How To Set Up Mailchimp With Your WordPress Website

Have you achieved targeted subscribers? Well, if no, then we will help you in getting more subscribers using Mailchimp set up to your website. Are you looking to grow your business all-in-one way? And, keep your users updated?

Now, it is easy, and there are a lot of email services by which you can do it. Through these services, you have direct communication with the users and convey the latest news to them. Of course, you can check the coming and going of the users after visiting the website or blog. There are multiple options that you can utilize to remain connected with the people.

We will guide through straightforward about Mailchimp, how it helps you in the automatic email, and connect it with the WordPress website.

Why MailChimp Set up?

Mailchimp is a secure email marketing service by which you can stay in connect with the people and communicate without an effort. With just one click, all updates reach to the people. You can use it for different purposes. It is an easy software tool to use.

Let’s get started!

The first thing is to have a Mailchimp account to connect and set up to a WordPress website.

How To Get Started With Mailchimp Set Up

Go to the Mailchimp website and click on the Signup Free button. If you already have an account of it, you can use it by Log in here. It will redirect you to the Mailchimp dashboard. If you do not have, then create your account to proceed.

creating mailchimp account

After that, you will need to confirm your account to use it in the future. You will receive a message on the same used email to activate the account. When you have done with activation, you will see a Welcome to Mailchimp, where you will have to enter the information step-by-step to set your profile.

setting profile


Go smoothly and fill out the required information to complete the process. Lastly, you will come to the screen below.

Mailchimp account success


Once you have done with your account set up. You will prompt to Mailchimp dashboard and create your email list and what you want on the website.

Mailchimp dashboard


Note: You can start working with different options or fields before navigating to your website, such as create email lists, etc. But it will not show on the site until you connect it. So, it is better to link it with your website first. What you want to do it depends on your choice.

In the next step, you will have to connect it with your WordPress website. To do this, we will move to the website dashboard.

CTA button

Set Up the Mailchimp To WordPress Website

  1. Go to the search bar for the Mailchimp plugin.
  2. Click to install and activate it.

Note: Always careful to install the plugin.

installing Mailchimp plugin


Once you have activated, it will appear within the WordPress dashboard. It is from where you can access different forms and add them to your website through an API key. The API key will link the site to the service. The below popup is showing Not Connected response. Firstly, you will have to activate it  by connecting it through API key.

popup not showing connection with WordPress


It is from where you will get your API key by clicking on the link that will redirect you to the Mailchimp website. Select create your key. Then copy and paste the code on the API key field, and now the Not Connected status will turn to Connected. Click on the Save Changes.

Connection of mailchimp to WordPress site


At last, you have done with your setup of Mailchimp with your WordPress website. Now, you can access the lists, forms, or anything, add them or even create your new forms by navigating to Mailchimp forms WP from WordPress dashboard.

CTA button

Wrap Up

In this way, you can create the lists, forms for various purposes and add them on the website, blog, or pages. You can start an email campaign and manage a newsletter, mailing list, etc. in one place. Besides, it has many benefits that you can get.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Mailchimp free or not?

Mailchimp offers four pricing plans listed as:

Free: It is best for beginners with no charges.

Essentials: The best option for the email senders.

Standard: It is for those who want more customers for the growing business.

Premium: It has advanced features.

All these plans have different specifications for the need.

2. Can I switch to the other pricing plan?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade the pricing plan depending upon the business needs by following the simple steps.

3. Why is Mailchimp better?

Mailchimp is easy and straightforward to use. Anyone without marketing skills can send professional emails, even a non-technical user. You can manage everything in one place.

4. Why is Mailchimp used?

Mailchimp is an email marketing service used for managing the mailing lists, newsletters, and social contacts. It not only made the working smooth but also helps to drag the customers. Other than, you can easily start email campaigns.

5. Are there alternatives to Mailchimp?

  1. Moosend
  2. Sendinblue
  3. GetResponse
  4. Constant Contact
  5. mailer lite
  6. AWeber
  7. dotdigital
  8. Mailjet