How OnPage SEO Helps To Crawl The Website Faster

OnPage SEO

Being new on a website, conscious about OnPage SEO, and want that Google shows your site at the top of SERPs for ease of your customers. And, from where to start, you do not know. Its something to implement an SEO strategy to optimize your website so that it will be easy for Google to access the worth site, high-quality, and spice up in the SERPs.

Let’s see the ways.

OnPage SEO for Crawling The Website

Some practical ways help to increase the crawling of the site. And the search engine would love to have new and fresh content that is user-friendly.

1. Content Connexion

The content connection is the most crucial area of the web page to engage the readers regarding generating additional internet traffic to your site. Web content relevancy comes up with the credibility and reliability of the website. Google sees it as an entrusted web page. The content of the web page should be a storyteller to capture the audience’s attention, arouse curiosity, and end with a conclusion.

It will be fruitful for your website ranking that persuades the users to stay on a web page. Audience insight is to scan the information in chunks that they require. They do not take the pain to read all the text. Two things are quite notable that content is precise and easy to grasp. The ultimate goal of a content writer is to comprehend the psychology of the reader’s mind about how he responded.

2. Keyword Analysis For OnPage SEO

No doubt, the web page content drives net traffic to the website, but the keyword is even more critical regarding grasp the audience’s attention. These are words or phrases that portray the entire content of your website. Do a brainstorming and consume most of the time in searching the right keywords because of these, you will analyze where you stand out in the future and how you have to mold content. 

this shows the keyword reasearch for onpage SEO

Identify your niche and target the right keywords which the visitors focus on searching. Use keywords repeatedly in the material. More tellingly, it works by placing them at the start of the sentence, which is vital for OnPage SEO. There is also an LSI System to include in the content.

A keyword has three places in the article to place:

  • Title
  • URL
  • Meta description

There are keyword tools that you can use to target the audience in your niche.

  • Google Adwords
  • Adword and SEO Permutation Generator
  • Soovle

3. Title Of The Website-OnPage SEO

The most important part of the content that describes your business is SEO title. It helps the search engine to find you with ease because optimizing the title will improve not only the OnPage SEO but also the ranking helping to bring the visitors on the site.

4. Improvise Updated Content

The web content is the driver to grasp the attention of the readers. Through the traffic on your website, a content writer perceives the reader’s mind about the interests. It helps the content writers to produce such articles that are in line with the attention of the audience and add more value to the content.

It allows you to regularly view the material or web pages to make it more informative and updated. The visitors always want to search for current information. They do not prefer the old and outdated version of the content because of the lack of relevant information.

the image gives the SEO content upgradation


Stale content is an indication of material with low quality and irrelevancy. It drops down your website position to lowest. Do update the content timely as it gives a signal of site relevancy and helps SERPs to rank it at highest. If not update timely, it can result to remain at the lowest position.

Your website might suffer dangerous consequences when visitors do not find a connection with the services; as a result, they leave the web page. It increases the bounce rate, and users navigate to other websites. Hence, it is requisite to produce the new, fresh, and updated content to gain the benefits of SEO and to maintain the relevancy. It is a knocking signal of your site authority. That’s a better point to use OnPage SEO.

5. Boost Through Backlink

No doubt, Link building is essential and is part of off-page SEO. It is a  search engine pointer about the authenticity of your website.

The backlink is the creation of links to link the two websites with each other, also termed as Inbound or Incoming Links. The website with more backlinks is a trustworthy site, and Google ranks it at the top of the SERPs and prioritizes your content to grasp additional traffic to the website. Moreover, it is an indication that more audience is desirous of having your content. It can uplift your site position and visibility to users in Google results.

Having no backlinks is fruitless for SEO ranking and does not catch organic traffic. Backlinks from low and high authorities are two spectra of one picture giving uplift or drop down from SEO rank. It depends on your perception of how you bring out backlinks tactics into action.

There are Backlinks Tools checker that can help you to check and have backlinks.

  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Google search console

6. Meta Descriptions-OnPage SEO

The meta description is a descriptive part of the web page to give the main idea of the content to compelled the readers to come on your page. Google uses it to display what is in your content. It increases the click rate into the conversion rate. Use keywords in meta descriptions to make it captivating, knowledgeable, and eye-catching to have additional traffic to your blog. Moreover, it will increase the SEO ranking and go straight upward in the SERPs.

7. Internal Link And OnPage SEO

The linking of one web page to another web page of the same website is known as Internal linking.

Web content is not enough alone without internal linking. It is essential for worth site content. An internal link is a fundamental element of OnPage SEO that supports your pages to grab the audience. It is the main focus of articles and online pages to allow navigation to users within the same niche. It can be a bounce rate controller to reduce the bounce rate by creating the relevant, simple, and approachable content.


Besides focusing on backlinks, it also helps to spread link juice to other sites directing additional users to stay on your online page and increases the chances of organic traffic to the site. Furthermore, Pagerank, pageview, conversion rate all are the fruits of internal linking.

8. Fixing The Broken Links

Broken links are those that are out of reach to the users, especially while launching a website or re-build.

When Webmaster does not provide the search engine with the new links, it is unable to find the new page or new domain. It has harmful effects on the website as well as on the users. This issue can resolve by implementing 301 redirects. Otherwise, ignoring this will show Page Not Found 404 error that drops you from SEO ranking.

error 404


Tools to identify broken links:

  • Broken link checker
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider

9. Image Improvement-Better OnPage SEO Tactics

Although conventionally, people focus on searching by words “how to have good meetings environment,” then people obvert to search images such as photos, locations. Concerning the trend of image searchers, Google develops image trends.

Images are the photographic illustration of your online content. The photos allow easier access to Googe on search results. They are a vital component of online pages regarding the visual representation, making articles informative, eye-catching, descriptive, and display a full picture of content. They help to establish relevancy to the topic or web page. In reality, screen readers can find it helpful to understand the central idea, and it adds more value to the content.


Let start to optimize the image step by step:

Apply alternative text:

It is also known as Alt tags or descriptive text. It is the description of the information in a bit sized possessing the clarity and visibility to screen readers unable to go through the web pages. Add Alt text to images and target keywords, which ultimately add more value to the picture. Users will be able to see the image while crawling to the site if an error occurred and increase Google ranking.

Descriptive field:

The name of the image should be in descriptive text. Optimize the name In simple English as a descriptive filename to make ease for search engines to access. Avoid the automatic generated name. It will result in Do not match keyword results.

Decrease image size:

Use the standard image size to reduce the bounce rate and slow loading of the page. Use image editors to compress the image size while maintaining the quality of the image.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Image Compression Tool
  • Canva
  • PicMonkey

what does all this do?

The optimization will spice up your website ranking in the Google search engine.

10. Develop A Mobile-Friendly Website

One of the most ranking criteria by the Google search engine is your mobile-friendly website.

Well, in the internet world where technology speaks, and everyone wishes to have the luxury lifestyle just in one click. And definitely, it can only be possible through using mobiles, smartphones, and tablets where people only click the item, and within a few seconds, they have. The modern world has surpassed the desktop screen, and everyone has different devices with different screen sizes. Heavy and bulky devices are challenging to carry and handle.

Therefore, for a webmaster, it is the need of the time that while developing a website, he should pass the site through a mobile-friendly test to ensure that the website is accessible to users on mobile or not. A business person and entrepreneurs need to run their business online. No mobile friendliness means to lose organic traffic on your website and decrease your rank from SEO.

There are tools to check the website is responsive or not.

  • SmallSEO tool
  • Responsive test tool

11. Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

These all optimize the website to make its access easier to users through smartphones, mobiles. Besides, Google has set up called Fluid Responsive Design, which designs websites in such a manner that it automatically resizes the display to fit in devices through single code, and users do not need to zoom in or zoom out to view the things. If the website does not pass the responsive or mobile test, then do not worry and do practice mobile-friendly SEO.

this provide information about to test the website tool

12. Improvise Content length For OnPage SEO

Being new in digital marketing, you want to rank at the top of SERPs and SEO as well but not getting. Something is missing that can push you to the highest level. Despite everything, you are putting all your efforts to make it informative and appealing but fruitless. When readers do not find the desired information which they want to search just because of that content is too concise and irrelevant, which enforced them to navigate to other webpages. This thing can be toxic for your website regarding backlinks, SEO ranking as well as appearing in the search engine.

You have much enough information to add to the content.  Sometimes, what happened that we have to create content to persuade the readers to stay on the web page for a longer time. That means making a sense to expand the length of the material to increase the visiting rate on the website. In other words, to mold it into long-term content to increase the likelihood of audience involvement, to improve SEO ranking, and to get backlinks.

Long-term content may enhance the sphere of your content in terms of length but focusing on a central idea.

Add keywords repeatedly in the content, which helps to improve your ranking, and Google recognized it as authentic, more on the track, and connected with your niche. It will show the relevancy, site authority, and reliability of the author because the content is yours.

While doing this, restrain yourself from:

  • Making grammatical errors
  • Avoid too short or too lengthy content.
  • Avoid expanding unnecessarily, such as video, images, pictures.
  • Do not compromise quality.

 13. Access Website Speed

You are the king of the internet world, offering excellent services to the users but lack of speed optimization all in vain. The slow website speed is toxic both for users and SEO dropping the visitors and site from SERPs. Speed optimization is for desktop as well as mobile searches. In digital marketing, for entrepreneurs and business people, it is hazardous as they suffer the loss of revenue and customer bounce rate.

showing hhow much the website takes time to download


It affects the business in many ways:

Toxic to Google ranking:

The slow loading speed will harm your Google ranking on the search engine and difficult to find by the user.

Repel site traffic:

In the remote world, people are busy and in a hurry, and they do not have enough time to wait to load a page from the website. They want to have bulk in eye blinking. And there are a couple of websites where visitors can move to search their area of interest if your is not fulfills their need. It can affect your site’s bounce rate, which is not suitable for you.

Decline revenue:

The slow site speed not only causes a decline in the bounce-back of the customers, sales rate, conversion rate, but also the revenue generation. The site may suffer not only the loss of present customers but also potential customers.

There are tools to check the website is responsive or not.

  • Google Pagespeed Insights
  • Google Test My Site
  • Pingdom Website Speed Test

 14. Follow Google Pointers

These guidelines are for the guide to webmasters to assist them on how to develop a website. Google always keeps an eye to analyze the credibility and authenticity of the content as well as the author. You cannot deceive Google just to achieve SEO ranking. Self homework is a good thing for OnPage SEO. Therefore, a short questioning exercise helps you to be high listed and available on the search engine to access the users.

google pointer


  • How to make website worthy, distinctive, and grasping?
  • How to drive more traffic to you?
  • Is my content is helpful for my user?
  • Is it eligible to generate potential customers?

15. Promotional Strategy

Without promoting your content or article, your existence in the net world has no means. No one will recognize your business until you do not have enough backlinks and share it on social media. It will allow the users to come to your blog. As a result, it will increase the internet traffic and ranking.

the image giving the idea to share the post on the social media

16. Walk Into Web Blog Comments

Like, Comment and share is the most useful way to connect the people. Good commenting always helps to produce better and helps to know the perception of the visitors. It assures you that people want to know more from you and directly increase your rating.

social networking helps to increase the site traffic

17. Google Ranking Algorithmic Rule

These are a complex system of rules to regenerate the data to fix the problem from history and showing the results of the query. It merely goes to search engine history to find the relevant keyword typed and displays result in the SERPs and rank them in priority order. Thus helps to rank the site. It changes periodically, so to remain update is essential.

google algorithm impacting the SEO

18. Improve The Standard Of Content:

Quality content is the priority of online strategy. The ultimate goal of content creation is users, not search engines, to increase the site traffic. It is necessary to provide essential information at the start of the article with emphasis that users crawl through the page to the down. It should be in simple English to be understood by every single audience. Most important is credibility, relevancy, and reliability. The information you provide must be scannable that users can easily digest it.

the quality of contnet for impacting Onpage SEO


Content has two parts:

Introductory text:

This part gives a clear picture of the entire content. Always provide necessary information at the prime pages of the web that will assists the users and search engine to access quickly. Your content is much enough powerful and convincing to urge the readers to stay on your online page.

Describe the central idea in just a few words because the users do not bother to read all the text if it is not in line with their interests. Omit useless words and be on track. Emphasize the introduction and make it appealing and unique from the rest of the text. Use keywords in the initial portion to rank at the top of the search engine.

Supporting text:

This textual part plays a supporting role to support your introductory section.

  1. Headings and Subheadings:

Catch the attention of readers by inserting headings, which shoot an image of main points, and subheadings strengthen the rest of the text to scan the information. It maintains a flow of entire content and makes ease for the user to absorb the idea quickly.

  1. Bullets and number:

It helps to list things in a precise way. A user can easily

  • Understand The Content,
  • Extract The Required Information,
  • Slink From One Page To Another Page

keep in mind to provide seven to nine pieces of information because there is a limit of the human brain to memorize the things. When exceed, limited to seven-piece of information, also called Miller’s number.

  1. Insert hyperlink:

The hyperlink helps the user to navigate from page to page, which makes the content more informative and eye-catching.

  1. Proofreading:

Always counter check your content to avoid any plagiarism. Though it seems very inconvenient, it is healthy for your content. Use different tools to check spelling, plagiarism, and grammar.

19. Access To The Native Searcher

Your business must appear in Google My Business, even for the local searcher. So, it is accessible to everyone. It is a free tool to get your business or services advertising with trustworthiness and expanding it worldwide for recognition.

this image reflects the access of your business


20. Develop HTTPs Secure Website

There are many malware and spam websites that can hack the data of the user. While developing a website, it must be HTTPs secure, which means any communication should remain confidential between your site and the user.

this shows the protection of the website-onpage SEO

21. Get Active On Social Media

In the modern era, social media play an essential role in keeping in touch with updates and interact with each other. To generate more traffic to your website, gaining high authority and popularity in the net world always remain active on social media Google, Instagram, Facebook.

posting the articles on social media


Post the links as much as possible on your blog and share it on a social network also to drive more traffic. Ultimately increases the visiting rate on the site and ranks at the top of the search engine. Furthermore, Google considers that links are coming from a reliable site, and this will be useful for your website to be worthy.


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