Google Borrows From TikTok to Keep Generation Z Searching



Adults want all of their queries on TikTok and Instagram instead of Google. But, the top search engine Google wants them to back by creating some more visual content.

1. What is Generation Z?

The youngsters who were born between 1997 to 2012 (age 10 to 25) are called Generation Z. Google has shown that 40% of Generation Z are moving towards TikTok or Instagram. But Google is unbeatable in producing authentic content.

2. Why Do Generation Z Users Divert To Another Social Network?

Senior Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan talked about the new addition to the Google Search Engine. He said that Gen Z users prefer other social media networks instead of Google for all of their questions. Almost 40% of younger users divert their attention to TikTok or Instagram. Google also noticed they want some visual content instead of long text searches.

“The users don’t want to type any keyword as they want to see some more appealing content. Thus, Google announced its changing features with some more images and videos from TikTok. “

3. An Exploration For The Google Users

Google’s new feature shows results in a scrolling search list with images and videos related to social media content. One of the latest Google features is an exploration for mobile users in the tech industry. It can also see on Snapchat, Meta, and Twitter.

Google VP Cathy Edward also noted that it would help instead of searching for a long text question.

“We understand that there is a class of users who want to see the same content as on TikTok. Because it removed borders for creating excellent and appealing content. We are examining some other ways to create visual content.”

The new feature will only be available to iPhone users and restricted to only travel and tourism searches. However, it may include some live music and will come in the coming month in English.

4. Neighborhood Vibe – Google Map New Feature

The new Google Map feature, Neighborhood Vibe, is the platform to decide what type of content will show in a specific area at any time. The people searches and their algorithms will do this. It will offer a quick view of what is happening in a community, showing indicators and images from feedback on maps. The Vice President of Google Maps, Christopher Phillips, said:

“Young users want to see more appealing visual content to get quick information and understanding.”

5. What is the Google Additional Section?

Google also revealed its updated additional section for recommendations:

      • The power to capture a dish image to find a location near you.
      • A Google Maps extended reality mode overlaps listings such as transit stops and ATMs over a phone’s live picture of the world.

6. Google’s New Threat

Meanwhile, Google is facing new challenges as Amazon starts to eat Google’s business. Amazon ranked first place where most of the US wants to buy online.

On the other hand, Morgan Stanley advised Google to create a Free Home Mini smart speaker for its market supremacy. This technique might be shown as silly, but it worked.

Free Home Mini smart speaker

7. Amendment In Google Search

Google search will reshape compared to TikTok apart from US and European Union rules. The EU has previously punished businesses with millions of dollars for advertising their retail services in search results. It is tightening its scrutiny on platforms considered to be self-dealing.

Some partners of the US Congress are considering antitrust legislation restricting dominant internet platforms from preferencing their products. Unfortunately, that bill has a limited chance of passing before a new Congress takes office in January. Still, if it does, it may change how Google products and services are shown in search results and limit how much Google favors YouTube Shorts over Instagram and TikTok.


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