Youtube is Adding Shopping Features and Affiliate Marketing to Shorts

Youtube is Adding Shopping Features and Affiliate Marketing to Shorts


Youtube is becoming the Biggest Competitor of Tiktok. It has begun to test its shopping features to Shorts and affiliate marketing to enable users to buy products from short video clips.

This new program is currently available for creators in the United States to tag products from their stores. Moreover, people in Brazil, India, Canada, and Australia can view the tags and purchase products through short video forms. Youtube said they are planning to expand tagging people from different countries in the future.

In addition, the company is also introducing an affiliate marketing program. It will facilitate content creators in the US to earn money when people purchase the recommended products in shorts or regular clips.

The video-sharing platform aims to extend it in the future but yet it is in the early stages, so experimenting is important.

Youtube announced its partnership that creators would also gain 45% of ad revenues in 2023. In the coming year, the makers could apply for the Partner Program if they fulfill the 1000 subscribers and 10 million shorts views criteria over 90 days. Then only they will receive the share of 45% from ads videos.

Youtube Partner Program Criteria
Source: Youtube

Youtube’s Shorts earned 1.9 billion users in a month but faced a 1.9% decrease in revenue over the years. Therefore, the platform looks at the shopping feature as an alternative to enhance its income.

Besides, the company is aiming to launch a Livestream Shopping feature on its forum. Meta also made changes to the Instagram Shopping tab.

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