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The graphic design reflects times and trends of 2024 are not unusual. In the design world, a year is a long span. Many styles touch hype and go while some emerge with the times. A style that was most popular a decade ago can seem old now.

Trending in graphics impacts everything around us. But change is a part of the time that appears in a different form. So, we are moving to the new year, we will see which graphic design trend will influence.

Every time brands and consumers encounter new challenges and opportunities specifically after pandemics such as Covid-19. Designers search for more innovative and creative ideas for digital design in the future.

In 2024, the trending graphic style will show creativity, simplicity, branding, and personality.

Are you ready for the upcoming design trends? We have compiled the top graphic design trends for 2024.

Graphic Design Trends 2024

1. Engaging Typography

In graphic designing, typography is an essential element. Designers are looking for ideas to enhance the letterforms. Writing characters in a unique way is a great thing for engagement.

At the same time, brand designers and digital artists have been exploring the ways of typography. All time they are testing it to create text-based designs. With evolving techniques, graphic experts will incline to make innovative style formats to set apart.

Source: Dribble

2. 3D Style

The three-dimensional sketch is also popular for many years. Numerous online tools are available like Autodesk and AutoCad to make 3D modeling. Besides, such patterns depict the whole picture from each angle. It also looks captivating in appearance.

The artists also trying to generate something new with 3D design. You can combine it with your work.

For example:

    • 3D characters to show a team rather than a picture.
    • Converting the text into 3D art in spite of typing it.


The 3D design is not limited to digital artwork. Product design, architecture, and illustrations too apply this.

It is also important to keep the design simple for easy understanding, appealing feel, and clutter-free.

Source: Dribble

3. Motion graphics

Motion graphics are a very effective communication medium delivering a deep message to the viewer. Effective script with music tells us a story in a way that sometimes isn’t great in plain text. Creating ads, title sequences for movies, videos, and info sharing use this.

Most top IT companies are utilizing this in their UX layouts, for example, landing and product information pages. Reports show that 90% of marketers will adopt video content in upcoming years.

If you explore the social platforms of brands, you will see a grid of short vids clips. It’s because of the power of animation that keeps the users engaged. In the near times, we will see motion graphics in a lot of places.

Source: Dribble

4. Minimal Vintage

Many of us desire the good old days of music, fashion, and design. Where it reminds us of pleasant moments of our life, there it also gives a perception of the artist’s and designer’s hard work. The minimal vintage trend pays homage to old times style concept.

Minimalist design has existed for decades, but the historically old idea is gaining popularity. The old and new version removes the unwanted elements and keeps the basics. As a result, the design is clean, classy, and timeless.

Source: Behance

5. AI-Generated Design

Artificial intelligence software has made the way a long time ago from the health field to entertaining us. Now, it has started to influence the design industry. AI generators can make amazing images from data and algorithms. In turn, it is speeding up the workflow and opening numberless chances.

AI-powdered platforms have the design agency’s task easy. They are using these to create brand work and marketing campaigns. On the internet, you can find many tools like DALL-E, Midjourney, or Stable Diffusion.

How you can use the technology? Simply, go to the tool and type the keyword. It will make the image that you can download, share, or further change.

Some people are concerned that software may replace the expertise of real-time designers. But in safe hands, AI may benefit rather than harm the design community.

Scott Wrightson, Art Director at Smack Bang says that the AI outbreak in design is incredible.

In 2024, AI imagery will evolve rapidly and brands will try to use it in strategies and projects. But one will understand that AI can use technology to create amazing stuff. 

6. Acid Graphics

Acid graphics, or Y2K grunge, are the next phase of the Y2K rebirth, which started last year. Grimy textures, chrome metallics, fractured grids, and amorphous forms characterize this style.

It is dark and frequently includes computer glitches, packed font, and chaotic layers, the acid graphics mix nicely with nearby trends such as brutalism and anti-design.

Acid graphics:

    • Show a darker aspect of the internet
    • Find their finest expression on websites
    • Record covers
    • Social media posts

It’s a style that questions if the future of digital art will be oriented more toward machines than human sight.

7. Brutalism

The rawness and unrefined appearance define Brutalism’s format. On one side, it looks harsh and cold but strong and powerful too. The styling resembles the architectural movement and has the same features such as functionality and simplicity.

Brutalism has made a great revival in web designing in recent years. Its raw style has inspired many artists which can be used to form different sites. It is a mix-up of Utilitarian and Y2K design and won’t impress everyone. It could be a great choice if you want to make a powerful remark. There will be a rising trend soon.

8. Mixed Dimension

The difference between the two will be less clear when we spend more time on online sites instead of on real ones. In 2024, graphic designers will totally break down that barrier by integrating digital graphics into real-life photos.

While the idea of fusing the artificial with the real may sound gloomy, this tendency is far more focused on fun and whimsy. Vivid colors and smiling cartoons highlight the contrast between the various parts.

It also depicts the world as we would like it to be, full of adventure and amazement. When life gets depressing, the creative force of art provides an escape and tells us that we are able to produce magic if we set our minds to it.

9. Flat Design

Flat design refers to putting stuff out and making things simple, or flat. This tends to mean using fewer shadows, gradients, and 3D effects. In other words, stop impressing and focus on delivering a simple message.

The flat design provides a simplified and efficient design. Therefore, it is famous in the tech industry. Furthermore, with fewer design components, websites may load quicker and resize more readily without sacrificing quality on high-definition displays.

10. Branded Illustrations

Brand illustrations gained prominence after Dropbox and Mailchimp spent in forming their custom branded graphics. It is also getting famous in smaller firms as well.

These branded drawing styles look so unusual and social when done correctly that they can be connected with businesses if removed from the logo. Google uses this style in its Google Doodles.

The Future of Graphic Design Trends 

So, what are your thoughts on these graphic design trends for 2024?

Are there any other major events that you feel may have affected these trends? Or are there any other types you believe will be popular?

One thing is certain: the world of design is continuously changing.

Wrap Up

These 2024 graphic design trends and font trends set the standard for designers to develop creative work that seems new, contemporary, and original.


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