Google Pushes Mobile-First Indexing To March 2021

Google Pushes Mobile-first indexing

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic, it has extended indexing the websites on mobile-first to March 2021. This indexing was going to be in September 2020. However, under this situation, it is not as simple as it looks to focus on the work. So, Google decided to give extra time to the site’s owners until March 2021 to rank the sites with mobile versions.

Google has also mentioned blocking issues to the sites that can cause problems for mobile-first indexing so that the owners can resolve the issues. The reason behind the blocking of the previous posts. And, the search engine has also seen concerning points that are worth mentioning. It is something that can rank the site.

The search engine has been doing these efforts several years in the past. In 2016, it also tested this approach, and last year, Google enabled indexing by default on all the sites. But analyzing the Corona hit, it delays the deadline. And, the sites’ owners will have more timeframe to optimize the websites on desktop as well as on mobile.

It might be possible that switching the website to the mobile version will have issues that will affect the site ranking. Therefore, you should check those problems on desktop as well as on mobile.

Mobile-First Indexing

Today, most of people prefer to find information through lightweight devices such as mobile or smartphones. This trend is dominating, and therefore, Google decided to change the algorithms and start indexing all the domains on the mobile devices.

Enable The Content To See By Googlebot

The search engine will only extract the data provided for the mobile devices for mobile-first indexing. Some points needed to focus so that Googlebot can see the entire content.

Use Meta Tags On Mobile Version

Your robots meta tags must be the same on desktop and mobile devices. Otherwise, the page may fail to index, or Google will not trigger the links to follow that you allow for indexing in the mobile.

image showing the mobile view of meta tags

 Practice Lazy-Loading On Mobile Version

Always follow lazy-loading practices because of its standard on mobile than desktop. Avoid original content based on user interactions because Googlebot will not consider it.

If your desktop version has six images and mobile devices show only two pictures with the + button, then Google will not go to click on these images with + signs.

Make Sure What You Block For Mobile-First Indexing

Always ensure that your URLs are active not only on desktop but also on the mobile versions. It means enabling the URLs in the robots.text file so that Google can crawl quickly. However, blocking these will harm the ranking of the site. If any content of the site will hide from the search engine, then it won’t index the page.

Hiding the URLs of the images will have the same effect and leave the photos from indexing.

Desktop And Mobile Version Primary Content Should Be Same

If the content on the mobile is less than desktop, then update the content. It means to use the same material. It won’t generate more traffic for you if it has a short length. As a result, you will see a drop in the site’s traffic while enabling the mobile-first indexing.

Always remember to use simple and clear headings on the mobile version as well, like the desktop. The following example will clear the idea.

If the desktop version is using the following tag:

<h1>message-and-email service</h1>

And the mobile version should also have the same instead of:


It is not giving full meaning like what kind of Photos.

<div>message and email service</div>

Here, no use of heading tags.

Check The Images And Videos

While using the images and videos, Google recommends following the photos and videos the best practices. The reason is that it also impacts the quality of the content.

Do the following things:

Use Quality Images

The search engine will not index those images with low quality or resolutions. Using too small photos is also a bad practice that can mask the quality of the content. Ultimately, the visual elements enhance the appearance of the stuff. Avoid using low-quality images.

the image showing the message and email service


Include Alt Text

Improper use of the Alt attributes has a negative effect when Google crawls for images. It can hide the use of the photos if they still exist on the site.

The good practice is:

<img src="message-and-email.jpg" alt="the image showing the message and email service"> 

Above shows the correct use of alt text.

The bad practice is:

<img src="message-and-email.jpg" alt> (empty alt-text)

<img src="message-and-email.jpg" alt="Photo"> (alt-text not meaningful)

No Same Image URLs Of Mobile And Desktop Version

The different URLs of the images for both mobile and desktop will result in loss of the site traffic. This thing happens because the URLs of the mobile version are new and will take time to be recognized by Google. And, you should check the desktop URLs.

Video Markup-Mobile First Indexing

It is worthy of using the same’s video object in your mobile version, too, if you are using it on the desktop version. Otherwise, the indexing system for videos may face a problem, and your videos will remain invisible for search.

Correct Position Of Videos And Images

Always ensure that the videos and images you have used positions correctly. It will help Google to access the location of these easily. If the embedded video in the content will not place rightly, then Google pushes it from the page and will disappear from the results. So, positioning matters a lot in mobile devices. In this way, it prevents the wrong impression of the user.

Back To Mobile-First Indexing

It’s an excellent opportunity for website owners to make the sites mobile responsive. And, have extra time to review every content of the site carefully that can take the site ranking either the top or down in SERPs. And, the site owners can see the mobile devices searching using Google search console.

10 Free Tools To Design Graphics Online

free tools to design graphics online

How it is easy when you have the free online tools access to design graphics without the help of graphic designers. And, you can easily convert your ideas into a realistic image.

Why stick to just one graphics design software and don’t should try online graphic software with new features instead? Using this is an alternative option for paid softwares.

There are plenty of tools that are free to design graphics online. Among them, premium software is also available with additional features. But for the beginners’ free design graphics tools is the best choice. It’s an economical way to learn the basics. However, these tools have limited features enough for new people to get skills.

If you are not or do not need to be a designer, but these free tools are helpful for you to improve your skills. Another thing is that the learning curve of these tools is simple than complicated and expensive softwares. Besides, you can keep trying from one to another to get command on different devices. In this way, it will increase the skills and expertise. You can know which it is feasible for you to work smoothly.

In this article, we will take you to 10 free tools to design graphics and user-friendly options that will work correctly for you. And, you can create stunning visual effects for your content and lead to business success as well.

Let’s dive into various graphics design tools online. And, we divide them into categories for ease.

Social Media And Print Tool- Free Graphics Design 

There are a lot of tools that come under this, but we will explore two of them that not only suitable for other purposes but also social media and print.

1. Design Wizard

Design Wizard is a handy and accessible tool for creating graphic design that offers numerous sensational templates for social media and print, as well as high-quality photos. Its design library has a vast collection of ideas for different events. It also gives premium images for adding more effects in the art. Also, they have pre-made templates, illustrations, graphics, and more.

All are licensed and ready for commercial purposes. The Design Wizard is the best software for beginners and free personalization features. Besides, it has a lot of things to do following different categories.

design wizard graphics design gallery

2. DesignCap

DesignCap is another one great option that you can use for making design style. It offers different creative designs using templates for creating presentations, flyers, resumes, and more. You can create graphic designs for business, social media, and more. A lot of ideas to utilize for the work. It enhances the level of styles with stock photos and icons. Your design is ready within just three steps.

Like Design Wizard, it is also affordable and reasonable. Using the paid version, you can access more features to customize the design. It is easy to use even you have no idea about designing style. Everything is here that suits your needs.

Photo Editing Tool- Free Graphics Design

These tools allow editing the photos in a way as you want. Like Photoshop, it works in the same way.

3. Befunky

If you want to create attractive, professional visual effect graphics, then try this graphic software. Befunky is three creative tools that edit photos, graphic designer and collage maker, and simple for beginners. It does not need a background for producing striking effects. Its library collection gives you amazing features and tools to make realistic creativity.

Videos and tutorials with step by step guide are available for help. It also supports mobile devices. Befunky has provided the free stock images access. The way you get started will help to clear the things—everything you can do with this free tool that you want. Upgrading to the paid version gives more access to the features.

features of befunky templates

4. Pixlr

Pixlr is a powerful and easily understandable photo editor that allows editing photos quickly and professionally. An excellent alternative option for Adobe Photoshop. Its browser contains a collection of graphics, pre-made graphic templates, stock photos, audio clips, and more. You do not need edits from scratch.

Even more, creating and editing are accessible on mobile devices too with Pixlr. That means you can go in edit mode when you want. You can quickly start smart work with powerful tools and convert ideas into reality. Not only uses PSD format but also PNG, JPEG, PXD, WebP, and SVG. It is the best option for beginners who do not want to spend money and excess time.

The basic plan is free to learn the tools and enough as a beginner. Upgrading to advanced will add more features.

Pixlr-graphic photos

Vector Graphics-Free Design Tool

It is only for creating vector graphics and totally free. It does not have premium plans.

5. Vectr

Vectr is a simple online software for creating vector graphics such as logos, presentations, brochures, 2D graphics, and more. It is available for web and desktop platform and automatically saves and synchronize the work. What design you create can have real-time sharing with other people. It is free and provides user guides and tutorials for easy learning. It is an alternative to Adobe illustrator.

online tool for graphics

Free Multipurpose Graphics Design Tool

If you have ideas related to different events then this software is enough for you. Besides, it has a lot of quality templates from scratch.

6. Canva

Nothing can be more simple, have variations, and affordable than Canva. While using Canva, you have an excellent experience because it provides numerous variety, simplicity, and affordability. You can create design styles for social media, logos, marketing, documents, use it for educational purposes also and more. The thing is anyone can make professional images with quality.

Canva has amazing templates available that smoothen the work. If you want infographics of any kind, then you can produce the great one. The Canva is mobile friendly and available for iOS and Android. It not only has tutorials but also facilitates different courses. And have more to explore. Its basics are free of cost for those who have a small business or individual group. With the premium bundle, you have more features for the business needs.

canva design templates

Animation And Ads Graphics Design Tool

Today, animated graphics are very trendy because it imparts a different effect to your work. So, let’s try Crello and Snappa.

7. Crello

Crello is a stunning image creator that makes the designing enjoyable. Its well-created templates are simple to customize. You can create different designs for social media, web, and print that suits your marketing needs. Even more, if you are interested in making a display, Facebook, or Instagram ads, then Crello is perfect for this. This design software is also best for animation graphics.

Crello features and tools help in creating awesome styles that stand out. Its library comprises of thousands of animated, photos and other templates. This graphic design software also provides tutorials for guiding. It is the right choice to start with a free plan.

8. Snappa

Snappa is another graphics design tool that makes designing feel like a snap. You can use it like a pro, even if you are not a graphic designer. It contains thousands of pre-made templates for social media, blogs, ads, and more that look not only professional but also attention-grabbing. Its collections have 3,000,000+ free stock photos or images with high resolution for commercial use. You can add effects to graphics using different features.

Snappa works just like Adobe Photoshop, and you can do everything with it. You can take advantage of Buffer’s account for pre-scheduled posts and share your graphics across social media platforms. You have a lot of things to do using Snappa features. Do not wait and start to create stunning ideas free.

free design templates of Snappa

Visualization Graphics- Free Design Tool

As Infogram itself has meaning Information from “Info”. Using this, you can add information in creative art to describe and making your content professional for the web.

9. Infogram

Besides other tools that give a professional look to your creativity, Infogram is also an easy creative tool for making content attractive. You can not only choose from scratch, but it’s ready to use templates that are also helpful for you to convert the data into infographics, dashboards, videos, animation, and more. This change gives the work an artistic look.

Infogram is also helpful for educational, government, marketing, and other purposes to develop your brand theme. As a beginner, it is not a bad option to create innovative ideas. It has all that you need to have an audience. Its basic plan is always free to explore the tools and features enough for non-designers. Moreover, it also offers five premium plans for business needs.

infogram landing page

3D And Coding-Free Graphics Design Tool

3D and Coding are very beneficial for teachers, kids, graphic designers, and hobbyists.

10. Tinkercad

Firstly, Tinkercad is the ultimate free online tool in our list whose gallery has a collection of excellent graphic design for your inspiration. Secondly, it very simple for creating new 3D and coding designs. And lastly, it is to use by teachers, kids, and designers. Even hobbyists also use it.

Do not waste time and get started without installing it.  It is a tool that introduces Autodesk, the leading 3D, and engineering software.

a 3D and Coding design tool


All of these graphics tools are free to design, allowing you to do something your own for designers as well as non-designers. These are alternatives for those who do not want to consume money and time. You can make real-time images using any of them. Every tool has its features. So, let’s pick the one that is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is graphic design essential for you?

Graphic design is essential because it’s an artistic way of communicating with the people. It helps to create innovative ideas that not only produce beautiful effects but also work well.

2. Which business needs graphic designs?

Various business fields needed graphic design services that are creating and packaging the product to make it attractive. Social media, art, comics, digital marketing, and related companies look for the best graphics that goes perfect with the business and promote it.

3. Can I learn graphic design without designing school?

Your time, effort, and dedication can make you a good designer. Only you need to learn the basics of graphic designing, and for this, a lot of tutorials and tools available on the internet that can help you.

4. Is graphic design hard to learn?

It is not something that feels hard to get the points. If you have ideas to create something that looks different and love creativity, then you can do what you want.

5. What should I do for graphic design as a beginner?

As a beginner, if you want to start this from scratch, then always choose free tools because these are enough that you can learn the basics. Besides, it also saves your time, money, and learning is easy. Moreover, you can take the help of tutorials for guidance and tools by searching sites. Lastly, create a difference.

8 Reasons That Guest Posts Are Important For Your Business

8 reasons that guest posts are important for your business

Guest posts, also called Guest Blogging, is a piece of article to write and publish on other’s websites or your blog with the relevancy of website content. It is an off-page SEO strategy to come out at the top of the search engine results by mutual sharing of backlinks and proving that your website is authentic and trustworthy and generate more traffic to your site.

Guest posting allows an opportunity to spice your skills, knowledge, and relations to the aimed audience. It is a way to build more connection with the readers by providing them with quality content what they want or needs searching.

1. What Can Guest Posts Do

  • Increase SEO ranking
  • Draw internet traffic to your website
  • Helps to establish trust among the audience
  • Helps to target your audience
  • Through backlinks secure your authenticity
  • Relevancy to the website content builds strong relational to blogger
  • A gain of mutual benefit
  • Assists to grow your connection with the readers
  • Opportunity to recognize globally

Tips To Drive Traffic:

  • Tell regarding yourself
  • Incorporate inbound links
  • Welcome to comments
  • Share on social media
  • Track your results

2. How Is The Guest Posts Created?

Before you start a guest post, you have to be very clear about the idea about which you want to deliver. It’s been a great place to make a start. Guest posting assists in seeing the perspectives of readers and what information they want to know. The purpose of guest posting is to develop relations and a co – strategy with peers though research plays an essential role in being a winning guest blogger.

There a lot of spam web, so it is essential to think about and find a good writer in your domains with a trustworthy business. Be sure that content is relevant and with the interests of the people. Otherwise, it may have adverse effects.

Before you offer a guest post, do some pro- work such as:

  • Is content found relevant to the website?
  • Is it useful for my user?
  • Either the domain has SEO ranking to ensure its credibility and reliability?
  • Does the domain has promotional strategies to share a post on blogs?

Type your interested keyword such as Guest post, Guest post guidelines, and so on. This practice will not only help you to know the interest and what specific piece of information people are looking for but also the acceptability of the submission of the guest post.

Things To Avoid

  • Low-quality content
  • Beware of spam bloggers
  • Irrelevancy of topic
  • Do not advertise content

3. Reasons To Have A Guest Posts

The most important is to talk about yourself in the internet world. It allows a relationship to develop between you and the audience when you foresee the interests and perceptions and generate more traffic to your website as clarity in the content. The high profile brings to achieve SEO ranking. When host blogger share links, Google sees it as an authentic and entrusted website pop up in the Google Pagerank for easier access. Moreover, it boosts the writer’s skills to produce much out of them.

4. Why Is Guest Posts Important For Business?

Harmonized and high-quality content bring to SEO site ranking. By mutual sharing of backlinks, Google further moves it up before any other site. Guest posts offer a lot of benefits to a business.

1. Introduction To Yourself

Being new in the internet world, it permits you to introduce yourself within the community. It allows you to share your message with others. In this way, establish connections and trust among the people.

building connections with the people

2. Social Networking

Social networking gives an uplift to your content. When shared on Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others, you will come to know the exciting topic to talk about, ideas of readers, and add more value to his content.

social media and ranking

3. Boost Writing Skills

Writing is a passion for some people and does it to polish their skills. There is a high demand for good content writers. Website bloggers are in search of a good writer, and they require high and quality content for their website to be highly ranked. Writing and post articles on other blogs give authenticity and increase internet traffic. Besides, the insight into the reader’s ideas helps to add more value to the topic interested and helps to produce a fresh and new piece of content. Repeatedly, writing improves one’s skill and is a security that your blog is credible.

person writing on the paper to increase the writing skills

4. Target The Audience

The guest posts help to attract the audience which you want to target. For example, if your content is related to the international brand of perfume and has relevance to the blog and is according to the interest of the reader, which he wants to know, then it targets that particular community. This targeting also ensures that your site is legitimate and increases the traffic towards you.

targeting the people

5. Brand Awareness

Guest post is a tool by which users become of your brand if you are running a business, and visitors need to know about the product and services you are providing. As soon as the people came to know about your brand, it will be beneficial for your website, and more and more visitors move your site, and in turn, a guest blogger is getting the exposure and become able to brand his name in the community.


6. Building A Relationship

It allows establishing relations with the peer. It’s been a way to communicate with the people and review their feedback. Additionally, a web blog helps to develop new content for the readers because outdated content is no more use for them.

guest posts increasing trust

7. Pop Up In Search Engines

Clarity regarding the content, topic interested, and relevant to the website, Google brings it at the top of the search engine for the visitors and backlinks to each other further boost the value of the content. As a result, it will be beneficial for the SEO ranking too.

guest post linking

8. Paid Blog post

In digital marketing, host blogs pay you for writing good and quality content. It is a two-way street benefits to host and guest blog. Moreover, you put more effort into content to bring out new and catch customers to the website. For example, e-commerce works on the module of profit.

Wrap Up-Guest Posts

Here is the summary of how you can get benefited from guest posts. It not only a trusted way but also contribute to site position in the ranking. It also ensures the website authenticity that your content is new and fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do guest posting work?

Yes, it is a reliable and trusted way to get quality backlinks. It not only benefits you but also hosts bloggers. Besides, useful work that boosts the site.

2. What is the best way to do a guest posting?

  1. Write quality content
  2. Contact the editor
  3. Wait for the response
  4. Submit guest post
  5. Publish guest post

3. How is guest posting important?

Guest posting is writing a blog post for:

1. Bringing traffic back to the website

2. Uplift the domain authority using link building

3. Increase brand awareness and trust

4. Building relations with the internet industry

4. What are the best practices of guest posts?

Guest post is one of the useful link building strategies that can help your business to grow.

  1. Identify your niche
  2. Uncover the blogs
  3. Analysis of domain authenticity
  4. Inquiry and pitch the post
  5. Be Personal
  6. Use author markup
  7. Introduce yourself
  8. Monitor your published posts

5. Is guest posting good for SEO?

Guest posting and SEO work collectively within Google guidelines. When you publish quality content with relevancy to the site benefits your ranking position and catches more internet traffic.


How To Use A Code Snippet On Your Website

How to use a code snippet

You have often come to know about the coding system like PHP code or snippet while WordPress website development. Not only WordPress but also other website builders make the use of coding language. These codes make your website fully functional and improve the site’s health.

The use of custom code snippets into the theme’s functions file seems quite smooth to the experienced developers, just like a play game. But it is troublesome for a beginner with no coding knowledge. A slight replacement of inserting the code can damage the website, making it’s accessibility impossible. Always editing the function.php files does not end with excellent results. When you upgrade the themes or add some new features, all the coding will disappear, and the website will no longer remain fruitful.

We will guide you on focusing on how you can use the Code Snippet on your website and helps you to make the changes in the site without editing the functions.php files.


Snippets are the pieces of the PHP codes used to add in the theme’s functions.php file for new features and extend the website working. While adding these in the functions file seems hardy and a timely process.

Code Snippet

The code snippet is a WordPress plugin that removes the need for using these snippets code in the functions.php file. It gives secure handling to work with coding without the loss of the data. It is easy and safe to use.

Why You Need To Add A Code Snippet To WordPress

In WordPress, the theme’s function.php file controls the functionality of the site by the activation of the theme. It adds or changes the default features by using the PHP code. It controls the working of the website and defines how it looks. By using the custom coding into the function.php file helps to add new features or modify the functioning of the site. But wrong coding will drop the website and display the errors as well.

The use of plugins extends the same functionality in a way the custom code works. The Code Snippets plugin is the easiest and the simple way to add custom codes to the function.php file. There is no need to use custom snippets in the direct function.php file. This plugin helps you to modify or change the website behavior easily.

It also assists the other users to see the changes in the file. It has made the way comfortable by providing the graphical interface, snippet field with name, code editor, description, and tags. The code snippets are also shareable with other WordPress websites. Code Snippet plugin is an easy solution for creating, editing, and managing the custom codes in WordPress. You can create your theme codes.

CTA button

Be Careful

It the better to edit the function.php file if you are an expert web developer. But for beginners, it is not an excellent option to work in this area. The reason is that while updating or changing the WordPress theme, the coding will be lost, and any mistake in code will end in trouble.

If you want to edit function.php file, create a child theme that will secure the functionality of the WordPress site without any change in the parent theme. In this way, coding will remain to save.

In a nutshell, Code Snippets plugin allows making site securing without loss of the data while updating the theme.

Use Of A Code Snippet In WordPress Website


Code Snippet is a freely used plugin installed from the WordPress plugin directory.

To use it, open the WordPress website dashboard and go to Plugins>>Add New. Enter the Code Snippets on the search field, install the plugin, and then activate it.

Once you have done, it will display within the WordPress dashboard. It is from where you can access the features of the plugins such as:

  • Add the custom code.
  • Add new snippets.
  • Manage the code snippets.
  • You can import the code snippets to another website.

There will be no snippets list because you have installed it only.

installing the code snippet

Settings Of Code Snippet

It has default settings and works smoothly, but if you want to change the parameters of the plugin, then just click Snippets>>Settings.

code snippet settings

Adding The Snippets  

Once you have to activate it, you will ab able to add new snippets through Add New. You need to write a snippet name that may be anything and the code. In the description box, enter the purpose of your system to understand it for others as well. You can also add tags about snippet code.

Now, either you can click on the Save Changes to save it and later can run on the site or Save Changes and Activate your snippet code on the website.

In the same way, you can proceed to make snippets list in the future.

Adding the snippets

Edit The Snippets

The Code snippets automatically activate and deactivate. Sometimes while copy and pasting, a coding mistake can occur, and the site becomes invisible. If there is an error in the custom code, then it disables the snippets to secure the website. It helps to sort out the failure in the custom code.

edit the code snippets

Manage The Snippets

It allows the user to manage the custom codes in WordPress by clicking Manage. It is from where you can immediately see the status and can go to Export or Bulk Actions.

managing the snippets

Importing the Snippet

You can also manage your Code Snippets by importing them to the website running on a different server. To do this, just go to the Import on the left sidebar. It will help to share them on another website. You can click on the Upload files and Import. When you have done, you need to activate these imported snippets by navigating to Snippets>>All Snippets. All of them will enable on the site.

import snippet

Final Thoughts

It is the most straightforward way to use this plugin on your website quickly and safely without interacting with functions.php file and can save from future problems.

We hope you have learned the use of this plugin.

CTA button

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a code snippet?

Whenever you change or upgrade the theme, all the data in the files are lost, and you cannot recover it. It creates the coding error, and the performance of the site slows down. Therefore, to secure the website, you need to use a code snippet.

2. How does code snippet work?

The code snippet is an accessible and re-usable code plugin used in WordPress for copy, paste the code in the function.php files without any error preventing the repetition of the code in programming.

3. Is it useful to use a code snippet?

Yes, the code snippet is a hassle-free plugin that keeps your site working smoothly without coding error. All the data remain secure and easily shareable with the users. In this way, there is no chance of duplication of the code.

4. Is there we need to create a child theme with code snippet?

An expert web developer feels free with coding, but while doing any changes in the theme or the site, you have to create a child theme to avoid any error. This thing is not needed while using a code snippet that works in the same way.

5. Is it easy to use for a beginner?

The beginner without coding knowledge can effortlessly use a code snippet without harming data.


How To Set Up Mailchimp With Your WordPress Website

Set Up Mailchimp

Have you achieved targeted subscribers? Well, if no, then we will help you in getting more subscribers using Mailchimp set up to your website. Are you looking to grow your business all-in-one way? And, keep your users updated?

Now, it is easy, and there are a lot of email services by which you can do it. Through these services, you have direct communication with the users and convey the latest news to them. Of course, you can check the coming and going of the users after visiting the website or blog. There are multiple options that you can utilize to remain connected with the people.

We will guide through straightforward about Mailchimp, how it helps you in the automatic email, and connect it with the WordPress website.

Why MailChimp Set up?

Mailchimp is a secure email marketing service by which you can stay in connect with the people and communicate without an effort. With just one click, all updates reach to the people. You can use it for different purposes. It is an easy software tool to use.

Let’s get started!

The first thing is to have a Mailchimp account to connect and set up to a WordPress website.

How To Get Started With Mailchimp Set Up

Go to the Mailchimp website and click on the Signup Free button. If you already have an account of it, you can use it by Log in here. It will redirect you to the Mailchimp dashboard. If you do not have, then create your account to proceed.

creating mailchimp account

After that, you will need to confirm your account to use it in the future. You will receive a message on the same used email to activate the account. When you have done with activation, you will see a Welcome to Mailchimp, where you will have to enter the information step-by-step to set your profile.

setting profile


Go smoothly and fill out the required information to complete the process. Lastly, you will come to the screen below.

Mailchimp account success


Once you have done with your account set up. You will prompt to Mailchimp dashboard and create your email list and what you want on the website.

Mailchimp dashboard


Note: You can start working with different options or fields before navigating to your website, such as create email lists, etc. But it will not show on the site until you connect it. So, it is better to link it with your website first. What you want to do it depends on your choice.

In the next step, you will have to connect it with your WordPress website. To do this, we will move to the website dashboard.

CTA button

Set Up the Mailchimp To WordPress Website

  1. Go to the search bar for the Mailchimp plugin.
  2. Click to install and activate it.

Note: Always careful to install the plugin.

installing Mailchimp plugin


Once you have activated, it will appear within the WordPress dashboard. It is from where you can access different forms and add them to your website through an API key. The API key will link the site to the service. The below popup is showing Not Connected response. Firstly, you will have to activate it  by connecting it through API key.

popup not showing connection with WordPress


It is from where you will get your API key by clicking on the link that will redirect you to the Mailchimp website. Select create your key. Then copy and paste the code on the API key field, and now the Not Connected status will turn to Connected. Click on the Save Changes.

Connection of mailchimp to WordPress site


At last, you have done with your setup of Mailchimp with your WordPress website. Now, you can access the lists, forms, or anything, add them or even create your new forms by navigating to Mailchimp forms WP from WordPress dashboard.

CTA button

Wrap Up

In this way, you can create the lists, forms for various purposes and add them on the website, blog, or pages. You can start an email campaign and manage a newsletter, mailing list, etc. in one place. Besides, it has many benefits that you can get.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Mailchimp free or not?

Mailchimp offers four pricing plans listed as:

Free: It is best for beginners with no charges.

Essentials: The best option for the email senders.

Standard: It is for those who want more customers for the growing business.

Premium: It has advanced features.

All these plans have different specifications for the need.

2. Can I switch to the other pricing plan?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade the pricing plan depending upon the business needs by following the simple steps.

3. Why is Mailchimp better?

Mailchimp is easy and straightforward to use. Anyone without marketing skills can send professional emails, even a non-technical user. You can manage everything in one place.

4. Why is Mailchimp used?

Mailchimp is an email marketing service used for managing the mailing lists, newsletters, and social contacts. It not only made the working smooth but also helps to drag the customers. Other than, you can easily start email campaigns.

5. Are there alternatives to Mailchimp?

  1. Moosend
  2. Sendinblue
  3. GetResponse
  4. Constant Contact
  5. mailer lite
  6. AWeber
  7. dotdigital
  8. Mailjet




5 SEO Compatible Themes With Elementor

SEO compatible themes

Are you seeking a way to sort out SEO compatible themes? And why you want SEO compatibility?

In a while, you will be able to grasp the concept. Be with us!

Being a website builder, you will become familiar with SEO compatibility. It means that a website theme is fully supportive of the SEO. It’s a parameter that ensures the website authentication and Google love those sites that are SEO friendly, bringing ultimately at the top ranking in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

And Why only with Elementor?

Besides, the most popular Page Builder for WordPress websites, the big thing is its free version that a beginner can learn it with Elementor tutorials, which means it is easy to use. And with Elementor Pro, you get add-ons for extensible functionality. The significant percentage of website builders used this. It allows full customization with a live drag and drop interface. It is the reason why most of the WordPress sites built on Elementor.

In this article, we will throw light indeed only SEO compatible themes with Elementor that you can use to build your website to stand out.

SEO Compatible Themes With Elementor

  1. Buwoo
  2. Astra
  3. OceanWP
  4. Hestia
  5. Rife free

1. Buwoo

Buwoo is a First-Ever SEO Ready theme designed for multipurpose business. You can select which you want for your store, like fashion, furniture accessories, shoe store. It is also the first premium free theme. It gives one-click downloading for free to experience the features. The Buwoo design is fully responsive, which means you can see it on any device. It has 15 demos ready-to-use with header and style layouts. The theme features are amazing, giving the flexibility that you can change it to your desires or that fit your business.

Buwoo- Seo compatible theme


You can use it for an online store because of WooCommerce compatibility. Its Elementor compatibility makes it easier that you can customize the website pages. It comes with multiple plugin compatibility with Yoast SEO, Gutenberg, Mailchimp, and more. The highlight feature of this it will soon have integration with RankMath to implement SEO points at the frontend boosting your business and will set a benchmark in the market. In case of any queries, you can go to the forum and resolve your problem. The team will respond within 24 hours.

Key Features:

  • SEO friendly
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Gutenberg optimized
  • Speed Optimization
  • WP super cache

CTA button

2. Astra

When it comes to the question of using a theme with full customization, then Astra is the best option for your sites. Being a multipurpose theme can fit any kind of business, online store, portfolio, blogging, and other websites. It is a fast and lightweight theme that shows its excellent performance with better loading speed to boost sales. The Astra is also a WooCommerce compatible to extend your online store using its plugins that work effortlessly with many popular page builders Elementor, Beaver builder, LearnDash, etc.

Astra-seo compatible theme


It has inbuilt SEO markup making it SEO friendly theme with Yoast SEO plugin compatibility and a pre-built website ready to use templates with a beautiful and stunning appearance. The Astra also comes with the Pro version with additional features that you can use for extensible functionality. You also get help from dedicated support regarding the theme that will come back to you soon.

Key Features

  • Design flexibility
  • LifterLMS integration
  • SEO friendly
  • Pre-built websites
  • No jQuery
  • Customizations control

3. OceanWP-SEO Compatible Themes

If you need a theme with full extensions, then have a look at OceanWP. So, you have excellent working experience. It is also a multipurpose theme that fulfills your different business needs. You can use it for an online store, gaming, fashion story, furniture store, blogging, food items, and more because of WooCommerce compatibility. It works effectively with popular page builders Elementor, Siteorgin, Beaverbuilder, Divi, Brizy, etc.

ocean-seo compatible theme


It is an SEO ready and compatible themes that Google will love your website build with OceanWp. It’s a fully responsive design so that everyone can access it from any device. And, also supports translational and RTL ready like other themes that you will not face any problem to convert into other languages. There are fantastic demos with an import demos option in one-click. It is the first choice for developers and hobbyists with the best SEO practices. With it’s more unusual features and elements with Pro and create more appealing websites. You can access the support system if you find any problem while using the theme. OceanWP has some inbuilt features that are plugin free.

Key Features

  • Native cart popup
  • SEO friendly
  • Extendable theme
  • Off-canvas filter
  • Compatible with multiple page builders
  • Floating add to cart bar

4. Hestia

Hestia is a stylish, elegantly designed One-Page WordPress theme for business, eCommerce, photography, portfolio, and other websites. Firstly, it’s a WooCommerce compatible that you can start eStore for any kind. It is also compatible with Elementor that you can easily customize your website pages using the Elementor features. The theme has custom background options to change the look of the website as your business.

Hestia theme


It has multiple demos. With its WordPress Live Customizer, you can easily customize the theme. It’s quite easy to set up within 1 minute, so convenient to use. It has various elements and features too. Hestia is also compatible with Yoast SEO and All-in-one pack SEO plugins, so an SEO friendly theme to spice your business.

Key Features

  • Custom background
  • Responsive design
  • Translational and RTL ready
  • Optimize for speed
  • SEO friendly

5. Rife free

Rife free is also a multipurpose WordPress theme and perfectly designed for portfolio, photography, art, and other design-related projects. It also has cool inbuilt features to make your blog beautiful and to start a small business like dancing studios with seven ready to use demos design with just one click import. You can easily change the website look with WordPress customizer at any time.

rife theme


The theme comes with multiple variations in the customizer that works fantastic to put a detailing effect on your site content. It offers a WP bakery builder and Elementor compatibility. Besides,  a WooCommerce ready theme it also uses Yoast SEO to give an uplift to your site, so an SEO friendly. It supports WPML translator to translate into your native language. Working with the free version is enough, but if you want more functions, then switch with the Pro version.

Key Features

    • Megamenu
    • One-page website
    • Responsive slider
    • Basic child theme
    • Writing effect

CTA button

Back To SEO Compatible Themes 

We have introduced the SEO compatible themes with elementor. They offer features variations. You can pick any of them from the list and create your website of any kind. All have cooling features that feel great to use. If you are still waiting, then do not wait and choose the right theme and get started right now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do all themes compatible with the Elementor?

Elementor is the WordPress Page builder plugin that is compatible with most of the WordPress themes, also offering premium templates for ease. With Elementor, you can create websites and landing pages instantly without the WordPress editor.

2. Is Elementor SEO friendly page builder?

Besides other benefits, Elementor is the most SEO friendly page builder created on WordPress. It’s working smoothly and provides the best performance while creating websites.

3. Are there more options for SEO compatible themes with Elementor?

Yes, you can find more options that work best for your business. Here are some:

  1. Layers WP
  2. Generate Press
  3. Zakra
  4. Atmosphere Pro
  5. Page Builder Framework

4. Can I make my WordPress theme compatible with Elementor?

The Fullwidth template is a plugin that works with any theme or page builders. You can design awesome landing pages created with elementor.

5. Which Elementor themes are free?

There are not only free themes, but you will also find premium ones if you want more features.

Free themes:

  1. Hello
  2. Buwoo
  3. Sydne
  4. Generate Press
  5. Ocean WP and more

Premium Themes:

  1. Bellevue
  2. Hestia Pro
  3. Gumbo
  4. Sonaar
  5. ColorWay WP theme


How To Setup An eCommerce Store With WordPress

Let’s get start an eCommerce store with WordPress setup!

But how? Are you scratching your head for this? Are you looking for how to setup an eCommerce store with WordPress? You are new and want to sell online. You need help from where to start. At first, it seems scary to begin, but once you started, then you experienced superfluously features.

Today, WordPress is gaining popularity among the Digital World. It is due to its out-of-source features and ease of functionality. It is easy to use, free, and manageable. Besides, everyone can access it and get information in minutes. WordPress is a keen solution to your web issues.

Now, eCommerce has become more comfortable with WordPress setup, yet it was not before. You can sell anything online that you want.

It is going to be a smart choice of starting an eCommerce store with WordPress setup, and we will help you step by step.

Let’s the task begin!

Select A Domain Name

One thing essential as a novice is to choose a domain name for your eStore. It will help the users to know how to find you on the internet.

The domain name is the specific address of your website, giving access to the customers to reach you. It is recommendable that the domain name should be:

  • Easy to remember
  • Relevant to brand name
  • Simple
  • Accessible
  • Short
  • Devoid of punctuations

Note: Always do a domain search to ensure its availability. You have multiple options for your eCommerce store. .com is the most reliable and best for online selling.

Next, as a beginner, the question will come in mind like:

  1. What next to do after selecting a domain name?
  2. Either we can buy or get a free domain?
  3. How to get started?
  4. Is it works itself?
  5. Will you have to set up a domain?
  6. In moving further, you will be able to find yourself.

There are always possibilities available, and you have to choose from them. The hosting companies are providing these services where you can register not only a domain but also get web hosting. And remember, both are two different things. You can buy an area as well to enjoy more benefits and avoid legal issues. They offered different pricing.

But we will recommend going to a free domain name for a beginner.

Here, we will tell you how in the next step.

CTA button

Select A Web Hosting

Web hosting is a land where your website lives on the internet. In simple words, a storehouse of website files. Every site needs web hosting, and the majority of them runs by shared hosting.

Bluehost is a web hosting company recommended by It offers free domain registration, free SSL certificate, and automatic WordPress installation.

For a new user, it is the best option to start with a hosting provider. You can start at $2.95/month.

Step 1

Let’s open a Bluehost in a separate window and get started.

A site will open, and what you need is to click on the Green Button to Choose Plan.

WordPress hosting

Step 2

In the next step, Bluehost offers three plans (Basic, Plus, and Choice plus the most recommended). Choose the required Plan and Select. We will advise you to choose the Basic for a beginner. Later on, you can turn to others and own more domains. You will get a free domain offer for one year.

WordPress hosting pricing


But if you already have a domain, you can proceed with that. After that, it will ask you to enter your domain name in the popup.

options to get a domain for WordPress hosting

Step 3

Moving on further, you have to enter your account details to proceed. Here, you can use your Google account as well, but later it may create issues for you. Our recommendation is always to start from new.

entering account details

Step 4

Select the package length for how much you want, and one thing you will also see the package extras. It depends on you to purchase them when needed. You can add them later on.

package details

Step 5

Finally, enter the payment information, agree to terms of service, and click to Submit button.

Payment information


When you have done, the screen will show a Success message.

Successfully complete the process

Step 6

Go to create a Bluehost account. It will be different from the billing account.

entering information


Here, you will type your username as a domain name and create a password for your site.

Account create successfully


Congratulations! Done. You will log in with your new account.

Logging to hosting account


Here are a few things to do that we are going to summarize.

Log in to your site; it requires some background changes like installation, plugins, themes, and more. You will go to your cPanel to manage everything. In case if your domain is not on Bluehost, then you have to connect it with your website. But if you bought it from BlueHost, then you can skip it.

Now you have done with domain and hosting.

Note: Bluehost automatically install WordPress when you purchase a plan. If your hosting provider does not provide installation, you can also install it from WordPress.Org and upload it to the hosting account, which we will learn in the next step.

Installation And WordPress Setup For An eCommerce Store 

Bluehost automatically does it for you. You do not need to install it and move to set up your WordPress.

You can install WordPress in two ways:

1. One-Click Installation

One-click installation is pretty simple as through your hosting provider. While choosing a hosting provider, check out the quick installation. Once you signed look for an Install button in the hosting dashboard that will itself do for you.

Installing WordPress from Bluehost

2. Manual Installation

It is not much pretty simple as quick installs. When there is no option in hosting providers, then you have to go for manual install and uploading it into a hosting account.

With Bluehost, you just need to log in, and the box will open, showing Welcome to WordPress. Fill the required field and go head.

Now, a WordPress dashboard open. You need to set up WordPress.

WordPress settings


On General Settings, you need to change the Site Title, Tagline, URL, and Site address. Click at the bottom to save the changes. You can make changes to basic set up here.

Theme Customizer

Themes show the users how your sites look when they land on your site page. They also displayed your products for the online store. On WordPress, they are free and premium themes available.

  • Go to the WordPress Appearance dashboard.
  • Click on themes and select.

WordPress theme customization


You can customize the site by different theme settings.

Install WooCommerce To Setup An eCommerce Store

WordPress transforms into an eCommerce store with WooCommerece plugins. It adds more functionality to WordPress.

The things that convert a WordPress site into an eCommerce site:

  • Shop page
  • Product page
  • Cart page
  • Checkout page

Step 1

To install WooCommerce, learn through an image.

Intalling of WooCommerce plugin for eCommerce setup

Step 2

In the next step, a Welcome to WooCommerce box will appear. Click to run the setup.

WooCommerce setup wizard

Step 3

It will open the WooCommerce setup wizard. Click on Let’s Go button.

welcome popup of WooCommerce store

Step 4

Here, you will come to the next step where it will ask for to set the essential pages. Follow the process step by step.

page setup on WooCommerce for eCommerce store

Step 5

Moving next, you need to enter store locale information and click on the continue button.

adding information for store to run on e Commerce

Step 6

Moving on next WooCommerce will ask about shipping methods and tax. You can use it for both physical and digital products where shipping needs. You will have to check and uncheck the required field. Later on, you can add the left one. Click to continue button to go ahead.

shipping and tax setup check required for eCommerce store

Step 7

There are different methods of payment. Now, you can go for PayPal standard and use others as well later.

payments method required for eCommerce store


Do not forget to click on the continue button to move the last step.

Step 8

Now, you have successfully done, and the WooCommerce setup is ready to go!

eCommerce store step completion


Your WordPress eCommerce store setup with WooCommerce is ready to start. You can go either click on the create your first product or return to WordPress. You can go to WordPress to explore things further. By clicking on create your first product will move to the new product page. Explore the things that you need here but do not add products except a trial. Check the WordPress functionality and compatibility with WooCommerce.

eCommerce store add product page


Go through enough to get the information that will help you later. In this way, things will not mess up.

Before starting your eCommerce store, there a lot of things that need to consider, such as theme compatibility, Google analytics, SEO, and the most vital is the setup.

CTA button

Setup An eCommerce Store With WordPress 

  • Go to the WooCommerce dashboard.
  • Click on the Settings

Follow step by step to complete the setup.

WooCommerce and WordPress dashboard settings for eCommerce store


Once completed, your setup of the eCommerce store also ensures that your WordPress theme is compatible with WooCommerce. Add plugins and extensions necessary for the functionality. When you walk through every step, things become clear to you.

Now! you can add and sell your product online.


Why WordPress Is Better Than Other CMS – 2020 Updates


Have you ever thought about why WordPress as a CMS is gaining popularity among people, whether beginners or professionals?

Well, a significant percentage of websites built with WordPress. The statistical data of W3Tech ( Web technology Survey) tells that WordPress powers 35.8 % of all sites, and holds a market share of 63.2 %, which is a considerable value running at the top among others CMS. The most surprising is that from 2011 to 2020, the trend increased faster—the highlighted thing not showing a decline curve. No doubt, other CMS also competes, but the growth rate was low.

WordPress is a blogging platform but also manages the website content in one place as a CMS due to its outstanding and flexible features creating fully functional websites. It is a solution to all website problems.

WordPress is free, and open-source CMS means everyone can access it without any cost. Its ease of use, customizability, flexibility rich features are great to work.

Besides what WordPress is, certain features are standing out, making it the most popular and the reasons why people love WordPress.

The two highlighted features are the most gaming cards of its popularity; Free and Open-source.

1. WordPress-A Free Software

WordPress is license-free, and you do not pay hidden charges or agree with terms and conditions to build the WordPress website. It has no copyright licensing restrictions so that people can understand the working of it. You can make a blog, online store, business site, etc. using it while other CMS are proprietary softwares.

2. Accessibility Or Open-Source

WordPress is open-source software that means any user can access it and change the code of the CMS to improve the design of the software. You can change the theme and plugin code as well. This feature helps to create your theme.

the wordpress CMS that allows the free source to use


Any user with no coding knowledge gets the same benefits as WordPress has inbuilt themes and plugins and can change the site appearance to the needs.

There is no other CMS that allow you the free source of the CMS.

3. Built-in SEO Tools

Every day thousands of people visit websites from search engines such as Google and bring them to a site due to ranking. In this way, attract website traffic. It is the thing from where the tug-of-war starts between them to draw new users- the SEO. It is an SEO friendly software that helps to customize the posts and pages to make your site visible to the people. The Yoast SEO plugin helps to optimize and fix the problems, especially On-page SEO such as permalinks, content, URLs, meta description, etc.

its Google analytics

4. WordPress Customizability

When you can easily make changes to the website, it means the simplicity in functionality and ease of understanding. WordPress is the same that allows us to create a website of our choice. You can easily understand the WordPress dashboard to customize your site. Things work great with coding, but it does not matter even a person with zero coding knowledge can build its website or blog on WordPress.

wordpress free theme gallery for making customize blog


There are thousands of freemium themes or plugins available for customization of the website. It made lives more comfortable than before. You can change the look of the site anytime. If the site theme will look appealing or not, you can preview or live demo to check it before applying. Further, the premium themes have more features than free.

WordPress also provides plugins to your needs that enhance the functions of the site. Premium plugins are more advanced than free. It also helps to keep your website healthy.

CTA button wp

5. Inbuilt Blog

WordPress is originally a blogging platform but gained popularity to support other systems such as a learning management system, eCommerce, etc. If you love blogging and want to create your blog, then WordPress serves the best.

6. WordPress Security

Every website built with WordPress or any other CMS; they always ensure the high level of security to exploit the data by the attackers. There is still a risk of exploitation the sensitive information. It updates security issues regularly to protect the site from hackers so they cannot access the plugins files used on the website and hack them. You can minimize the security risk by using trusted and update themes, plugins, and the latest versions. It also advised checking the coding.

person securing WordPress security from spam

7. Mobile Optimization

The daily people come to visit the website and not from the same screen. So can have optimized and loading issues. You can pack your site with mobile features using WordPress themes. A fully responsive website helps in visibility and accessibility to users and the search engines to find your site on all devices, enhancing the user experience. It does not require coding but only a responsive WordPress theme. With a mobile-friendly, a website built with it can achieve the top Google ranking.

8. WordPress Integration

While building a website, you use a few promotion strategies to boost your business, generate users, or convey information to the users’ such as social media, analytical, or marketing tools. WordPress has an integrated link system for it. It also supports the linkback methods to the sites.

WordPress integration

9. Ease Of Use

There are content management systems, but we do not go with them because of complexity such as Wix, Magento, Drupal, etc. They require coding and programming language. The themes and plugins are less SEO friendly and use for building a complex website. It is simple to use as no coding is required. You can create any website using it as a blog, gaming site, eCommerce, etc. Its themes and plugins are more user friendly and easy to use. One-click installation in less than 5 minutes is super to work with it.

10. Limitless Hosting Provider

It is a self-hosted, but many hosting providers allow WordPress installation. You can also install it from or directly and can upload it to your site.

this image shows the website on host provider

11. Flexibility In Design

WordPress working does not require coding or MySQL knowledge. With one-click installation, it automatically creates databases for your blog or the site. The users with zero codings can run their website. You can choose a theme or plugins to make your site or blog that you love. You can install plugins to add more features to the website and premium themes as well. In short, it allows designing a website that you want.

wordpress design flexibility


WordPress is the simplest, robust, and seamless, offering versatility and flexibility in functions. That’s why 35.8% of websites build using this.

CTA button wp

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is WordPress better?

Besides blogging, it is a well-known website builder platform because of ease to use, simple and without coding knowledge. It is especially helpful for beginners who want to create a new website. One can quickly learn this CMS effortlessly and manage easily.

2. What are the advantages of WordPress?

  1. Simple to use
  2. Easy to learn
  3. Inbuilt Yoast SEO plugin
  4. No coding is required
  5. Manageable from computer
  6. Inbuilt blog
  7. Customization
  8. Extendible functionality using plugins
  9. High ranking websites
  10. Multiple users can use

3. Why WordPress need to update?

Update content is also involved in Google ranking, which shows that website material is fresh and trusted. Moreover, it is crucial for site performance and protection from hackers that can hack the data or change the file’s code using plugins. Therefore, to upgrade, it is needed.

4. Is will be updating the website affect it’s working?

Yes, it will affect the site’s working because when the site has updated the themes and plugin will become incompatible with the latest version. Therefore, it is better to create child themes before updating the website that will save the data.

5. Why is WordPress used?

WordPress is free, and its source is open, which means anyone on the internet has the freedom to access. According to one study, 35% of the websites are on WordPress, which ensures its popularity. Moreover, it is quite simple and advanced features for creating a website or blog, etc.

How OnPage SEO Helps To Crawl The Website Faster

OnPage SEO

Being new on a website, conscious about OnPage SEO, and want that Google shows your site at the top of SERPs for ease of your customers. And, from where to start, you do not know. Its something to implement an SEO strategy to optimize your website so that it will be easy for Google to access the worth site, high-quality, and spice up in the SERPs.

Let’s see the ways.

OnPage SEO for Crawling The Website

Some practical ways help to increase the crawling of the site. And the search engine would love to have new and fresh content that is user-friendly.

1. Content Connexion

The content connection is the most crucial area of the web page to engage the readers regarding generating additional internet traffic to your site. Web content relevancy comes up with the credibility and reliability of the website. Google sees it as an entrusted web page. The content of the web page should be a storyteller to capture the audience’s attention, arouse curiosity, and end with a conclusion.

It will be fruitful for your website ranking that persuades the users to stay on a web page. Audience insight is to scan the information in chunks that they require. They do not take the pain to read all the text. Two things are quite notable that content is precise and easy to grasp. The ultimate goal of a content writer is to comprehend the psychology of the reader’s mind about how he responded.

2. Keyword Analysis For OnPage SEO

No doubt, the web page content drives net traffic to the website, but the keyword is even more critical regarding grasp the audience’s attention. These are words or phrases that portray the entire content of your website. Do a brainstorming and consume most of the time in searching the right keywords because of these, you will analyze where you stand out in the future and how you have to mold content. 

this shows the keyword reasearch for onpage SEO

Identify your niche and target the right keywords which the visitors focus on searching. Use keywords repeatedly in the material. More tellingly, it works by placing them at the start of the sentence, which is vital for OnPage SEO. There is also an LSI System to include in the content.

A keyword has three places in the article to place:

  • Title
  • URL
  • Meta description

There are keyword tools that you can use to target the audience in your niche.

  • Google Adwords
  • Adword and SEO Permutation Generator
  • Soovle

3. Title Of The Website-OnPage SEO

The most important part of the content that describes your business is SEO title. It helps the search engine to find you with ease because optimizing the title will improve not only the OnPage SEO but also the ranking helping to bring the visitors on the site.

4. Improvise Updated Content

The web content is the driver to grasp the attention of the readers. Through the traffic on your website, a content writer perceives the reader’s mind about the interests. It helps the content writers to produce such articles that are in line with the attention of the audience and add more value to the content.

It allows you to regularly view the material or web pages to make it more informative and updated. The visitors always want to search for current information. They do not prefer the old and outdated version of the content because of the lack of relevant information.

the image gives the SEO content upgradation


Stale content is an indication of material with low quality and irrelevancy. It drops down your website position to lowest. Do update the content timely as it gives a signal of site relevancy and helps SERPs to rank it at highest. If not update timely, it can result to remain at the lowest position.

Your website might suffer dangerous consequences when visitors do not find a connection with the services; as a result, they leave the web page. It increases the bounce rate, and users navigate to other websites. Hence, it is requisite to produce the new, fresh, and updated content to gain the benefits of SEO and to maintain the relevancy. It is a knocking signal of your site authority. That’s a better point to use OnPage SEO.

CTA onpage button

5. Boost Through Backlink

No doubt, Link building is essential and is part of off-page SEO. It is a  search engine pointer about the authenticity of your website.

The backlink is the creation of links to link the two websites with each other, also termed as Inbound or Incoming Links. The website with more backlinks is a trustworthy site, and Google ranks it at the top of the SERPs and prioritizes your content to grasp additional traffic to the website. Moreover, it is an indication that more audience is desirous of having your content. It can uplift your site position and visibility to users in Google results.

Having no backlinks is fruitless for SEO ranking and does not catch organic traffic. Backlinks from low and high authorities are two spectra of one picture giving uplift or drop down from SEO rank. It depends on your perception of how you bring out backlinks tactics into action.

There are Backlinks Tools checker that can help you to check and have backlinks.

  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Google search console

6. Meta Descriptions-OnPage SEO

The meta description is a descriptive part of the web page to give the main idea of the content to compelled the readers to come on your page. Google uses it to display what is in your content. It increases the click rate into the conversion rate. Use keywords in meta descriptions to make it captivating, knowledgeable, and eye-catching to have additional traffic to your blog. Moreover, it will increase the SEO ranking and go straight upward in the SERPs.

7. Internal Link And OnPage SEO

The linking of one web page to another web page of the same website is known as Internal linking.

Web content is not enough alone without internal linking. It is essential for worth site content. An internal link is a fundamental element of OnPage SEO that supports your pages to grab the audience. It is the main focus of articles and online pages to allow navigation to users within the same niche. It can be a bounce rate controller to reduce the bounce rate by creating the relevant, simple, and approachable content.


Besides focusing on backlinks, it also helps to spread link juice to other sites directing additional users to stay on your online page and increases the chances of organic traffic to the site. Furthermore, Pagerank, pageview, conversion rate all are the fruits of internal linking.

8. Fixing The Broken Links

Broken links are those that are out of reach to the users, especially while launching a website or re-build.

When Webmaster does not provide the search engine with the new links, it is unable to find the new page or new domain. It has harmful effects on the website as well as on the users. This issue can resolve by implementing 301 redirects. Otherwise, ignoring this will show Page Not Found 404 error that drops you from SEO ranking.

error 404


Tools to identify broken links:

  • Broken link checker
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider

9. Image Improvement-Better OnPage SEO Tactics

Although conventionally, people focus on searching by words “how to have good meetings environment,” then people obvert to search images such as photos, locations. Concerning the trend of image searchers, Google develops image trends.

Images are the photographic illustration of your online content. The photos allow easier access to Googe on search results. They are a vital component of online pages regarding the visual representation, making articles informative, eye-catching, descriptive, and display a full picture of content. They help to establish relevancy to the topic or web page. In reality, screen readers can find it helpful to understand the central idea, and it adds more value to the content.


Let start to optimize the image step by step:

Apply alternative text:

It is also known as Alt tags or descriptive text. It is the description of the information in a bit sized possessing the clarity and visibility to screen readers unable to go through the web pages. Add Alt text to images and target keywords, which ultimately add more value to the picture. Users will be able to see the image while crawling to the site if an error occurred and increase Google ranking.

Descriptive field:

The name of the image should be in descriptive text. Optimize the name In simple English as a descriptive filename to make ease for search engines to access. Avoid the automatic generated name. It will result in Do not match keyword results.

Decrease image size:

Use the standard image size to reduce the bounce rate and slow loading of the page. Use image editors to compress the image size while maintaining the quality of the image.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Image Compression Tool
  • Canva
  • PicMonkey

what does all this do?

The optimization will spice up your website ranking in the Google search engine.

10. Develop A Mobile-Friendly Website

One of the most ranking criteria by the Google search engine is your mobile-friendly website.

Well, in the internet world where technology speaks, and everyone wishes to have the luxury lifestyle just in one click. And definitely, it can only be possible through using mobiles, smartphones, and tablets where people only click the item, and within a few seconds, they have. The modern world has surpassed the desktop screen, and everyone has different devices with different screen sizes. Heavy and bulky devices are challenging to carry and handle.

Therefore, for a webmaster, it is the need of the time that while developing a website, he should pass the site through a mobile-friendly test to ensure that the website is accessible to users on mobile or not. A business person and entrepreneurs need to run their business online. No mobile friendliness means to lose organic traffic on your website and decrease your rank from SEO.

There are tools to check the website is responsive or not.

  • SmallSEO tool
  • Responsive test tool

11. Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

These all optimize the website to make its access easier to users through smartphones, mobiles. Besides, Google has set up called Fluid Responsive Design, which designs websites in such a manner that it automatically resizes the display to fit in devices through single code, and users do not need to zoom in or zoom out to view the things. If the website does not pass the responsive or mobile test, then do not worry and do practice mobile-friendly SEO.

this provide information about to test the website tool

12. Improvise Content length For OnPage SEO

Being new in digital marketing, you want to rank at the top of SERPs and SEO as well but not getting. Something is missing that can push you to the highest level. Despite everything, you are putting all your efforts to make it informative and appealing but fruitless. When readers do not find the desired information which they want to search just because of that content is too concise and irrelevant, which enforced them to navigate to other webpages. This thing can be toxic for your website regarding backlinks, SEO ranking as well as appearing in the search engine.

You have much enough information to add to the content.  Sometimes, what happened that we have to create content to persuade the readers to stay on the web page for a longer time. That means making a sense to expand the length of the material to increase the visiting rate on the website. In other words, to mold it into long-term content to increase the likelihood of audience involvement, to improve SEO ranking, and to get backlinks.

Long-term content may enhance the sphere of your content in terms of length but focusing on a central idea.

Add keywords repeatedly in the content, which helps to improve your ranking, and Google recognized it as authentic, more on the track, and connected with your niche. It will show the relevancy, site authority, and reliability of the author because the content is yours.

While doing this, restrain yourself from:

  • Making grammatical errors
  • Avoid too short or too lengthy content.
  • Avoid expanding unnecessarily, such as video, images, pictures.
  • Do not compromise quality.

 13. Access Website Speed

You are the king of the internet world, offering excellent services to the users but lack of speed optimization all in vain. The slow website speed is toxic both for users and SEO dropping the visitors and site from SERPs. Speed optimization is for desktop as well as mobile searches. In digital marketing, for entrepreneurs and business people, it is hazardous as they suffer the loss of revenue and customer bounce rate.

showing hhow much the website takes time to download


It affects the business in many ways:

Toxic to Google ranking:

The slow loading speed will harm your Google ranking on the search engine and difficult to find by the user.

Repel site traffic:

In the remote world, people are busy and in a hurry, and they do not have enough time to wait to load a page from the website. They want to have bulk in eye blinking. And there are a couple of websites where visitors can move to search their area of interest if your is not fulfills their need. It can affect your site’s bounce rate, which is not suitable for you.

Decline revenue:

The slow site speed not only causes a decline in the bounce-back of the customers, sales rate, conversion rate, but also the revenue generation. The site may suffer not only the loss of present customers but also potential customers.

There are tools to check the website is responsive or not.

  • Google Pagespeed Insights
  • Google Test My Site
  • Pingdom Website Speed Test

 14. Follow Google Pointers

These guidelines are for the guide to webmasters to assist them on how to develop a website. Google always keeps an eye to analyze the credibility and authenticity of the content as well as the author. You cannot deceive Google just to achieve SEO ranking. Self homework is a good thing for OnPage SEO. Therefore, a short questioning exercise helps you to be high listed and available on the search engine to access the users.

google pointer


  • How to make website worthy, distinctive, and grasping?
  • How to drive more traffic to you?
  • Is my content is helpful for my user?
  • Is it eligible to generate potential customers?

15. Promotional Strategy

Without promoting your content or article, your existence in the net world has no means. No one will recognize your business until you do not have enough backlinks and share it on social media. It will allow the users to come to your blog. As a result, it will increase the internet traffic and ranking.

the image giving the idea to share the post on the social media

16. Walk Into Web Blog Comments

Like, Comment and share is the most useful way to connect the people. Good commenting always helps to produce better and helps to know the perception of the visitors. It assures you that people want to know more from you and directly increase your rating.

social networking helps to increase the site traffic

17. Google Ranking Algorithmic Rule

These are a complex system of rules to regenerate the data to fix the problem from history and showing the results of the query. It merely goes to search engine history to find the relevant keyword typed and displays result in the SERPs and rank them in priority order. Thus helps to rank the site. It changes periodically, so to remain update is essential.

google algorithm impacting the SEO

18. Improve The Standard Of Content:

Quality content is the priority of online strategy. The ultimate goal of content creation is users, not search engines, to increase the site traffic. It is necessary to provide essential information at the start of the article with emphasis that users crawl through the page to the down. It should be in simple English to be understood by every single audience. Most important is credibility, relevancy, and reliability. The information you provide must be scannable that users can easily digest it.

the quality of contnet for impacting Onpage SEO


Content has two parts:

Introductory text:

This part gives a clear picture of the entire content. Always provide necessary information at the prime pages of the web that will assists the users and search engine to access quickly. Your content is much enough powerful and convincing to urge the readers to stay on your online page.

Describe the central idea in just a few words because the users do not bother to read all the text if it is not in line with their interests. Omit useless words and be on track. Emphasize the introduction and make it appealing and unique from the rest of the text. Use keywords in the initial portion to rank at the top of the search engine.

Supporting text:

This textual part plays a supporting role to support your introductory section.

  1. Headings and Subheadings:

Catch the attention of readers by inserting headings, which shoot an image of main points, and subheadings strengthen the rest of the text to scan the information. It maintains a flow of entire content and makes ease for the user to absorb the idea quickly.

  1. Bullets and number:

It helps to list things in a precise way. A user can easily

  • Understand The Content,
  • Extract The Required Information,
  • Slink From One Page To Another Page

keep in mind to provide seven to nine pieces of information because there is a limit of the human brain to memorize the things. When exceed, limited to seven-piece of information, also called Miller’s number.

  1. Insert hyperlink:

The hyperlink helps the user to navigate from page to page, which makes the content more informative and eye-catching.

  1. Proofreading:

Always counter check your content to avoid any plagiarism. Though it seems very inconvenient, it is healthy for your content. Use different tools to check spelling, plagiarism, and grammar.

CTA button

19. Access To The Native Searcher

Your business must appear in Google My Business, even for the local searcher. So, it is accessible to everyone. It is a free tool to get your business or services advertising with trustworthiness and expanding it worldwide for recognition.

this image reflects the access of your business


20. Develop HTTPs Secure Website

There are many malware and spam websites that can hack the data of the user. While developing a website, it must be HTTPs secure, which means any communication should remain confidential between your site and the user.

this shows the protection of the website-onpage SEO

21. Get Active On Social Media

In the modern era, social media play an essential role in keeping in touch with updates and interact with each other. To generate more traffic to your website, gaining high authority and popularity in the net world always remain active on social media Google, Instagram, Facebook.

posting the articles on social media


Post the links as much as possible on your blog and share it on a social network also to drive more traffic. Ultimately increases the visiting rate on the site and ranks at the top of the search engine. Furthermore, Google considers that links are coming from a reliable site, and this will be useful for your website to be worthy.


How To Setup Google Analytics On Your WordPress Website

setup google analytics

Have this thing hit your mind that what needs brings the people to your site? What they do while coming to the site. It is all about using Google analytics setup on the site.

Do you want to know about Google Analytics? That’s crucial to track the traffic and identify the visitors on the site. How to setup it on a WordPress site? What brings to Google Analytics in function? How can it help us to collect data in one place? And a lot of queries circulating in your brain.

Well, Google Analytics has made everything easier. You can know all information instantly. It helps to understand the performance of the website. Whether the content is following the users or not. In short, you can critically analyze the situation. Therefore, you need Google Analytics settings. Now, you will ask how we can have this set up?


In this article, we will guide you straightway. But before diving into its setup, throw light briefly on Google Analytics mentioned here.

What is a Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google’s product that helps you to decide statistically. The most crucial is the users that come to the website. It not only identifies which thing is or is not working on the site but also the content of the website is either in the interests of the audience not. Moreover, it allows you to add or remove those things that affect your website. With this, you can boost or drop down on Google ranking. It is a statistical analysis that brings all data in one place.

How To Setup Google Analytics On WordPress Website

There are two things:

  • Firstly, you have a Google Analytics account.
  • Secondly, when you have it, you can easily add to your WordPress site by getting a tracking code.

How To Sign In To Google Analytics

The process is straightforward and followed the steps to complete it.

Step 1

You can Sign up with your Google account. In case if you do not have Google account then:

  1. Go to the Google Analytics sign up.
  2. Create it by clicking on

this image describe the sign up process to google analytics


Step 2

Once done, a screen will appear as below.

image showing how you can access google analytics


Click on the Sign-up button to go on the next popup, where you will see the Google Analytics homepage. While signing in with your already existing Google account or Gmail, you will redirect to the Welcome to Google Analytics.

Step 3

Now, you need to move on the next by clicking on Start measuring.


Step 4

You will reach a popup where it will ask information, enter your credentials to get your tracking ID.


Go ahead and click on the Get Tracking ID.


Once you enter all information, you must agree on the Google terms and services by clicking on it. It will prompt you to Google Analytics.

Step 5

The screen will present as Google Analytics with a tracking ID and tracking code. You can copy it to add to your WordPress website.


Success! You have done with Google Analytics setup.

Lastly, you can keep the browser open to copy the tracking code or ID to enter into the WordPress site. If you close it, then you can reopen and get it also under the Admin tag.

Hopefully, we learned it! Let’s move on to add it to the WordPress site.

Adding Google Analytics To WordPress Website

There are many options to add it to the WordPress site. But we will move straight to the direct method with the help of copy and pasting the tracking code in the right place. It is an advanced method for those who are familiar with the coding, but you will have to be very careful in copying the code because any mistake drops your site down from Google ranking.

Follow the steps.

Step 1

    1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
    2. Navigate to the Appearance>>Theme editor.
    3. Click on the header.php files on the right side under theme files.
    4. Open the Google Analytics account if you close it or not, then go back to Step 5 above and copy the tracking code and paste it before closing </head> tag.
    5. Make sure to wrap it in <script>; otherwise, the browser will not recognize it.
    6. Click on the Update file.

Step 2 – Alternative way to do through function.php

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Navigate to the Appearance>>Theme editor.
  3. Click on the function.php files on the right side under theme files.
  4. Open the Google Analytics account if you close it or not, then go back to Step 5 above and copy the tracking code and paste it into the header section of function.php.
  5. Make sure to wrap it in <script>; otherwise, the browser will not recognize it.
  6. Click on the Update file.

The code is automatic so, it will add on every page of the websites via header or function file.

It is critical to note that when you do changes in themes or update it, not only the tracking code but also the data will be lost. Therefore, it is best to make child themes that will keep the changes preserve. Without this, you will lose the data and will not be able to recover it. So, ensure it while updating the theme.

Wrap Up

The first and foremost thing is that Google analytics tells about how your users navigate on the site. It not only tracks the website activity but, on the other side, is also a better option to use a marketing strategy. So, its a simple setup that can be beneficial for your site.