How To Setup An eCommerce Store With WordPress


Let’s get started on an eCommerce store with a WordPress setup!

But how? Are you scratching your head for this? Are you looking for how to set up an eCommerce store with WordPress? You are new and want to sell online. You need help with where to start. At first, it seems scary to begin, but you experience extra features once you start.

Today, WordPress is gaining popularity in the Digital World. It is due to its out-of-source features and ease of functionality. Moreover, it is easy to use, accessible, and manageable. Besides, everyone can access it and get information in minutes. Therefore, WordPress is a keen solution to your web issues.

ECommerce has become more comfortable with WordPress setup, yet it was not before. You can sell anything online that you want.

It will be an intelligent choice to start an eCommerce store with a WordPress setup, and we will help you step by step.

Let the task begin!

1. Select A Domain Name to Setup An eCommerce Store

One thing essential as a novice is to choose a domain name for your eStore. It will help the users to know how to find you on the internet.

The domain name is the specific address of your website, giving access to the customers to reach you. It is recommendable that the domain name should be:

  • Easy to remember
  • Relevant to brand name
  • Simple
  • Accessible
  • Short
  • Devoid of punctuations

Note: Always do a domain search to ensure its availability. You have multiple options for your eCommerce store. For example, .com is the most reliable and best for online selling.

Next, as a beginner, the question will come to mind:

  1. What next to do after selecting a domain name?
  2. Either we can buy or get a free domain.
  3. How to get started?
  4. Is it works itself?
  5. Will you have to set up a domain?
  6. In moving further, you will be able to find yourself.

There are always possibilities available, and you have to choose from them. Hosting companies provide these services where you can register a domain and get web hosting. And remember, both are two different things. You can also buy an area to enjoy more benefits and avoid legal issues. They offered different pricing.

But we will recommend going to a free domain name for a beginner.

Here, we will tell you how in the next step.

2. Select A Web Hosting

Web hosting is a land where your website lives on the internet. In simple words, a storehouse of website files. Every site needs web hosting, most of which is run by shared hosting.

Bluehost is a web hosting company recommended by It offers free domain registration, a free SSL certificate, and automatic WordPress installation.

Starting with a hosting provider is the best option for a new user. You can start at $2.95/month.

Step 1 – Setup an eCommerce Store

Let’s open a Bluehost in a separate window and get started.

A site will open, and you must click the Green Button to Choose Plan.

WordPress hosting

Step 2

In the next step, Bluehost offers three plans (Basic, Plus, and Choice plus the most recommended). Choose the required Plan and Select. We will advise you to choose the Basic for a beginner. Later on, you can turn to others and own more domains. You will get a free domain offer for one year.

WordPress hosting pricing


But if you already have a domain, you can proceed with that. Afterward, it will ask you to enter your domain name in the popup.

options to get a domain for WordPress hosting

Step 3

Moving on further, you have to enter your account details to proceed. Here, you can use your Google account, but later it may create issues for you. So our recommendation is always to start from new.

entering account details

Step 4

Select the package length for how much you want, and one thing you will also see is the package extras. It depends on you to purchase them when needed. You can add them later on.

package details

Step 5

Finally, enter the payment information, agree to the terms of service, and click to Submit button.

Payment information


When you have done, the screen will show a Success message.

Successfully complete the process

Step 6

Go to create a Bluehost account. It will be different from the billing account.

entering information


Here, you will type your username as a domain name and create a password for your site.

Account create successfully


Congratulations! Done. You will log in with your new account.

Logging to hosting account


Here are a few things to do that we are going to summarize.

Log in to your site; it requires some background changes like installation, plugins, themes, and more. After that, you will go to your cPanel to manage everything. If your domain is not on Bluehost, you must connect it with your website. But if you bought it from BlueHost, then you can skip it.

Now you have done with domain and hosting.

Note: Bluehost automatically installs WordPress when you purchase a plan. If your hosting provider does not provide installation, you can also install it from WordPress.Org and upload it to the hosting account, which we will learn in the next step.

3. Installation And WordPress Setup For An eCommerce Store 

Bluehost automatically does it for you. You do not need to install it and move to set up your WordPress.

You can install WordPress in two ways:

1. One-Click Installation

One-click installation is pretty simple as through your hosting provider. While choosing a hosting provider, check out the quick installation. Once you signed, look for an Install button in the hosting dashboard that will do for you.

Installing WordPress from Bluehost

2. Manual Installation

It is not much pretty simple as quick installs. When there is no option in hosting providers, you must go for manual installation and upload it into a hosting account.

With Bluehost, you need to log in, and the box will open, showing Welcome to WordPress. Fill in the required field and go ahead.

Now, a WordPress dashboard is open. Next, you need to set up WordPress.

WordPress settings


You must change the Site Title, Tagline, URL, and Site address on General Settings. Then, click at the bottom to save the changes. You can make changes to the basic setup here.

Theme Customizer 

Themes show the users how your sites look when they land on your site page. They also displayed your products for the online store. On WordPress, they are free and premium themes available.

  • Go to the WordPress Appearance dashboard.
  • Click on themes and select.

WordPress theme customization


You can customize the site with different theme settings.

4. Install WooCommerce To Setup An eCommerce Store

WordPress transforms into an eCommerce store with WooCommerece plugins. In addition, it adds more functionality to WordPress.

The things that convert a WordPress site into an eCommerce site:

  • Shop page
  • Product page
  • Cart page
  • Checkout page

Step 1

To install WooCommerce, learn through an image.

Intalling of WooCommerce plugin for eCommerce setup

Step 2

In the next step, a Welcome to WooCommerce box will appear. Click to run the setup.

WooCommerce setup wizard

Step 3

It will open the WooCommerce setup wizard. Next, click on the Let’s Go button.

welcome popup of WooCommerce store-setup

Step 4 – Setup an eCommerce Store

Here, you will come to the next step, where it will ask to set the essential pages. Follow the process step by step.

page setup on WooCommerce for eCommerce store

Step 5

Moving next, you need to enter store locale information and click on the continue button.

adding information for store to run on eCommerce store

Step 6

Moving on next, WooCommerce will ask about shipping methods and tax. You can use it for physical and digital products where shipping needs are. First, you will have to check and uncheck the required field. Later on, you can add the left one. Click to continue button to go ahead.

shipping and tax setup check required for eCommerce store

Step 7 – Setup an eCommerce Store

There are different methods of payment. Now, you can go for PayPal standard and use others later.

payments method required for eCommerce store


Do not forget to click the continue button to move to the last step.

Step 8

You have successfully done it, and the WooCommerce setup is ready to go!

eCommerce store step completion


Your WordPress eCommerce store set up with WooCommerce is ready to start. You can either click on the create your first product or return to WordPress. Next, you can go to WordPress to explore things further. Your first product will move to the new product page by clicking on create. Explore the things you need here but do not add products except for a trial. Next, check the WordPress functionality and compatibility with WooCommerce.

eCommerce store add product page


Go through enough to get the information that will help you later. In this way, things will not mess up.

Before starting your eCommerce store, many things need to be considered, such as theme compatibility, Google Analytics, and SEO, and the most vital is the setup.

5. Setup An eCommerce Store With WordPress 

  • Go to the WooCommerce dashboard.
  • Click on the Settings

Follow step by step to complete the setup.

WooCommerce and WordPress dashboard setup for eCommerce store


Once completed, your setup of the eCommerce store also ensures that your WordPress theme is compatible with WooCommerce. Next, add plugins and extensions necessary for the functionality. When you walk through every step, things become clear to you.

Now! You can add and sell your product online.


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