Best WooCommerce Themes

best Woocommerce themes


Have you made your website with WooCommerce themes? Are you looking ahead to the best ideas that support your site? And, of course, to be found in the top ranking on Google. You have also spent time browsing themes with WooCommerce, which you should apply. So, do not scratch your head in thinking about your problem.

We will guide you about the best WooCommerce themes in 2023 that will help you build your site without any effort, and you can create anything you need. Seamlessly, you can do a project without coding for any business.

If you want to sell anything online, you have a couple of options to start the eCommerce website with WooCommerce built on WordPress. First, you can select one of the WooCommerce themes mentioned ensuring the ideal one for your website.

Top WooCommerce WordPress Themes

You can construct an online store with WordPress WooCommerce themes and sell your goods there. These themes make it simple to create a strong business store with WooCommerce extensions.

1. Flatsome – WooCommerce Themes

Flatsome is a multipurpose woo commerce e-commerce theme that you can use for eStore of any kind. Its drag-and-drop builder allows you to design a website without saving it. It is compatible with WordPress 4.8 and WooCommerce 3.2, supporting the WPML and Polygang to translate into different languages. With its unlimited options, documentation, and video tutorials, you can create a website if you are a new user and manage well-mannered online stores.

Flatesome-WooCommerce theme- landing page

FlatsomeTheme Demos

Flatsome has beautifully designed demo templates ready to use for your website, saving you time. You can select which you want to create your website. Besides shop demos, there are business demos such as freelancers and agencies. If you’re going to make a business eCommerce store, then business demos are helpful for you. It allows greater design flexibility in the selection to build your website.

flatesome-theme demos

Drag And Drop Page Builder

You can do any art with a Flatsome drag-and-drop option with multipurpose functionality. In addition, it helps create beautiful pages with an inbuilt page builder (UX builder) having different Flatsome elements.

You can create a page of your choice.

flatsome-Woocommerce theme-drag and drop

Flatsome Header And Footer

The header and footer of the website are the essential elements of the site, making it impressive. In addition, there are various options for customization within header designs, such as sliders, banners, grids, image galleries, and more.

You can design the headers and footers which you want.

flatesome-headers elements

Flatsome Live Customization

With live customization, you can preview changes instantly without saving before you go to publish by theme panel options.

 Documentation And Support

After buying it, you can access documentation that includes the documents and videos to guide you regarding creating your website and how you can change its look and work. And also, support your queries through emails or active community.

This shows the support system of flatesome

Flatsome Pricing

A flat theme is available at an affordable price of $59 with impressive features like page builder, demos, headers, footers, etc. It provides extended support for 12 months for $17.63. It is a premium theme.

2. Buwoo – WooCommerceThemes

Buwoo is another multipurpose website theme extension with Elementor for creating your online store and is fully customizable. Its eye-catching look grabs the visitors’ attention to stay on the Buwoo.

Buwoo-WooCommerce theme- landing page


No doubt, it is also a WordPress theme, and easy to develop the website you want. It supports WPML and 5.0 to assist you where you need it. In addition, it is compatible with W3 total cache, WP super cache, and Cookie law info.

You can create a website of your choice with its countless options. Everything is made according to the need of customers so that access is easy.

Buwoo Themes Demos

Its readymade theme templates assist you in creating a website faster. Its different demos allow you to create an eStore precisely what you think. For example, with accessories demos, you can sell accessories of meaningful use. You can make a fashion store, sports store, a sportswear store with simple theme demos.

Buwoo-WooCommerce theme demos


There are business demos that you can use to create a Woocommerce shop. Also, include different shop layouts to make your products more colorful.

Drag And Drop Page Builder

With Buwoo Elementor Page Builder, you can do live drag and drop to build a woo commerce website using different elements and create unique pages. Now, it is easy to create pages with the Buwoo element.

Buwoo-WooCommerce theme with elementor

Header And Footer

Headers and footers have a stunning effect on the website. It has pre-designed templates for the header and footer, allowing you to choose any of them. You can make your theme more appealing to these design options.

Live Customization

With the Buwoo element or feature, you can customize your website and quickly preview your change before publishing them.

Documentation And Support

This feature you can access when you purchase Buwoo. It provides you with knowledge-based documentation and a lives demo, helping you modify the theme. You can also get support through forums, emails, or active communities where experts help you out in creating a website.

Buwoo-WooCommerce theme-support services

WooCommerce Themes Pricing

Buwoo, with its unique features, is a free theme that charges only for support $59. You can download a complete theme or check its live demo.

3. Porto- WooCommerce Themes

Porto is a multipurpose WooCommerce theme that provides you with unlimited options to create a website for eCommerce. Like Flatsome and Buwoo, it shows responsiveness and ease of use. It is compatible with RTL, WordPress 5.3, WooCommerce 3.9, and 4.0 supporting different languages, including profiles like Flatsome.

Porto-WooCommerce theme landing page

WooCommerce WordPress Theme Demos

The flexibility in demos helps create a website of your choice to start an eStore. You can work on any project with Porto effortlessly. It has different beautiful design options for demos giving you a variation for your theme, including shop, business, blog, and more for online stores you want to create.

Porto-WooCommerce theme demos

Drag And Drop Page Builder

You can edit every pinch of your website with WP Bakery Page Builder and create unique pages for your website theme. It also offers a variety of drag and drops options to make the site more appealing by using Porto elements.

Header And Footer

You can create headers at the top and the side headers with variations in the styles and add them. Finally, you have a classic, modern, and eCommerce footer in footers.

different headers styles

Live Customization

With the visual editor, you can achieve the customizability of your website and make changes before publishing, helping, which is ideal for your theme.

Documentation And Support

You can get help through extensive documents and video tutorials giving you a detail about the theme changes, and the p-theme support system supports you.

Porto-WooCommerce theme-support services

WooCommerce Themes Pricing

It is available at a $59 price with six months’ support from p- themes. It charges further to extend the authorization for 12 months for $17.63.

4. Avada Theme WooCommerce

The best eCommerce plugin for online stores is WooCommerce. Avada enhances the capabilities of WooCommerce by enabling you to create strong and effective bespoke shops to market your goods, services, and bookings.

While managing your online store theme successfully, the combination of Avada, WordPress, and WooCommerce will provide you the assurance to be innovative and market-driven.

Avada Prebuilt Websites

    • Design Custom Layouts: No matter your degree of experience, you will be able to succeed with Avada’s design workflow.
    • Prebuilt Shop Websites: With Avada’s broad creative resources, you can develop online stores faster while concentrating on what really counts.
    • Complete Design Freedom: You are the expert on your company, therefore use Avada’s ability to make ideas into reality and boost online sales.

Save Time With Avada Prebuilt Websites

The prebuilt websites from Avada are expertly created by our staff in-house. Every website is painstakingly built with performance in mind, is extremely adaptable to fit any brand requirement, and is mobile-friendly across all platforms for the best user experience. 

Avada Theme WooCommerce

5. Astra

Astra is a quick, highly adaptable, and immaculate theme created to improve conversion and increase sales for your store. Making your store speedier increases conversion rates improves your Google ranking, and assures that visitors remain to shop rather than clicking the “back” button. Speed isn’t a vanity metric.

Clean, performance-optimized code found in Astra ensures that load times for your store never prevent a sale.


Your brand is unique; Astra does not attempt to make it similar to any other brand. Even minor aspects of your store can be readily customized without writing a single line of code.

Use Astra and the WordPress Customizer to take charge and create a distinctive store.


An inadequately designed checkout page can soon cost you a significant portion of your business given the industry average cart abandonment rate of 69% and the fact that more than 50% of those abandoners cite concerns with the checkout design. 

Astra offers a customizable, conversion-optimized checkout procedure, giving you the means to lower your cart abandonment rate.

How Can I Find The Top WooCommerce Theme?

You’ll require a theme that places a strong emphasis on features and functionality connected to eCommerce. To choose the finest WooCommerce theme, consider the following advice:

    • Flexible and easy to use: Although a WooCommerce theme may contain a lot of functionality, it should also be adaptable and simple for new users to utilize. Look for a theme that includes adequate documentation for your use.
    • Work seamlessly with extensions/addons: Several free and paid WooCommerce extensions are available. The extensions and add-ons should all function well with the ideal eCommerce theme.
    • SEO-friendly: You may increase traffic by using WooCommerce themes with built-in SEO optimization. Also, higher traffic equals more purchases on an e-commerce website.
    • Compatible with WordPress plugins: WooCommerce is a stand-alone WordPress plugin, so your theme MUST integrate seamlessly with it. To provide your online store with further capabilities, the theme you select should also work with other WooCommerce plugins.
    • Responsive design: The majority of users will use their cell phones to browse your website. The theme you select needs to be completely mobile-friendly and appealing across a range of gadgets and screen sizes.
    • Speed optimization: Slow-loading eCommerce websites are bad for online enterprises. Choose a WooCommerce theme with quick performance and minimal page load time.

Final Thoughts – WooCommerce Themes

Both Flatsome and Porto are unique WooCommerce themes with multiple options like demos, headers, footers, studios, and many others. However, there are some features in both that are pretty similar.

But, Buwoo’s feature is different from both of them. It is the first Woocommerce template that is SEO Ready. So, its Yoast SEO features stand out first. Besides, Buwoo is a free theme that charges only for the support provided within 24 hours, while Flatsome and Porto are premium themes.

Buwoo always tries to meet the desire of its customers and updates you. Lastly, its unique features make it the best-known theme of today.

You can not judge any theme unless you experience it. Therefore, we tried to explore things so that you can choose the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Astra theme good for WooCommerce?

Astra and WooCommerce work well together. All WooCommerce components instantly fit in with the rest of your Astra-powered website and use the default colors and fonts selected in the theme customizer. As a result, you may open your store quickly and with little setup.

2. Which is best Wix or WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is superior to Wix in terms of plugins, themes, cost, and SEO friendliness. Yet, Wix is a popular choice for entrepreneurs and small enterprises because of how simple it is to use.

3. Is WooCommerce good for SEO?

SEO for WooCommerce is compulsory for every profitable eCommerce store. It might make your business show up higher in search engine results (SERPs). More individuals see products that are highly ranked on search engine results pages (SERPs).

4. Why WooCommerce is best for an online store?

WooCommerce has a large portion of handy tools, including inventory management, order monitoring, customer involvement, and more. With over 27 million downloads to date, WooCommerce powers 99% of all WordPress stores. Using WooCommerce is not problematic. For those new to websites, it is straightforward to use.

5. Can we use WooCommerce for the big stores?

WooCommerce has no inherent boundaries, in contrast to other online eCommerce platforms that place restrictions on the number of products or variations you can have. You own your platform and have complete control over every aspect.


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