How to Get Featured Snippets

How to get featured snippets


According to SEMrush, a Featured Snippet has 5.6 percent of all search results. And indeed, featured snippets are snatching a LOT of clicks from the top slot.

(As I like to say, “zero is the new one.”)

The question is:

How do you get your article featured in the Snippet?

That is the subject of this chapter.

What Are Featured Snippets?

Featured Snippets are text snippets that display at the top of Google’s search results to give a fast response to a searcher query. So, the content of a Featured Snippet is automatically taken from web pages in Google’s index.

Examples of Featured Snippets are definitions, tables, steps, and lists.

Reasons for Featured Snippet

Featured Snippets have two effects on SEO.

  1. Firstly, it provides a chance to increase organic search results clicks without increasing Google ranks. According to Search Engine Land, a Featured Snippet receives about 8% of all hits.
  2. Secondly, it boosts the percentage of “no-click searches.” It means when a Google user does not click on any search results.

That’s because the Featured Snippet frequently provides the answer to someone’s question.

Steps to Optimize Content For Featured Snippets

Go ahead step-by-step.

1. Look for Featured Snippet Chances

The first step in SEO, along with other things, is keyword research. Keywords for which you already rank. And Keywords with a Featured Snippet.

Why focusing on keywords for which you currently rank is essential?

99.58 percent of Featured Snippet results from pages that appear on the first search results page for that topic.

So, if you aren’t already in the top 10, you have no chance of being a Featured Snippet.

Where do you look for Featured Snippet Opportunities?

Report on Semrush’s “Organic Research.”

It displays the keywords you rank that have a Featured Snippet and other SERP features.

2. Include “Snippet Bait” on Your Page

“Snippet Bait” is a 40-60 word content snippet created expressly to rank in the Featured Snippet slot.

Why are there 40-60 words?

SEMrush analytics shows 7 million Featured Snippets. In addition, the results showed that the most popular Featured Snippets are 40-60 words long.

For example, writing a snippet bait for every blog post helped me rank my content in Featured Snippet for keywords in definitions.

HubSpot enhances Snippet Bait to a new level. They include small sections in their blog post that resemble Featured Snippet.

3. Make Your Content Optimize For Different Types of Featured Snippets

Snippet Bait is most effective for “Paragraph Snippets.”

Hence, 81.9% are paragraph snippets of all Featured snippets. Others also have this.

Moreover, if you want to rank for List Snippets, use H2 and H3 subheadings in every list of items.

Google will take these subheaders from the content and add them to the Featured Snippet.

And, same you have to do with the Table Snippet. So, again, it would be best if you made a table snippet from where Google will take out the data to rank it in Featured Snippet.

                                                                               Paragraph Snippet

Wrap Up

This way, you can appear in the Featured Snippet in the Google index. In addition, using the tips, you can boost your click rate.

Moreover, it pulls you to position 1.


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