How To Submit A Guest Post – Guest Blogging Tips

Guest Post or Guest blog is writing an article and publishing either on other’s or on your website keeping content relevancy in mind. Again, it’s an Off-Page SEO practice sharing backlinks signalling Google about the site trustworthiness.

Not only it builds a strong connection to the readers through quality content, but it also generates traffic to your website.

This guide will help you in submitting a guest post.

How to create?

How to boost?

With this how you get featured at the top authority sites.

Table Of Contents

Step 1. Search for the guest post targets

Step 2. Get the guest post ready

Step 3. Send your pitch

Step 4. Write a guest post

Step 5. Follow up

Here, I m going to share with you the facts about the guest post.

Step 1: Search For The Guest Post

Looking for a site that can accept your guest?

The first step is to find out the target where you can submit the guest post.

We will discuss the seven ways that will accept the guest post.

Practice # 1: Google Search Strings

This includes searching the more targeted keywords other than the typical one.

Using the following search strings will help you get more opportunities.

It shows the way to search the keywords for guest post

Practice # 2: Search via Google Reverse Image

Do search for someone in your niche who do a guest post.

Finding something using Google image is INTERESTING.

What does it mean?

Just copy and paste the image URL in the Google tag and reach your target.

But how?

Step # 1:

Reach the someone who writes guest posts

Step # 2:

Grab the image URL in the written in the author bio.

Step # 3:

Go to the Google image reverse search and paste it.

Hurrah! You have done, and a list of posts will appear in front of you.

It’s Cool?

Practice # 3: Search via Twitter

Twitter results are also AWESOME. You will find a lot of guest posting opportunities that you did not find on Google.

How to do it?

Pop up the Twitter Search and write a search string keywords for a guest post. Twitter will show a lot of results with guest post opportunities. Within seconds, the bulk of sites will appear accepting the guest posts.

How Amazing!

Practice # 4: Reverse The Competitor’s Backlinks

That’s mean knowing the competitor’s backlinks they are getting. It shows the guest post opportunity and uncovers the sites that act they don’t accept the guest posts or do not have a “write for us” page.

That’s is Great about this.

Identify the competitor’s site in your niche ranking for keywords. Grab the URL and place it on the Ahrefs tools.

High-quality backlinks result open to you.

Practice # 5:  Find On

Well, you were thinking about a site that lists the best blogs.


Here, write your topic and find the best blogs within your niche.

website to find topic on guest post

Practice # 6: View Lists Of Websites That Do Guest Post

Instead of wasting PRECIOUS time searching the sites for guest posting. Why not take ADVANTAGE of other’s efforts.

Look at the list of websites that accept guest posts.


Practice # 7: Blog Comment Bonanza

Well, an advanced guest post strategy.

If you never do a guest post, then skip for the time being.


You have observed that people leave a comment on your posts or blogs.

When responding to their comments by throwing an email script do wonders for you open ways for guest posting if not have a “write for us” page.

The reason for the comment is that they liked your content. No one leaves a comment because they don’t have time.

If you have quality content, everyone accepts the guest post.

You got the websites; let’s move next.

Step 2. Get The Guest Post Ready

Now, you have the lists of websites that accept guest post.

It’s time for the next step.

Before you get your guest post ready, you need to be very clear in mind and put efforts to get positive results.

At the moment, you have to decide on bad or good things.

It will help to find a good site for a guest post or which are worthy for this. Before starting, please focus on the small blogs because of Much chances that they will accept your blog post. After that, you can level up.

In this way, you can do a blog post on the sites that are:

  • Trustworthy
  • Generate more traffic for you
  • Relates with your niche
  • Have quality content

Warm-Up Your Targets

If you want to get your blog posts featured in authority sites, take those sites on the radar. Then they will favour you.

Here are the ways to do it.

Social media sharing:

You have to share their posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter if you want blogger’s Yes.


Email them before sending the pitch how the previous blog post helped you.

Blog comment:

Spend a few minutes to comment on the post.

Step 3: Send Your Pitch

Before sending the pitch to the blog owner, test the email template to have an effective impact.

What makes the template effective

  • Start with highlight headlines about the website.
  • Present with three topics to choose from them.
  • Be simple and short.

Step 4: Write A Guest Post

Hence, your guest post is accepted.

Now, you need to send them something valuable.

Implement the 2-tier content approach that makes you able to send quality content.

Two – Tier Content Approach

Please separate your targets into two-tier content.

Tier 1: Those top-quality websites that come at the top of the list. And whom you follow. The content of this is as valuable and high quality.

Such content not only makes the blogger publish it but also hits the minds of the reader. These sites required a week of writing for content creation.

To make the content stand out for Tier 1 sites. Do follow the things.

  • The step-by-step approach to reach an outcome
  • A lengthy article that helps to perceive the idea.
  •  Internal links for better SEO.
  • Visual Elements screenshots, images, charts that grab the readers mind.

All this will help you to make your guest blog stand out from others.

Tier 2: That’s the websites for which the acceptability of guest post is enough, and the level of content is acceptable—no need of writing amazing content.

You will need to send them some valuable. But not something like Tier 1.

Step 5: Follow Up

That’s the thing that keeps you and the audience in touch and building a communication link.

Here are the 4 things:

1. Welcome To Comments:

Do not rush. Spend a few hours actively respond to the reader’s comments.

2. Promotion On Social Media:

Share the guest posts on social platforms. It will get the traffic on the sites you guest post.

3. Send Them Thank You Note:

Hit through an email to let them know that you really appreciate the tips or techniques they follow. Again it helps to stand out and opens the way for a guest blog on their sites.

4. Blog Comment bonanza:

As mentioned in Practice # 7, please respond to the people’s comments and ask them to publish a guest post for the next time on their site.

Wrap Up

Here are the step-by-step guidelines. Which you want to choose depends on you. Going through these will help you target the right people and opens the ways for future opportunity.

Let’s start Now!