Why WordPress Is Better Than Other CMS – 2020 Updates

Have you ever thought about why WordPress as a CMS is gaining popularity among people, whether beginners or professionals?

Well, a significant percentage of websites built with WordPress. The statistical data of W3Tech ( Web technology Survey) tells that WordPress powers 35.8 % of all sites, and holds a market share of 63.2 %, which is a considerable value running at the top among others CMS. The most surprising is that from 2011 to 2020, the trend increased faster—the highlighted thing not showing a decline curve. No doubt, other CMS also competes, but the growth rate was low.

WordPress is a blogging platform but also manages the website content in one place as a CMS due to its outstanding and flexible features creating fully functional websites. It is a solution to all website problems.

WordPress is free, and open-source CMS means everyone can access it without any cost. Its ease of use, customizability, flexibility rich features are great to work.

Besides what WordPress is, certain features are standing out, making it the most popular and the reasons why people love WordPress.

The two highlighted features are the most gaming cards of its popularity; Free and Open-source.

1. WordPress-A Free Software

WordPress is license-free, and you do not pay hidden charges or agree with terms and conditions to build the WordPress website. It has no copyright licensing restrictions so that people can understand the working of it. You can make a blog, online store, business site, etc. using it while other CMS are proprietary softwares.

2. Accessibility Or Open-Source

WordPress is open-source software that means any user can access it and change the code of the CMS to improve the design of the software. You can change the theme and plugin code as well. This feature helps to create your theme.

the wordpress CMS that allows the free source to use


Any user with no coding knowledge gets the same benefits as WordPress has inbuilt themes and plugins and can change the site appearance to the needs.

There is no other CMS that allow you the free source of the CMS.

3. Built-in SEO Tools

Every day thousands of people visit websites from search engines such as Google and bring them to a site due to ranking. In this way, attract website traffic. It is the thing from where the tug-of-war starts between them to draw new users- the SEO. It is an SEO friendly software that helps to customize the posts and pages to make your site visible to the people. The Yoast SEO plugin helps to optimize and fix the problems, especially On-page SEO such as permalinks, content, URLs, meta description, etc.

its Google analytics

4. WordPress Customizability

When you can easily make changes to the website, it means the simplicity in functionality and ease of understanding. WordPress is the same that allows us to create a website of our choice. You can easily understand the WordPress dashboard to customize your site. Things work great with coding, but it does not matter even a person with zero coding knowledge can build its website or blog on WordPress.

wordpress free theme gallery for making customize blog


There are thousands of freemium themes or plugins available for customization of the website. It made lives more comfortable than before. You can change the look of the site anytime. If the site theme will look appealing or not, you can preview or live demo to check it before applying. Further, the premium themes have more features than free.

WordPress also provides plugins to your needs that enhance the functions of the site. Premium plugins are more advanced than free. It also helps to keep your website healthy.

CTA button wp

5. Inbuilt Blog

WordPress is originally a blogging platform but gained popularity to support other systems such as a learning management system, eCommerce, etc. If you love blogging and want to create your blog, then WordPress serves the best.

6. WordPress Security

Every website built with WordPress or any other CMS; they always ensure the high level of security to exploit the data by the attackers. There is still a risk of exploitation the sensitive information. It updates security issues regularly to protect the site from hackers so they cannot access the plugins files used on the website and hack them. You can minimize the security risk by using trusted and update themes, plugins, and the latest versions. It also advised checking the coding.

person securing WordPress security from spam

7. Mobile Optimization

The daily people come to visit the website and not from the same screen. So can have optimized and loading issues. You can pack your site with mobile features using WordPress themes. A fully responsive website helps in visibility and accessibility to users and the search engines to find your site on all devices, enhancing the user experience. It does not require coding but only a responsive WordPress theme. With a mobile-friendly, a website built with it can achieve the top Google ranking.

8. WordPress Integration

While building a website, you use a few promotion strategies to boost your business, generate users, or convey information to the users’ such as social media, analytical, or marketing tools. WordPress has an integrated link system for it. It also supports the linkback methods to the sites.

WordPress integration

9. Ease Of Use

There are content management systems, but we do not go with them because of complexity such as Wix, Magento, Drupal, etc. They require coding and programming language. The themes and plugins are less SEO friendly and use for building a complex website. It is simple to use as no coding is required. You can create any website using it as a blog, gaming site, eCommerce, etc. Its themes and plugins are more user friendly and easy to use. One-click installation in less than 5 minutes is super to work with it.

10. Limitless Hosting Provider

It is a self-hosted, but many hosting providers allow WordPress installation. You can also install it from WordPress.com or WordPress.org directly and can upload it to your site.

this image shows the website on host provider

11. Flexibility In Design

WordPress working does not require coding or MySQL knowledge. With one-click installation, it automatically creates databases for your blog or the site. The users with zero codings can run their website. You can choose a theme or plugins to make your site or blog that you love. You can install plugins to add more features to the website and premium themes as well. In short, it allows designing a website that you want.

wordpress design flexibility


WordPress is the simplest, robust, and seamless, offering versatility and flexibility in functions. That’s why 35.8% of websites build using this.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is WordPress better?

Besides blogging, it is a well-known website builder platform because of ease to use, simple and without coding knowledge. It is especially helpful for beginners who want to create a new website. One can quickly learn this CMS effortlessly and manage easily.

2. What are the advantages of WordPress?

  1. Simple to use
  2. Easy to learn
  3. Inbuilt Yoast SEO plugin
  4. No coding is required
  5. Manageable from computer
  6. Inbuilt blog
  7. Customization
  8. Extendible functionality using plugins
  9. High ranking websites
  10. Multiple users can use

3. Why WordPress need to update?

Update content is also involved in Google ranking, which shows that website material is fresh and trusted. Moreover, it is crucial for site performance and protection from hackers that can hack the data or change the file’s code using plugins. Therefore, to upgrade, it is needed.

4. Is will be updating the website affect it’s working?

Yes, it will affect the site’s working because when the site has updated the themes and plugin will become incompatible with the latest version. Therefore, it is better to create child themes before updating the website that will save the data.

5. Why is WordPress used?

WordPress is free, and its source is open, which means anyone on the internet has the freedom to access. According to one study, 35% of the websites are on WordPress, which ensures its popularity. Moreover, it is quite simple and advanced features for creating a website or blog, etc.