Google Has Confirmed About Releasing Of May 2020 Core Algorithm Update Today

Google algorithm 2020

Today, Google has confirmed the core algorithm update of May 2020 that it named as May 2020 Core Update.

It is the fact that Google always moves forward to the SEO community to bring about the changes as compared to the company that generally follows the regular pattern to improve the search results.

And the search engine also said that it would be live in about one or two weeks.

Second Core Update In 2020

Before this second Google algorithm update, Google released the first update in January- January 2020 Core Update. There are a lot of changes that have seen during the COVID-19 pandemic. It enforced the SEO community to think whether the coronavirus pandemic will stop Google from these core updates. The answer is No

And it can not impede the way of Google to announce the core updates in the globally spread COVID-19 pandemic.

The Objective of the Core Updates

The central focus of launching these Google algorithm updates is to improve the performance of the site that causes an effect of site ranking.

When the core update launched, it enables the sites to observe the changes in search ranking that reflect the content relevancy. It means that content with relevancy will gain the top position in the ranking since the last update and vice versa. Most of them will increase organic traffic while some will face them down.

If the freshly published content is not present when the last update is released, then it is reviewed concerning the existing content. Simply, the ranking can be one step ahead. There are chances of fluctuations in the May 2020 Core Update to be released as the first update since the pandemic.

First Google Algorithm Update 2020 And COVID- 19 Pandemic

With the release of the first Google algorithm update in January 2020, the coronavirus and COVID-19 outbreak were not at an extreme.

With the declaration of the coronavirus as a pandemic, it instantly changed the users’ behavior towards the search. And the results appear in the form of searching for one topic only COVID-19 that never occurred in the history of Google. COVID-19 has changed the perception of the people what they are needed, such as information on viruses, services, or online products. Naturally, it makes the content relevant that was once not relevant for the searchers. Besides this, a searchable content with high relevancy drops down.

In a nutshell, May 2020 Core Update has put Google in the challenges of coping with the changing behavior of the world how they want to seek information. It will uncover the fact with time about finding the ease in accessing the data through Google search.

Will it be a benefit for SEO Community?

It can prove beneficial for SEOs when the impact of May 2020 Core Updates is weaker. It’s an open fact that with the decline in economic status, working people are less, and clients are stopping their services due to this outbreak. So, whenever Google brought a new algorithm, SEO services are always essential. It works great as the updates change because the site owners can focus on working in the required area. It applies that SEO will find its way when the demand for their work will increase. In the future, the interests will be towards how many companies have enough budget to implement SEO services till the launching of May 2020 Core Updates.

 May Google Algorithm Update 2020 And What You should Do

You should not do anything if the Google algorithm updates affect your site ranking negatively. Google’s guidance regarding the updates is the same as the previous updates. The thing is to improve the performance of the site by reconsidering the content of the site for user experience. While drop or gain in Google ranking does not mean fixing the problem. Google recommends not to try to fix any issue; instead of the site owners should put efforts to make the content high as much as they can. It is something to strive for creating top-quality content providing a complete source to answer the searcher’s questions that helps them in access. Alternatively, Google also advises many other ways to manage the effect of Google algorithm core updates if the sites have a negative impact.


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