom WordPress theme or a custom WooCommerce theme (if you have an online store) will stand out from the crowd since it has the distinctive design you made. This thing leads to increased brand awareness, consumer engagement, and, as a result, increased revenue.

2. SEO Friendly Theme

Do you want to be one of the first websites to appear in Google’s search results? Who doesn’t like it? Then, make your website SEO-friendly after that. While most ready-made WP themes, especially premium ones, come with search engine optimization capabilities, you’ll still need to adjust them to bring them up to standard in terms of SEO.

A website’s structure, in addition to keywords, is what helps it rank higher in search engines. A custom WordPress theme designed from the bottom up provides the opportunity to develop its structure from beginning to end so that crawlers can index your material quickly.

3. WordPress Theme has Excellent Performance.

Most of the premium themes come with features that are not the need of the business. Those plugins codes create a loading problem. And for a business website, page loading is a significant factor. The visitors turn elsewhere if it takes more than two seconds. In turn, it’s not good for SEO ranking, and the bouncing rate starts increasing.

A custom theme only includes business-related features, making it run smoothly providing a better user experience. Furthermore, you can check that your custom WordPress theme has been tested to eliminate any problem.

WordPress theme has better performance

4. Provide First-Hand Support

Whether free or premium, you might run into a slew of problems with a pre-made theme. One or more plugins may be incompatible with the theme, leaving your website entirely unworkable. You’ll require expert assistance.

Thousands, if not millions, of websites, may use the theme. It suggests that their owners may be dealing with the same issue and want technical support. As a result, you wait till the problem is fixed. For any business, this is a nightmare.

If something goes wrong with a custom theme, on the other hand, you can depend on high-quality, immediate help. The developer is always ready to provide the services to resolve the issues.

5. Easy to Update

Any software needs to update regularly. Themes for WordPress are no exception. They ensure that a theme has all of the most recent features and security fixes that help protect a WordPress site from cyber attacks.

However, a paid theme supplier may begin to ignore upgrades over time, putting your website in danger. A custom WordPress theme is entirely another story. When you need to change the theme, you must contact the developer. As a result, a robust and secure custom WordPress website provides a satisfactory user experience for your clients and you.

6. Support Company Aims

There are many lovely themes available, especially among the premium ones. However, you can change their look and layout, only discovering that your efforts were in vain. This is because the theme does not match your company’s aims or vision. It’s a delicate situation that genuine WordPress developers should only handle.

It’s not enough to pick the appropriate colors or fonts. Before you open a single HTML or PHP element, you must first answer a vast set of questions, such as these:

  • What are the business goals you want to achieve with your website? Is it for the aim of representation, lead generation, or product/service sales?
  • What kind of material will you put on your main page?
  • To whom will you target? What are your impressions of them? Why should people come to your website?

A custom WordPress theme developer will only begin coding after completing extensive research, going through your business data, and understanding your essential business needs. Customizing a pre-made theme to the appropriate level of detail might take a long time, and there’s no assurance of getting the intended result.

WP Theme development support company goals

7. WordPress Theme Provide Security

Any company’s security is of prime importance. But unfortunately, cyber criminals of all kinds are flooding the Internet, looking for holes in websites.

How do cybercriminals generally get access to a WordPress site? By downloading a free theme or paying for a premium one and deconstructing its code to find flaws. Once they’ve located them, all they have to do now is search the Internet for websites that have the target theme and exploit the security flaws.

Your custom theme’s code will not be accessible to hackers. While this does not ensure perfect security from cyber threats, you can be sure that your custom WordPress site is safer than one built with a free or paid theme.

WP Security

Final Thoughts

No doubt, a custom theme is more expensive than a pre-made one. When your business’s success is on the line, though, every penny you spend on a custom theme is well worth it. Your custom WordPress website will have a unique appearance and feel, as well as the most up-to-date features for your visitors to enjoy. It will also be safer and load faster, and your potential clients will be able to discover it quickly in the vast web space.


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